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Common file name suffix Daquan

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Daquan A file extension object code library file

AAM Authorware shocked file

AAS Authorware shocked packet

ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font

ABK Cor elDRAW automatic backup files

ABS class files are sometimes used to indicate a summary (as in an article on scientific aspects of a summary or outline, from the abstract)

ACE Ace compressed file format

ACL CorelDRAW 6 keyboard shortcut key file

ACM Windows system directory file

ACP Microsoft office assistant preview of the file

ACR American College of Radiology Medical University, file format

ACT Microsoft office assistant files

ACV os / 2 drivers, used to compress or decompress audio data

AD After Dark Screen Saver

ADA Ada source file (non-GNAT)

ADB Ada source file of the main (GNAT); HP100LX convention organizers database

ADD OS / 2 adapter is used to guide the process of driver

ADF Amiga disk file

ADI autocad Device-Independent binary plotter format

ADM After Dark screen saver multi-module; Windows NT Policy Template

ADP FaxWork for fax modem interaction installation files; Astound Dynamite file

ADR After Dark random screen saver; Smart Address address book

ADS Ada source file specification (GNAT)

AFM Adobe Font Scale

AF2, AF3 ABC's FlowChat file

AI Adobe Illustrator format graphics

AIF, AIFF audio mutual exchange of documents, Silicon Graphic and Macintosh audio format of the application

AIFC compressed AIF

AIM AOL Instant Messaging

AIS ACDSee graphics sequence file; Velvet Studio Device File

AKW RoboHELP help projects of all A-keywords

ALAW telephone audio format in Europe

ALB JASC Image Commander album

ALL Arts & Letters Library

AMS Velvet Studio music module (MOD) file; Extreme's Tracker module file

ANC Canon Computer palette file, contains a series of optional color palette

ANI Windows Animated Cursor System

ANS ANSI text file

ANT SimAnt For Windows saved game files

API Adobe Acrobat to use application programming interface file

APR Lotus Approach 97 file

APS Microsoft Visual c + + file

ARC LH ARC compressed archive file

ARI Aristotle audio file

ARJ Robert Jung ARJ compressed package files

ART Xara Studio Drawing paper; Canon Crayola art file; Clip Art file format; another light with the

Trace format; AOL to use compression algorithm with the Johnson-Grace Compressed tag files

ASA Microsoft Visual InterDev file

ASC ASC Ⅱ text files; PGP algorithm for encrypted files

ASD Microsoft Word to automatically save the file; Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format (microsoft advanced

streaming FORMat, ASF) description file; Velvet Studio can be used to open an example file NSREX

ASE Velvet Studio sample file

ASF Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format file

asm assembly language source file, Pro / E assembly file

ASO Astound Dynamite Object File

asp dynamic web page file; ProComm Plus installation and connection script file; Astound introduce document

AST Astound multimedia file; ClarisWorks "assistant" file

ASV DataCAD Autosave files are

ASX Cheyenne Backup script file; Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector files, video files

ATT AT <Group 4 bitmap file

ATW from personal software, Any Time Deluxe For Windows personal information manager file

AU Sun / NeXT / DEC / Unix sound file; Audio U-Law (pronounced "mu-law") file format

AVB Computer Associates Inoculan anti-virus software, virus infection file

AVI Microsoft Audio Video Interleave movie format

AVR Audio Visual Research file format

AVS Application Visualization format

AWD FaxVien Documents

AWR Telsis digital storage format for audio file extensions

Axx ARJ compressed file number of the sub-file pressure for a large file to several small compressed package (xx take 01-9

9 figures)

A3L Authorware 3.x library file

A4L Authorware 4.x library file

A5L Authorware 5.x library file

A3M, A4M Authorware Macintosh files are not packaged

A4P Authorware file packaged without runtime

A3W, A4W, A5W pre-packaged Authorware Windows File

BAK backup files

BAS BASIC source files

BAT batch file

BDF West Point Bridger Designer file

BFC Windows 95 Briefcase document

BG Backgammon For Windows games under the file

BGL Microsoft Flight Simulator (Microsoft Flight Simulator) and visual documentation

BI Binary

Initialization file BIF Group Wise

BIFF XLIFE 3D format file

BIN binary

BK, BK $ Sometimes used to represent a backup version of the

BKS IBM BookManager Read bookshelf file

BMK Bookmark file

BMP Windows or OS / 2 bitmap file

BMI Apogee BioMenace data files

BOOK Adobe FrameMaker Book File

BOX Lotus Notes e-mail files

BPL Borlard Delph 4 packed library

BQY BrioQuery file

BRX used to view multimedia object directory file

BSC MS Developer Studio browser information file

BSP Quake graphics file

BS1 Apogee Blake Stone data file

BS_ Microsoft Bookshelf Find Menu shell extension

BTM Norton application uses a batch file

BUD Quicken backup disk

BUN CakeWalk audio bundle file (a MIDI program)

BW SGI Black and White image file

BWV Business Wave file

BYU BYU movie file formats

B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts file

C++ code files

C0l Typhoon Wave File

CAB Microsoft compressed archive file

CAD Softdek's Drafix CAD files

CAL CALS compressed bitmap; calendar schedule data

cam Casio camera format

CAP Compressed music file format

CAS comma-separated file ASC Ⅱ

CAT Quicken files using IntellCharge Classification

CB Microsoft clean boot file

CBI binary format volumes (used in IBM mainframe systems)

CC Visual dBASE custom class file

CCA cc: mail file

CCB Visual Basic Dynamic button configuration files

CCF Multimedia Viewer configuration file for OS / 2

CCH Corel Chart File

CCM Lotus cc: Mail (for example, "INBOX.CCM")

CCO CyberChat data file

CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave Projector

CDA CD Audio Track

CDF Microsoft Channel Definition Format file

CDI Philip interaction of high-density disc format

CDM Visual dBASE custom data module file

CDR CorelDRAW drawing file; original audio CD data files

CDT CorelDRAW template

CDX CorelDRAW compressed drawing files; Microsoft Visual foxpro Index Files

CEL CIMFast event language file

CER certificate file (MIME x-x509-ca-cert)

CFB Compton multi-media files

CFG configuration file

CFM CotdFusion template file; Visual dBASE Windows users to customize forms

CGI Common Gateway Interface script file

CGM Computer Graphics Metafile

CH OS / 2 configuration file

CHK from the Windows Disk Defragmenter or the saved file fragments from disk scans

CHM compiled HTML file

CHR character set (font file)

CHP Ventura Publisher chapter document

CHT ChartViem documents; Harvard Graphics vector file

CIF Adaptec CD Creator CD image file

CIL Clip Gallery download package

CIM SimCity 2000 File

CIN OS / 2 to change the control file used to track changes in INI file

CK1 iD / Apogee Commander Keen 1 data file

CK2 iD / Apogee Commander Keen 2 data file

CK3 iD / Apogee Commander Keen 3 data file

CK4 iD / Apogee Commander Keen 4 data file

CK5 iD / Apogee Commander Keen 5 data file

CK6 iD / Apogee Commander Keen 6 data file

CLASS java class files

CLL Crick software Clicker File

CLP Windows Clipboard file

CLS Visual Basic class files

CMD Windows NT, OS / 2 command file; DOS CD / M command file; dBASE Ⅱ program files

CMF Corel Metafile

CMG Chessmaster saved game files

CMP JPEG bitmap file; address of the document

CMV Corel Move animation files

CMX Corel Presentation Exchange image

CNF Telnet, Windows, and other change in its internal format used by the application configuration file

CNM Windows application menu options and setup file

CNQ Compuworks Design Shop file

CNT Windows (or other) system is used to help index the contents of documents or other purposes

COB TrueSpace 2 object files

COD Microsoft C compiler to generate machine code that can display / assembly code file, which with the source C code as comments

COM Command file (program)

CPD Corel Print Office files (graphics)

CPD, CPE Fax cover document

CPI Microsoft MS-DOS code page information file

CPL Control Panel extension, Corel color palette

CPO Corel Print store files

CPP C + + code files

CPR Corel manuals provided by the file

CPT Corel Photo - Painting Images

CPX Corel Presentation Exchange compressed graphics files

CRD Windows Cardfile file

CRP Corel briefing paper provided by the runtime; Visual dBASE custom report file

CRT certification documents

CSC Corel script file

CSP PC Emcee On_Screen image

css waterfall spreadsheet file

CST Macromedia Director Cast File

CSV comma-separated values file

CT Scitex CT bitmap file; Paint Shop Pro Grapic editor file

CTL is usually used to represent a document that contains the control information; FaxWork use it to keep the information about each fax received or sent

Out the message that

CUE Microsoft tips card data file

CUR Windows cursor file

CUT Dr Halo bitmap file

CV Corel version of the archive documents; Microsoft CodeView information screen file

CWK ClarisWorks data file.

CWS ClarisWorks Module

CXT Macromedia Director protected (not editable) projection file

CXX C + + source code files

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