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Windows 7 will start the animation does not support customization

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Not just to meet the wallpaper and the theme of change, to amend the animation to start Windows 7? Microsoft has announced that they do not support. Microsoft vista has been very clear in comparison to open a number of Windows 7's customization, but the software giant has recently dished out a number of optimization so that they do not like shrimp news. Just 2 months before the splash screen on Windows 7 leaked, when everyone wants to confirm it is true or false.

Windows 7 will start the animation does not support customization

Now we know that is true, but a few days ago Microsoft's engineering Windows 7 blog in publishing an article on how to start the animation is the (time-worth reading, entitled "Microsoft on the Windows 7 boot screen"). Windows likes to customize all of these people will be very disappointed because Microsoft will not support a revision of the blind screen animation.

"Windows 7 is not everything we are all in favor of reform. We have to discuss and show off Windows 7 in the amount of pre-existing elements of personalization, such as the beta you can try a new theme package. The reasons clear enough that we can not to ensure that they were free to change to start things off, when loaded into memory systems. In the early stages of start Windows, the system needs to be locked to the implementation of a very careful inspection, and are known to the state (such as firewalls and antivirus software are also not available) can not guarantee system security. Of course, even if we determine that everyone will follow the requirements of image size, content and so on. Because we do not want to consider the performance of all the necessary code into Windows, to ensure that a third party to do so no problem. "

Most people may be surprised by this decision, not only because it involves the safety and performance, but also because Microsoft has Vista does not support the amendments to the start screen. To be blunt, you find some crack Windows 7 boot screen modification method, how long do you think?

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