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Excluded from the system to boot Win XP 10 strokes failure

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If your computer's power supply has been opened, but not normal boot WindowsXP, you need to take a number of troubleshooting tools. The following list of problems that may occur as well as the solution to the problem.

1, to repair the damaged Boot.ini

With the WindowsXP operating system is loaded, Ntldr procedures Boot.ini file point to determine the location of operating system files, as well as the option to choose which to start. Therefore, if a problem Boot.ini file, WindowsXP system can not be started. You can use the special Recovery Console version of Bootcfg tool to repair it. Of course, you must first restart your system with WindowsXPCD, in accordance with # 4 in the introduction of open RecoveryConsole. You can call Bootcfg tool: in RecoveryConsole the command prompt, enter Bootcfg / parameter here / parameter is one of these parameters need to:

/ Add: scan all the Windows installation to the Boot.ini file to help you to add any new content.

/ Scan: search all the Windows installation.

/ List: list of all imported Boot.ini file.

/ Default: set the default operating system to guide the main entrance.

/ Rebuild: completely re-create a Boot.ini file. The user must confirm each step.

/ Redirect: allow the use of operating system functions HeadlessAdministration time to start the operation can be re-defined to a specific port. Re-defined to include two parameters: [PortBaudrate] [UseBiosSettings].

/ Disableredirect: Disable redirection.

2, the use of the correct allocation of the last

You can also try Last Known Good Configuration to start the operating system. This feature allows you to cancel any CurrentControlSet in the registry keys made, resulting in the issue of amendments, the key is the definition of hardware and driver settings. KnownGoodConfiguration functional systems of the last normal CurrentControlSet Start key to replace the current key. Specific methods are as follows:

First of all, according to [Ctrl] [Alt] [Delete] key, restart your computer. When you see the screen "Pleaseselecttheoperatingsystemtostart", or hear the computer beep uttered a sound, press [F8] key, the screen will appear on Windows Advanced Options menu. From the menu, select "LastKnownGoodConfiguration" option, then press [Enter] key. To remember that you have an opportunity to use LastKnownGoodConfiguration function.

3, the use of RecoveryConsole

If a more serious problem to start WindowsXP. WindowsXPCD You can use your system, and then use a tool called Recovery Console. Specific practices are as follows:

In the failure of the CD-ROM computer drive inserted WindowsXPCD, and then press [Ctrl] [Alt] [Delete] button to restart your computer. Once the system is launched from the CD, just under the tips can easily be loaded to start the basic documents needed. When you see the interface WelcomeToSetup time and in the R key to enter the RecoveryConsole. Then you will see RecoveryConsole menu. It shows the file that contains the operating system folder, and prompts you to choose the operating system intended to log on. You need to enter at the keyboard serial number on the menu, and then you will be prompted to enter an administrator password, you will be prompted to enter the main page RecoveryConsole.

4, for system recovery

WindowsXP start can help to solve another problem is the System Restore tool. System recovery as a service running in the background and continue to monitor changes in important system components. When it found that a change is imminent, the system will immediately resume the changes before they occur, an important component of these restore points to make a backup copy, and to restore the default system settings for every 24 hours to create restore points. Specific methods are as follows:

First of all, according to [Ctrl] [Alt] [Delete] key, restart your computer. When you see the screen "Pleaseselecttheoperatingsystemtostart", or hear the computer beep uttered a sound, press [F8] key, the screen will appear on Windows Advanced Options menu. Now from the menu, select Safe Mode, then press [Enter] key. When WindowsXP after entering the safe mode, click the Start button, select All Programs annex System Tools menu and select System Restore. Click Next, select a recovery point, start the restoration process.

5, using the Windows Startup Disk

The question is if the boot partition as a result of the activities of the operating system boot record or file used to start the destruction caused by the boot disk will be able to solve the problem. Specific methods are as follows:

Create a Windows boot disk, looking for a configuration similar to the normal work WindowsXP machine, open My Computer, click the right mouse button to choose the disk icon, and then in the follow-up menu, select the format. After the dialog box appears when the format and retain all the default settings, then click the Start button.

When the format operation is complete, close the Format dialog box to return to MyComputer, double-click the C: drive icon, access the root directory, the Boot.ini, NTLDR, Ntdetect.com three files are copied to the disk. Created after the Windows boot disk, insert it in drive failure within the system, according to [Ctrl] [Alt] [Delete] to restart your computer.

6, to repair the damaged partition boot record

partitionbootsector hard disk partition is a small part, which contains the operating system file system information, as well as a very small machine language program, which helped start the operating system is essential. If you suspect the problem to start WindowsXP system is due to the destruction of the partitionbootsector caused, you can use the Recovery Console in Fixboot a tool to repair it. First of all, start with WindowsXPCD system, in accordance with # 4 in the introduction of open RecoveryConsole. You can call Fixboot tools: in RecoveryConsole the command prompt, enter Fixboot [drive]: [drive] is that you would like on behalf of the newly created district is located partitionbootsector.

7, to repair damaged Master Boot Sector

Accounted for the main hard disk boot sector of the first sector, in charge of the proceedings Window. Master boot sector contains the disk partition table and a name-based code to guide a small program that is responsible for positioning in the partition table in the activities of 0, may be the startup disk, area. Once it is damaged, partitionbootsector will replace it starts to load Windows. If the main boot sector is damaged, partitionbootsector will not be able to complete this work, Windows will not be able to start the.

If you suspect the problem to start WindowsXP system master boot sector as a result of the destruction of the cause, you can use the Recovery Console to repair it Fixmbr tools. First of all, start with WindowsXPCD system, in accordance with # 4 in the introduction of open RecoveryConsole. You can call Fixmbr tools: in RecoveryConsole the command prompt, enter Fixmbr [device_name]: [device_name] is that you hope that the new boot sector where the main path of the equipment. For example, the device path name in accordance with the standard boot drive c disk format of the command is: DeviceHardDisk0.

8, disable the automatic restart

If WindowsXP encountered a fatal error, deal with this error is the default setting to restart your system automatically. If the error is in the WindowsXP startup process, and restart the operating system will be caught in the cycle of death - again and again to re-start, not back to normal.

In such a case, you need to disable the automatic restart function. Specific approach is: start in WindowsXP, when you see "Pleaseselecttheoperatingsystemtostart", heard a beep or after the press [F8] key to open the Windows Advanced Options menu.

Then, choose to prohibit the automatic restart when system failure, and then press [Enter]. WindowsXP now faced with the issue of hang time, it will give a message to stop, you can be used to diagnose the problem.

9, to restore the backup

If you do not have to start to repair WindowsXP system fault, but the most recent backup, you can backup media to restore from the system. Recovery depends on the method used to back up your tools used, so you need a tool in accordance with the instructions of a backup system to restore.

10, to carry out in-place upgrade

If you can not repair the problem appears to start the WindowsXP system, and recently there is no backup, you can upgrade in-place. In the same folder to reinstall your operating system, as if from a Windows version of Windows upgrade to another version of the same. If in-place upgrade of Windows to start can not solve all problems, at least most of them can solve the problem. Specific approach to the next:

Will be inserted WindowsXPCD drive, restart from the CD on your system. In the initial preparation is complete, you will see the installation screen WindowsXP.

Press [Enter] to enter the WindowsXP installation process. Soon, you will see the License Agreement page, and then need to press [F8] to confirm you agree to the agreement.

Setup will then search the hard disk, looking for previously installed WindowsXP. When it find a previously installed WindowsXP, you will see on the screen to install a second interface WindowsXP. The interface you will be prompted to press R to repair key, you can press [Esc] key to re-install a WindowsXP.

In this case, the repair system and in-place upgrade is the same, so you just press R key can be repaired. After you choose, the installation procedure will check the system's disk, and then the beginning of the implementation of in-place upgrade. Carried out in-place upgrade or repair the system, you must reinstall all the Windows updates.

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