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Let Windows XP "System Restore" also can be a little smarter

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Windows XP operating system, built-in "System Restore" feature, for those who like to download new software from the Internet to try people who are really a godsend. However, the system Restore feature is not very perfect (for example, it must require the user to manually create a restore point, later to recover), if the System Restore function can be a little intelligent enough.

No problem! As long as we do in accordance with the following steps once for each will be able to shutdown the system are automatically help you create a restore point.

1. Using Windows built-in "notepad" program to create a new blank text file (Figure 1), then enter the following text: Set IRP = getobject ( "winmgmts:. Ootdefault: Systemrestore") MYRP = IRP.createrestorepoint ( "Shutdown created restore point", 0,100).

Figure 1

2. In the "Notepad" program interface, followed by the menu bar click on "File" → "Save", select the path you want to save after the "File Name" column type "autorecover.vbs", in the "Save as type" 1 Select "All Files" and then click the "Save" button (Figure 2).


3. Then in the "Start" → "Run", type "gpedit.msc", which will open "Group Policy" settings window.

4. In the "Group Policy" on the left of the window sequentially click on the "Computer Configuration" → "Windows Settings" → "script," and then in the right window, select "Start," a, and click the right mouse button, in the resulting Function menu, select "Properties" (Figure 3).


5. Press down into the "Startup Properties" Settings window, click the "Add" button next to the pop-up "Add Script" dialog box. Click on "Script Name" column next to "Browse" button, select just the new "autorecover.vbs" document (Figure 4), and finally click "OK" button or you're done.


Now open the System Restore "restore points list" to see, how the system shut down automatically created each time a restore point. Would like to select a point where recovery is into. Later, when everyone's computer problems can not be restored to their original no longer have to worry about the!

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