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Get a "virtual memory" Let the system run more free and easy

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About virtual memory

Memory in the role of the computer a lot, the computer running programs all require memory to perform, if the procedure or a great many, it will lead to memory exhausted. To solve this problem, Windows uses virtual memory techniques, namely the hard disk space set aside to act as memory usage, memory footprint when finished, the computer will automatically call the hard disk to act as a memory to ease the tension memory. Give an example, if the computer is only 128MB of physical memory, so that when a capacity of 200MB to read the documents, it is necessary to use more virtual memory, files are read after the memory will be stored in virtual memory, waiting for the memory of all the documents stored in virtual memory, the following will be stored inside the virtual release of the document to the original installation directory where the. Now, let us together look at how to set up your virtual memory.

Virtual memory settings

Virtual memory settings for the main points, namely, the memory page size and location, the memory size of virtual memory is set for the number of minimum and maximum number; and the location is set up paging virtual memory should be used to partition the hard disk space. The size of the memory settings, how do the minimum and maximum? You can access through the following methods: Select "Start → Programs → system Tools → → annex System Monitor" (If the system is not a tool, can use the "Add / Remove Programs" in the Windows installer for installation) to open the System Monitor , and then choose "Edit → Add Item" in the "Type" item and select "memory management", in the list on the right to choose "swap file size." With this operation you will show a value of fluctuations in the exchange of documents, you can often be used to open, and then use them, then look in System Monitor the performance of value, because each time a user the use of the computer are not all the same, so it would be a longer period of time through the exchange of documents on the surveillance to identify the most of the exchange of documents that match your values in order to guarantee system performance and stability and to maintain the best condition.

Scope to identify the most suitable value, when in the virtual memory settings, right-click "My Computer", select "Properties", the pop-up the System Properties window, select "Performance" tab, click the following "virtual memory" button , pop-up virtual memory settings window, click the "specify my own virtual memory settings" radio button, "hard" election the remaining space in the larger partition, and then in the "minimum" and "maximum" text box, enter the appropriate range of values. If you feel that the use of System Monitor to obtain some of the largest and the minimum of trouble, then here can choose to "let Windows manage virtual memory settings."

Adjust the page position

Windows 9x location of the virtual memory paging is actually stored in the root directory c under a virtual memory file (also known as the swap file) Win386.swp, its location can be any one zone, if the system disk capacity C++ limited, we can be transferred to another district Win386.swp, the method is to open in Notepad System.ini (C: Windows under) file, in the [386Enh] section will be "PagingDrive = C: WindowsWin386.swp "was changed to the path of other divisions, such as the swap file on D:, then changed to" PagingDrive = D: Win386.swp ", such as the absence of such statements can directly type.

As for the use of Windows 2000 and Windows XP, you can select "Control Panel → System → Advanced → Performance" in "Settings → Advanced → Change", open the virtual memory settings window, in the drive [label] is the default choice system where the partition, if you want to change to another partition, first of all to the original partition is set to No paging file, and then choose the other partition.

Or, winxp generally require more than physical memory in the 256M. If you like large-scale 3D game play, and memory (including memory) and not big enough, the system prompts that often not enough virtual memory, the system will automatically adjust (virtual memory settings for system management).

If your hard disk space is large enough, you can set up their own virtual memory, concrete steps are as follows: Right-click "My Computer" → Properties → Advanced → Properties → Settings → Advanced → select to change the virtual memory virtual memory (paging file) stored in a custom size partition → → → determine the maximum and minimum settings. In general, the virtual memory to 1.5 times the physical memory, can also be slightly larger, if you do not want to frequent changes in virtual memory, you can set maximum and minimum values for the same.

The use of virtual memory skills

For the virtual memory problem of how to set up, Microsoft has provided us with the official solution, for under normal circumstances, we recommend using the following method of setting:

(1) in the Windows system partition where the paging file settings, file size by your system settings. The setting is as follows: Open "My Computer" and "Properties" window settings, switch to the "Advanced" tab, in the "Startup and Recovery" window "Write debugging information" column, if you used the " No, "the page file size will be set to 2MB or so, if the" core memory storage "and" full of memory storage, "paging file value will be set up for a large number, almost physical memory with it.

Tip: The system partition paging file is set up, there is a contradiction: if set, the system may read this part of the frequent paging file, thereby increasing the system load on disk where the track, but if not set, when the system Blue Screen of Death appears (in particular STOP error) when unable to create dump file (Memory.dmp), and thus can not be the procedure of debugging and error reporting. Therefore, a compromise approach is to set the smaller disk in the system page file, as long as enough on the list.

(2) the establishment of a separate blank partition, set up in the area of virtual memory, and its minimum value is set to 1.5 times the physical memory, the maximum physical memory is set to 3 times, the district is specifically designed to store the page file, not any other document and then store. The reason why a sub-division to a separate virtual memory settings is mainly based on two considerations: First, because the district has no other documents, so that debris disk partition does not produce such documents to ensure that the data pages to read and write interference from debris disks; Second, in accordance with the Windows memory management technology, Windows will give priority to the use of the District frequently visited pages on paper, this system also reduces the disk to read the page in the paper the opportunity to reduce the the pressure of the system disk.

(3) the other does not set any hard disk partition paging file. Of course, if you have more than one hard disk, you can have each hard drive to create a paging file. When multiple pages of information in the document, the hard disk controller can run in a number of hard disk read and write operations. This will improve system performance.


Allowed to set up the virtual memory minimum is 2MB, the maximum can not exceed the current value of hard drive space left, but also can not be more than 32 addressable memory range of the operating system - 4GB.

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