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PC card failure after overclocking solution

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Failure phenomenon: a friend of a computer, the main configuration for: P4 2.4A CPU, motherboard 865PEN ONDATA (integrated NIC), two Kingmax DDR400 256MB RAM, 5700 graphics cards, such as colorful fashion. Recently emerged phenomenon often dropped, and then boot the system appears slow, the link can not open the page in the IE address bar need to enter an address before they can browse and so on.

Troubleshooting: boot into the desktop, the mouse began,speed, according to "Ctrl + Alt + Del" to open Task Manager CPU occupancy rate was found in 100%! In the process to see Explorer.EXE procedures called the CPU occupied all the resources, and the process can not be turned off, restart the machine, the system shipped back to normal speed, but about half an hour online, there is the phenomenon dropped. Judging from the performance of fault, the system is likely in the virus, after the upgrade to run antivirus software Rising for not killing the virus is identified, will not be caused by antivirus software itself does? Try to uninstall the antivirus software, failure is not resolved.

Network adapter driver does not match the damage or may cause such a phenomenon. After uninstall the network card drivers, reinstall the card, shut down your computer after the system was found to resume normal speed, click on Web links can be open, but only half an hour's dropped, but become very frequent. Show that a friend is using Windows XP sp2 operating system. According to him used to the Windows XP SP1, just recently upgraded, although the Windows XP SP2 operating system on network security has improved significantly, but often there will be a variety of network problems. So I had the mentality to try and use GHOST to restore Windows XP SP1, but the fault remains. Check the cable, interface, ADSL Modem were all normal. I stare blankly staring at the screen made, inadvertently self-activated when the computer can see, CPU showed wrong frequency, and so on! Is overclocking a computer? Asked a friend, he said a few months ago, a friend gave him more than one frequency of the computer. I brighten, overclocking will not be dropped leading to the Internet, right? Restart the computer, enter the BIOS, re-set the frequency for the standard value, restart the Internet. Found that the frequency of falling back to the original post, dropped significantly reduced chance of emerging, but still appear from time to time. But intuition told me, it seems that failure should be ruled out, shielding integrated network card out and put a piece of ordinary PCI card, the boot line, everything back to normal.

The failure of some of the complexity of causes. First of all, failure is likely to be caused by long-term card overclocking damage (minor damage), resulting in the phenomenon of network instability. Drive damage caused in a post-operation (such as the illegal shutdown), the result of taking up Explorer.EXE all CPU resources.

Summary: Overclocking is not only an impact on the sound card, sometimes causing injury to other parts, especially the onboard network card. We encountered a similar situation, may wish to consider the issue of card, I would not be a way around the bend so much.

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