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How to bypass the login password into the Windows XP system

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There are many friends also to forget the XP login password can not enter the system to worry about, and now I come to bring you a solution.

Tools required

1.U Disk 1

2.Usboot (U disk to start production of software)

3.winrar (compression software)

I have personally experimented with this approach, and successfully landing XP to bypass the password. I have done experiments in the school room, but the file format of FAT32, do not know NTFS to work? Originally wanted to experiment with the results of my CD-ROM machines in schools could not afford (my drive there is a problem the machine too old! - poor), the school's machine is FAT32, and no way! only next time do!

Let us talk about thinking: The method is very simple, when your machine login box appears to require a password when you press the windows key + U to see what the reaction of ... ...? Good! Appeared aids management tools (~ ~ mean you can run the magnifying glass). Since the program can run a magnifying glass, then we put a magnifying glass program is not replaced by other programs can also run it? (I've replaced it to add the user's program is not on the ... ... ... ...~ ~ good or bad!) Is one such idea a! Now we begin production.

①. Making U disk boot disk. First Run Usboot, and then insert a U disk, U disk and then select Start. (To destroy files on the disk U Oh! Careful!), Formatting finished pulling the U disk, and then it will prompt you to insert, insert disk 1 min after U can be a! My U disk is 1G, the use The HDD format.

②. Produced to replace the file. To make a XX.EXE file to replace the original file, but this XX.EXE added after the execution but also to achieve the user's requirements. My first thought was to write a batch file:

@ net user hack 123456 / add

@ net localgroup administraroes hack / add

@ exit

Then you can save as XX.bat had!

Some people ask me, what we want is XX.EXE you gave that we get hold of XX.bat What do you mean incorrect?

Good question! We let it run XX.EXE the same as running XX.bat not to be the Well!

To achieve this objective, we have to use winrar, use winrar to make a self-extracting file, do not put XX.bat into XX.EXE it? Run XX.EXE the same as running XX.bat. (To XX . EXE Kaodao U drive up)

③. Replace the file. To go to first start for COMS to USB-HDD, save ---- insert U disk, enter the system c: windowssystem32 go. Copy magnify.exe 007magnify.exe (right magnify.exe back up , magnify.exe enforcement procedure for the magnifying glass). In the U disk on XX.EXE Kaodao under system32, and that can be had for the magnify.exe!

Then you can boot from the hard disk had! Then XP login password, you just run a magnifying glass can be had! By pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del (press 2) to use your new user can enter a hack! Go to the administrator password to turn over Come on!

This will successfully bypass the XP login password, as long as a U disk, a good convenience.

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