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Windows 7 to survive: the corporate identity

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With the launch of Windows 7 (in many cases, including Windows server 2008 R2), Microsoft did not foresee a VPN, external transmission encoding, and more scalable for the future of desktop search.

February 18, 2009, CIO - users experience the concern has been the largest in sub-version to the Win7beta. It has new tools and its Jump menu mouse hover functionality, easy navigation and control of the smart user account learning function. However, in the beautiful appearance of the following, Win7 lack functional aspects of the Enterprise to attract little known.

Recently, Microsoft has already accepted a number of business needs Win7 ignore criticism. Microsoft Bo super hot site owners and editors, Paul Thurrott recently revealed in an interview, Microsoft is now considering the future attitude towards business, enterprise customers will be arbitrary demand for lock-in on Win Server 2008 R2, and require the company to spend a lot of money.

To this end, Microsoft's former head of Windows product management, Gavriella Schuster, acknowledged that WinServe R2008 R2 for the needs of the above features, Win 7 will not be deployed overnight. "These features are some of the features which will be a long-term team strategy,. "Schuster said.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is still Win7 can help spread the news business. In a recent interview, Schuster v. specialized speakers, Microsoft believes that the function is the key.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect feature, need to use Win7 and Win Serve R2008 R2. Will allow mobile workstation connected to the corporate network without having to use VPN, so that business users and have more flexibility and reduce the burden of it.

Schuster said that through Direct Connect, users only need an Internet access point, you can access the corporate network to anything; they no longer need for them to do is to make a suspended special VPN access . This will reduce the use of corporate bandwidth, because most of the remote user will use their own bandwidth, she said.

Manager for it, the Direct Connect technology will have more benefits, she said, "for it, the biggest challenge is to control a remote computer, to know how long they have off-line, when they come back, and when they are packaged. through the Direct Connect technology, even if a machine is online, it can be managed.

For the future, no longer have a formal post-VPN, security considerations, Schuster said, Win Server 2008 R2 the background of the direct use of technology, will use the most secure protocol, ipv6 to encrypted data, the spread of the Internet. Regardless of whether you have a VPN or firewall, we will be the integration of technology in which a direct, she said. can not separate the security layer to the channels.


Branch cache, but also Win7 and Win Serve R2008 R2's use, is a designed to accelerate, in the very far away from the corporate headquarters of the remote office, the functions of the network. In fact, the branch will have to contact the cache is stored in the corporate network documents in bulk in order to speed up long-range, Schuster. said. For example, a document services have been downloaded from the corporate network and branch offices in the local cache of WinServe R2008 R2 system. When a branch office users who need this document It can be immediately downloaded from the local cache, rather than through a limited bandwidth to connect to the corporate headquarters.

Users do not need to return to the corporate network, the occupied bandwidth to re-download, Schuster said.

And it also can use the branch cache to do is set up branch offices in the branch can be used to cache the number of computers. Set current folder, and whether there is a need to force users to return to the corporate network once again after them, and users should check what level of permission.

Win7 from the desktop search capabilities to enhance enterprise

Win vista despite enhanced desktop search, and Microsoft has invested to share ideas and network search search interface, according to Schuster said that the problem is that there are three different search functions, and you have to use three different places.

Win7 on in, we have integrated the search, Schuster said, then you directly from the desktop, you can use to expand the desktop search function to search the site to share ideas, the Internet site, as well as possible to find a place in any folder: on your computer in your network on the Internet.

Win7 through integrated search functionality, users can choose Intranet, and the sharing of ideas can search the site, or it can be a department called the area of enterprise search functionality, users often use the Start menu to add intranet link. Search Results vista users and winxp and habits in the same manner as shown on Win exploree.

The use of Bitlocker

Described in the Win vista to protect lost or stolen notebook data Bitlocker hard drive encryption. In the Win 7 development of this function is used to protect storage devices, such as external hard drives, as well as usb flash drives.

Used in Win7 called "bitlocker to go". This feature is an external storage device to allow the user to be allowed to copy the data before it to give restrictions on the use of passwords.

This will give businesses the confidence to have the same multi-volume drive usb external hard drives used in encryption, Schuster said that with this technology, along with the number of usb devices a significant increase, making it a must.

Because the loss of external devices is easy, or even not to see, but bitlocker to go to the commercial operators to ensure additional confidence that no one can be above the data.


Like bitlocker, applocker also Win7 security, control group, and is committed to protecting the user to run unauthorized software could lead to malicious software infection.

For security, Microsoft recommends users of the standard state enterprises operate, it means that there is no administrator privileges to users. But even if it sector to the user administrator rights, Applocker also be able to run the defense of suspicious software. It has been designated by which applications can run on computers of employees, to stop a potential threat to run the software, as well as the need to allow users to run applications and procedures.

Schuster said: Applocker allow it department stated that the user can install these types of applications. And they can specify a specific software publishers, or version. For example, the user can only install the version of Adobe Acrobat8.1 above.

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