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Windows7 taskbar stronger than Vista

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Windows7 Beta 7000 downloaded version is already open, I also have been successfully installed (the latest version of Build 7032 is said to have also leaked online). Windows7 cool feature of Windows vista to greater than. It seems to depend on the Microsoft Windows7 will be wiped out of the shadow of the past. In their daily work and applications, Windows Taskbar always been criticized for lack of humanity, while the horizontal compared with the target is the Apple mac os Dock Toolbar.

It can not be denied, Windows task bar there is not enough and comfortable to operate defects. Windows Vista task bar to preview the effect of the mandate of the people to experience fresh, and the 3D effect of task switching is more creative it is. However, Windows Vista task bar gives the impression of more visual effects to show off, not real efficient. Well, Windows7 whether the task bar will really give us access to a revolutionary new experiencethis operation?

One, personalized task bar Windows7

Next, we will begin the task bar Windows7 journey. First of all, we can right-click the taskbar, select "Properties" command in the pop-up the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window to the taskbar of personalized settings. At present, the use of wide-screen LCD has a lot of friends, and is characterized by wide horizontal screen resources much higher than the vertical. Therefore, we may as well be "on-screen location of the task bar" is set to "left." This undoubtedly saves valuable resources for the vertical screen. In the process, we are often a lot of windows open, so, it is necessary to "the task bar button," set to "When the task bar when the merger was covered with" so that you can show more of the tasks (Figure 1), Taskbar will not be pushed by the second page. We also recommend that check the "preview desktop" option, so the mouse on the task bar at the bottom shows that Microsoft can be proud Aero Peek effect (that is, show all of the preview window to minimize the effects).

Windows7 taskbar stronger than Vista

Default in the Vista Start menu button has been shutdown to replace sleep, it allows a lot of people not accustomed to, and even modify the need for such a use of power through the control panel options. Windows7 which the operation of such a crazy way people had disappeared. We just need to in the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" and "Start Menu" option will be "the power button operation" is set to "off" button (Figure 2).

Windows7 taskbar stronger than Vista

Second, Windows7 techniques taskbar

Taskbar Windows7 unique preview of the effect of multi-task, the task of hovering the mouse can not only show the preview window, and the same process also supports multi-window switch. Windows Media Player can also display the basic procedures of the operation buttons, operation is convenient. However, the fly in the ointment is that IE multi-page preview of the effect of relatively simple, only a few pages to display (only show the title of the page), not very efficient operation. I like this kind of "workaholic" is not satisfied. I can go to "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window, the "task bar button," set to "always combined, hidden labels." Then, the mouse and then move to the IE to the page above it is very easy to switch, and a large number of pages has been a switch can, however, the title of the task also disappeared. The effect of specific operations such as the "task bar preview the effect of multi-tasking. SWF" as shown in the video.

3. Taskbar to change the effect of task

In Windows7, sometimes, we may need to change the mandate of the task bar to get a better order of efficiency. Windows7 have for you and take into account this point. We can drag the mouse tasks can change the order of the tasks. The effect of specific operations such as the "task bar to change the effect of the task. SWF" as shown in the video.

4. The use of Win + T shortcut keys to switch tasks

In addition to the use mouse hovering to switch tasks, Windows7 also support the use of shortcut keys to switch tasks. More common is the combination of Win + T keys to switch tasks. Task is to switch the order from top to bottom, and will show the preview for each task, but also the need to switch to the success of the mouse configuration. The effect of specific operations such as: "Win + T shortcut keys to switch tasks. SWF" as shown in the video.

5. The use of shortcut keys to control the window

In Windows7, our window for more flexible control over easily. We can use Win + Left arrow to make left display window, use the Win + Right Arrow to the right place so that window, use the Win + the arrow makes the window to maximize the use of Win + down arrow to allow the window to restore, to continue to use Win + under the window so that the smallest of the arrow. When the need for parallel work in two windows, the use of shortcut keys around their split was a good idea.

Sometimes, we need to work in a window display, and for other windows are hidden at this time, we only need to press the key combination of Win + Home. And Windows Vista in a good display with the button in the desktop disappeared Windows7, we can click the bottom task bar to achieve the same functionality, while the shortcut is Win + Space bar to show the effect of Aero Peek.

The effect of specific operations such as: "Use shortcut keys to control the window. SWF" as shown in the video.

6. The use of shortcuts to achieve a more efficient dual display

Expansion in the use of dual-screen system, we can also use Win + shift + left arrow to allow the rapid move to the left of the window display, or the use of Win + shift + right arrow to move quickly to allow the window to the right of the screen. This allows the author to use dual screens become more user-friendly the.

Specific results such as: "the use of more convenient shortcuts to achieve the dual display. SWF" as shown in the video.

7. The realization of the window using the mouse to control drag and drop addition to the use of shortcut keys to control the window display, we can also drag the mouse the way through to achieve the same effect. And drag it to the top of the window can be maximized. The window can be drag to the right of its own right, to achieve the same token can also be left home. Will drag you down to restore the window.

Specific effects such as: "the realization of the window using the mouse drag control. SWF" as shown in the video.

8. Stacking of the effect of a variety of tasks

In the operation of multi-tasking, we are often required for a number of inter-task parallel operation. At this time, a number of tasks to open the window after the stacking is more troublesome. We can recommend the use of the task bar stacked several tasks. The first one is: Cascade windows (cascading window), the second is to show windows stacked (stacked from top to bottom window), is the third show windows side by side (stacked around the window), simply right-click the task bar can operate. Specific effects such as: "the effect of stacking a number of tasks. SWF" as shown in the video.

9. Taskbar notification area icon skills

We found that Windows Vista task bar notification area icon is often increased as a result of the procedure and overcrowded, and very good Windows7 solved the problem. The notification area icon Windows7 become very streamlined and very comfortable with the management. However, we also found some common notification icon also disappeared, such as: QQ Wangwang icons and the icon, which brought us the inconvenience of the operation. We notice how to restore these icons do?

We can click the notification area of the right arrow, and then in the pop-up window click on the "Customize ..." link. At this time, we will be able to act next to Ali Wangwang choose to "Show icon and notification", the same also in the same QQ next operation. In addition, we can hide some icons, in their next select "Hide icon and notification" can be determined to withdraw from.

Specific methods of operation such as: "the notification area of the taskbar icon operation skills. SWF" as shown in the video.

10. Taskbar right skills

We can, through the left mouse button to quickly enter the task window, but use the right mouse button will sometimes unexpected results. Right-click the taskbar we process found that: the use of the program could be released right historical documents and some of the key features. Open the history file will be very easy. And we can also "Pin this Program to taskbar" order absorption process to the task bar, so after the desktop would not open. If you do not want the taskbar adsorption process can be "Unpin this Program from taskbar" to complete the order.

Specific methods of operation such as: "the task bar right skills. Swf" video shown.

11.Ctr keys

IE in the switch when the multi-page, would be more trouble. At this time, we can hold down the Ctr key, and then click on the IE taskbar icon to switch the page you will find very quickly become a.

Specific methods of operation, such as: "Ctrkeys. Swf" video shown.

Windows7 Taskbar believe there are many hidden skills waiting to be excavated, however, make good use of the techniques above, you are also a master of.

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