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Windows7 personalized settings in a few failures

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We have just started using the time Windows7, there will be a refreshing feeling. interface in the show has really done a lot of improvement. Right-click on the desktop, you can see there is a "personalized" option. Through this option users can according to their own needs to choose a suitable display. Windows7 Although in this respect a great deal of improvement, but I still think there are a few of its failure.

A failure: it set up a transparent window showing the effect of impact.

As shown below, this is the author of an operating system Windows7 screenshot. This map give you a first impression is it? Not seem so loaded, the display is dirty or bad reasons. I first saw, then with you is the same reaction. I was also suspected to be a display of dirty. Also try a bit. Can be proved that these dirty window on the display is certainly not a dirty question.

Windows7 personalized settings in a few failures

Because it is a direct tool to cut down through the screenshots, so even if it is dirty, then the display will not show up in the screenshot. So in the end is what causes such a phenomenon? Windows7 In fact, this is the development of an operating system created by new features, namely, the transparent window to deal with. In the above chart, if the window is set to "open and transparent" (system default settings), then when overlapping multiple windows, the first one, albeit not very clearly see the window behind the window. However, if the title bar of the window behind the characters, then the effect of the transparency as shown in the diagram. Obviously, the effect of the transparency it is difficult to accept. Individuals on the author, if the transparent effect of this is the case, then might as well not do the transparency effects. Not only can improve the effectiveness of display, and people can see the psychological discomfort. A long time to see that hand on the itch. Displays that there are always dirty things, want to rub.

Therefore, I believe that the effect of the transparent window is its personalized settings, one of several major failing. Hope to launch the official version, this transparency has improved results. Little improvement has been in before and advised us to close out this function first in order to avoid the angry look.

Second mistake: the subject of a considerable amount of available memory.

In the operating system Windows7 theme provides a rich and colorful. The theme by changing the settings, can enrich the user's desktop. In some ways, this really is beneficial to users because it allows the system desktop and icons appear less rigid and more dynamic. However, in setting the theme, but also there is a major failing, that is the subject of some of the complex will occupy a relatively large number of available memory.

For the time after set up a theme, your computer's performance will be decreased, the implementation of a command response will be a very long time. Such as when a user when moving a window, the operating system memory and may even prompt information. This is mainly because the subject of user applications occupy a lot more space available by procuring a result. Due to limited memory, and lead to other applications and the command does not have enough memory, slow reaction and even impossible to enforce. When this happens, the user can change the theme. If you can change the theme of a relatively simple to improve your computer's performance. If the user's computer for this outdated, such as 1G of memory, then no, it's best not to try to use the complex Windows7 theme, so the operating system as slow as a snail.

But Windows, the Windows Aero theme reflected the design concept, indeed it would give people a sense of enjoyment, if the user uses other topics, it may not enjoy this feeling on the. The reality of the glass effect, 3D visual experience of the people seem very comfortable indeed. Its biggest shortcoming is the amount of memory too. The relatively low number of computer configurations, the use of this theme is a luxury.

For this reason I believe that, Windows canin this regard. Visual experience in the protection of users at the same time, can do something to improve performance. So that a relatively low number of computer configurations can also be affordable. Instead of playing the theme to create a high-end products to private users. In addition, when using this theme, the best that can be recommended to the user. Is expected to choose a theme such as the need to use memory and other information. Allow users to choose a theme before, there is a room for consideration. Allow users to choose, is to sacrifice the performance of visual experience such feelings, or the performance of the operating system priority. This is perhaps not a manifestation of humanity.

I support the Windows operating system in the design of this theme, the visual experience to the user can not be described with words. However, it should find ways to reduce the erosion of available memory. After all, performance and visual than most people will choose Properties. If no improvement in this area, then the subject is likely to become a display, no one would go with.

Third failure: Quick reference browser history.

Windows7 species can be in the shift key plus the enter key to rapid application of a historical record of qualifying. If the author visited in the last two sites www.163.net and www.163.com. When I in the browser address bar enter www.163 after the drop-down list in the address will show the last part of the recent history. This shows that have been a result of the content filtering that is in front of the address shown in the historical record for www.163. Its sort of result is a smooth succession in accordance with the time to order. So far there is little it can also surprise. Because the content in XP, 2003 have already been realized. However, in Windows7 done on a relatively large improvement.

Enter an address at the time, we can see the end part of the address bar there is a shift + enter key tips. In other words, if we lose after www.163 visit if that is their preferred address (recently visited the site). Well, do not need to lose the entire address, can directly shift + enter key to quickly complete the address, and visit this site. This small improvement to a large extent to facilitate the user's visit. However, its effect in the end there? There are no good as Microsoft claims? It to worthy of deep reflection. According to my understanding, the majority of users do not have at the same time by two key habits. If we allow users to press the two keys at the same time to invoke the historical record of fast, I feel that the number of users will benefit from relatively small.

The author believes that the ideal way is, in front of the historical record, such as the use of 1,2,3 to indicate their order of Arabic numerals. Then users need to access a recorded history of the site, only need to click on the F1, F2 button functions. In other words, when the keyboard input, Microsoft should be two keys at the same time minimize clicks. Because most users are not familiar with this operation.

However, Microsoft's improvements in this regard, at least one level from really taking into account its user experience. But the best they can in this respect further. If, having regard to the question above, they do not from their own point of view of behavior. As some computer skills for living, click on the two keys at the same time or even three keys without any problems. But as an ordinary user, this is torture for them. If I have been puzzled why the Chinese state of half-angle and wide angle conversion needed to complete the three keys. Many users have to reflect the operation of the author too much trouble. Sometimes they carry out this operation, looking at the keyboard to the eyes, fingers up one by one according to the complete and accurate. To this end I suggested that Microsoft's future in a similar set of shortcut keys, the better not to opt for double or even three keys. Because it will benefit many users. In contrast, if achieved through single words, such as in a different window function keys have different purposes and so on. Well, this shortcut can be spread as soon as possible to really help the user to improve efficiency.

These are just the author, where applicable, the operating system Windows7 found several deficiencies in point. We found that if there are similar, you can use to add. Microsoft's experts hope to see these points and to consider our plans for certification. Windows7 operating system to allow more complete, more humane, education meet the needs of different users.

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