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Windows 7 to subvert the system for several reasons Vista

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Windows 7 Beta debut would be a great success, many of the media, and critics gave it positive reviews. Extremely active as a result of users to download, Microsoft even has repeatedly postponed the deadline to download. Also only in a testing period by such sought after products, which is very unusual. Windows 7 and previous, as vista has been criticized in the Longhorn development framework, the same as Microsoft "6" family of products, what was the cause of the situation so that the two-day difference to other countries? Is "subversion"! Although Windows 7 with the Vista kernel is based on the same development, although the two have a deep relationship, but through the main features of Vista subversion, Windows 7 has finally become the most qualified Windows XP's successor!

User Interface: Do not fancy to practical

Vista come out 2 years ago, the cool Flip 3D effect, the Aeroeffects, to the majority of users left a "gorgeous" and impressed. But "beautiful" behind, Vista has not brought substantial improvements, the majority of corporate customers and general users will still uphold the principle of "simple" of Windows XP. "Gorgeous"as "fancy."

In Vista under, Flip 3D effects in addition to showing off the hardware configuration, even in the practical than the traditional preview. Windows 7 to subvert the Vista's "only" U.S. design and restore the supremacy of the traditional utility. For example, the award-winning new taskbar is not more beautiful than Vista, but there are more than 10 features, like: Preview window group, access history, and Favorites (Jump List), quick start-up mode and procedures button integration, drag the icon can be in the location of the taskbar, the program button functions and the progress bar, no design is not creative.

Vista's Flip 3D more used to demonstrate the application rather than the day-to-day

Vista's Aero effects in addition to create a window, Start menu outside of the transparent effect, there is no practical value. Windows 7 and the new Aero effects while focusing on the settlement of the user experience. For example, Aero Peek does not allow users to minimize the current window, the "Perspective" desktop browser or zoom Zoom Preview window effect; Aero Snaps and Aero Shake for the window and change the size of the increase with a variety of mouse or shortcut keys operation, which greatly facilitates the multi-window environment of the user experience.

In addition, even in the absence of adequate hardware support, the new task bar is still able to play most of the effectiveness of the new Aero effects in three of the latter two are also still valid, totally unlike Vista, the lack of hardware support immediately, "Min-ran everybody."

As long as users move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen, you can AeroPeek functional perspective through the window to see the desktop of all.

Human-Computer Interaction: Do not cumbersome to simple

In Vista, users attempt to switch between multiple display devices, or at least looked the need to click the mouse, open the dialog box, do the two; while in Windows 7, you all work is a combination of keys pressed. "Red tape", which is a user interactive features of Vista the unanimous impression, and Windows 7 is the complete subversion of that impression.

In Windows 7, the switch display device no longer cumbersome

To insert a smart phone equipped with a Vista computer, the extreme cases it may be identified into four devices: a mobile phone, a mobile hard drive, a camera plus an MP3 player, you have four and equipment interact. In Windows 7, you have to do is waiting for "equipment to Taiwan" (Device Stage) automatic pop-up, you only need a unified interface in the complete human-computer interaction, such as copies of data, synchronization information, such as upgrading the firmware.

"Equipment Taiwan" to provide users with a simple, intuitive interaction platform

Windows 7 in human-computer interaction aspects of Vista is the greatest subversion "operations center." In Vista, users have to face a variety of system time message, and they have a variety of sources, such as problem reports, updates, Defender, anti-virus software, UAC control, such as System Restore, the user had to spend a lot of energy, respectively, to open different programs or services to deal with it. "Operations Center" to provide users with a unified interface in Windows 7, the user only needs and "operations center" can deal with a unified interface to view information on the tips, handling and setup, ease of self-evident .

Web applications: not to open up the closed

Web2.0 purpose of the Internet Age is an open, collaborative and sharing, but Vista is still everywhere who embodies the "closed" characteristics, Web2.0 era, such as the application of a model of Blog, Wiki, SaaS, etc. There is no reflected on in Vista, One of the most typical example: whether it is IE, start menu or an ordinary window, in the "search" field enter a keyword, Vista will always be called Microsoft's Live Search engine to search - As for the quality of Live Search is not worth mentioning.

Windows 7 to subvert the action finally started, the most stubborn in the Microsoft area. The typical action is to subvert the Federated Search (combined search) capabilities. To put it simply, this feature allows users to web search, but search Patterns and traditional search engines only a single mechanism called different, it means the use of a variety of search integration model, so called "joint" search, and is open source, which allows any user to create their own "connector search" (search connectors) to carry out long-range search. For example, the state of the desktop you can use the IE search Flickr or Twitter.

"Open" in the Media Player12 in the new "Play To" function, you can control network in any player (permissions permitting); "open" in the Windows 7 full support of Internet printing services; "open" also reflected in the "media center" began to support Internet TV.

Technical style: Do not copy to the first

Vista released early, many of the user's first impression is that Windows again, "drawing on" the style of the Apple MacOS. Windows 7 is the subversion of Windows over the years has left the "plagiarism" impression. Those who used the Windows 7 taskbar, have to admit that it has more than mac OS's "Dock" effect, and indeed belong to Microsoft's original style.

Apart from the task bar, another technology is the Windows original WinFS, and Windows 7 on its specific application of a "library" (Libraries). At the beginning of this obscure icon menu behind subversion has not changed over the years the folder mode: from the physical to the virtual folder folder conversion. Specifically, the user can be local, mobile devices, the network of any file or folder easy, "adding" the Treasury, the attention instead of "copy", "database" is stored in the file / folder index it. In this way, the application of "virtual folders" model's "library" to provide users with a unified, efficient file access, management, is another worthy of Mac os users to be envious of the pioneering technology.

In addition, there are first Windows7: desktop operating system for multi-point touch technology, "family group" concept, as well as mentioned in front of the "equipment to Taiwan" and so on. Note that the special optimization of the Internet, such as hardware support and reduce energy demand as well as Vista and Windows 7 to subvert the traditional Windows development model one of the major highlights.

"Microsoft is always from the collapse of only 18 months." Microsoft has retired former CEO Bill Gates has issued a warning. Started in the operating system for Microsoft is clearly aware of the fundamental: Windows 7 not to "betray" Vista, not to subvert those which have been proved to be the failure of the practices and concepts, under a subversion is likely to be their own.

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