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So that books on how to use the notebook more convenient and flexible replacement of IP

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It can be said that now the performance of mainstream laptops is not lost on the desktop, and price and brand is about, so many users will be more portable laptop to buy computers to do their first choice. However, when carrying your notebook in a hotel shuttle, between home and multiple offices. You can have different locations in order to regularly change your IP address to worry about? Do you need to colleagues often asked how to set up the IP address can access network resources? Are you dial-up IP error is often encountered the problem?

With fixed desktop use is different from the "mobile group" is concerned in the portable notebook at the same time, the use of a lot of trouble, such as the network is not a lot of the readers to understand the settings of IP address do not really understand, how the notebook demand for mobile computer use at home, unit, mission flexibility to replace the IP address? In the face of the need for frequent changes of IP address what should be used when software, depending on the environment in order to set up different IP address?

One, so why did they need to set up IP Address

This is a gateway and DHCP server from the start. As we all know, DHCP is the full name "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol", that is, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Routing devices are integrated DHCP server, the network using DHCP, the user's computer from the DHCP server to obtain the parameters of the Internet, almost no need for any manual configuration can be the Internet.

Routers have built-in DHCP server function can be automatically assigned IP

Under normal circumstances, DHCP server will try to keep each computer using the same Internet IP address. If there is no Internet access or computer time to use a static Internet address, DHCP server to this address will be allocated to other computers. If at home, unit, mission or used by the routing devices access the DHCP server to open the automatic allocation or dynamic allocation of function, then the network card or wireless network card in the Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) set up in almost no do any of the settings, the computer can access a variety of network flexibility.

However, restrictions on certain IP addresses for the network (such as network access in order to prevent a new computer continuously between the IP address conflict or network security, will also specify a computer for each IP address, require the use of changes in the address), in order to access the network settings on the necessary IP address, gateway and the DNS server, subnet mask and other information, such as gateway-based software.

As we all know, to share Internet access software, there are two main categories, is the gateway type (NAT Network Address Translation-based), such as ICS, Sygate, WinRoute, etc.; the other is the agent type (Proxy Server proxy server type), such as WinGate, Winproxy, CCProxy, etc.. The most popular is the use of Windows integrated gateway-based ICS (Internet Connection Sharing, Internet Connection Share), a lot of home users as well as units are simple and easy to use the Internet this way.

Internet Gateway software using it needs to be set up, such as IP address and gateway. If the host IP address is, subnet mask is Then your access to this type of notebook computer in the network IP address it needs to be specified in the "Use the following IP address" will set the local IP address in addition to any other than the mantissa in between 2-254 address, for example, or ... ... and so on, and to ensure that the LAN IP address and other computers in the different. "Default gateway" is populated with the host IP address is, subnet mask the same as DNS server can not fill to fill is generally the default choice "to obtain DNS server address automatically" option.

Second, how to replace a more flexible IP

Set up your home IP address is 192.168.0.X network segment, and the unit or a business trip when the IP address used is automatically obtained 192.168.1.X network segment, then you need to enter the card's IP to Purchase this setting to make a change to red for the corresponding IP-based network segment or changed automatically obtain IP address.

Is there any better way to set up two ways to obtain IP addresses, and reduce the use of trouble?

In fact, the mainstream, such as Windows XP operating system has provided us with a better solution. We can right-click on the desktop "My Network Places", select the shortcut menu in the "attributes"; and then right-click the connection with the "local connection", select the shortcut menu in the "Properties", click "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP ) ", and then click" Properties "button. Careful readers may see in there a "backup set", which is used on the flexible use of IP addresses used for the replacement.

Can be seen from their descriptions: "If the computer network in more than one use, enter the following settings of the backup." Its role is to set the preferred IP address to find if there is no DHCP server, TCP / IP will automatically use the backup configuration. When the computer used in a number of networks, at least there may be a network without DHCP server, without the need for "Automatic Private IP Addressing Configuration (APIPA)", the standby configuration useful.

Such as notebook computers and home office is a good example. In the office, the distribution of notebook computers use DHCP for TCP / IP configuration. At home, there is no DHCP server, notebook computer will automatically use the backup configuration, allow access to home networking equipment and Internet. This notebook is not manually reconfigure TCP / IP network when the two are very easy to operate.

"Backup set" Let's use the more convenient notebook

Use in specific, in the card (either wired or wireless network adapter) the "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" properties, "General" page in the default alternative system "automatically obtain IP address" to meet the needs of business units or when network with DHCP server needs; in the "backup settings" select "User Configuration", fill in the family or other network-based network gateway IP address. Fill in the specific methods can be found above the Internet gateway software settings, reference is no longer tired.

In need of special note, DNS servers fill, the general recommendation is not filled, because after all the network access to obtain DNS server address automatically. In addition, if you do not know the situation of the local DNS server, and network access is not normal, may be the preferred or alternate in the (choose one) fill the local gateway address, such as in this case

In the "backup set" in the WINS server settings can be ignored, because it is now replaced by DNS before WINS, Microsoft NetBIOS been modified to allow it to use TCP / IP stack (TCP / IP protocol on the NetBIOS) to complete its work Therefore, the majority of DNS servers are capable of dealing with NetBIOS request, WINS server is the basic need.

Third, using a flexible third-party software for IP

In addition to the mainstream such as the Windows XP operating system provides the automatic replacement of the functions of IP, in fact, the market there are some third-party software is also able to achieve such functionality, the following I will introduce to you we have a few:

● IP address switch V6.15

IP Address V6.15 is also a switch can replace the IP software, the size of 68.75KB, can be a good back-up has been set up network address configuration, the card allows you to backup quickly switch between a good configuration. Support multi-network card (10), in order to resolve the IP address of your return to the trouble for.

Download: IP Address Switch v6.15

To create a new configuration, click on the "New Program" button will pop up a "new program → address configuration" dialog box, you can set up this dialog through the TCP / IP address configuration.

In the "address configuration - the new program" dialog box, select the "default connection", click on "current" button can be selected load connected to the current network configuration. In the new process, double-click "IP Address", "Subnet Mask", "Gateway Address", "Metric", "DNS" will automatically fill in commonly used, such as the content. This software, small and functional well worth recommending.

Magician V1.0 notebook IP Agent

Magicians notebook IP Agent software V1.0 Special Edition green size 1.06MB, notebook magician IP Agent (ipmagic) is simple, allows you to solve in five seconds and replace the IP configuration agents, as well as commonly used software, such as Thunderbolt agent replacement.

Download: notebook IP Agent Magician V1.0

It can also be defined according to the IP list of the different start-up software, such as IP applications will automatically start MSN, start at home is QQ.

It also can be set to follow the computer started, according to weekend, working day, working at night, automatically to the IP configuration agent environment, it also eliminated five seconds of time, so that no longer have to consider the IP environment problem.

Random IP addresses for V3.4

Random IP address for (line master switch) is a feature-rich IP address switching tools free of charge.

Download: Master V3.4 line switch

It can help you pre-set number of free IP configuration of the switch, you can add, delete, modify existing IP configuration, can automatically configure IP access and preservation, you can set a password to prevent others modify configuration information, you can set Kai boot from, you can set to switch automatically from the success can be achieved dynamic expansion and contraction of the interface.

Set interface is composed of three parts, "IP configuration information specific box," "automatic option box" and "prompt switch box." "IP configuration information specific box" shows the current IP configuration of the specific information, "IP Configuration name", "IP Configuration icon", "adapter", "IP Address", "Subnet Mask" and so on, "added" is filled the current IP configuration to add content to the software configuration of the IP table, and on the left "IP configuration list of" add the name of the current IP configuration, "modify" and "delete" is the IP configuration information on the current modify, and delete accordingly, "Get the current IP configuration" is the current IP of the machine configuration information output, to facilitate the view.

Written in the final

In addition to the above, we introduced three good free version of IP address conversion tools, notebook computer market, there is a partner IP address (IPProfile, click "File → New" pop-up "VIEw Now Status" dialog box, set up a file, can set its IP address and the proxy server address. The software is only for sharing software, 30-day trial period restrictions), .net (can store and quickly set up multiple IP bonding can be changed without re - NIC mac address, etc.), IP replacement of the master, notebooks IP network switch, Iper V3.0 (green software, no installation), IP Change-for software such as easily available, the reader needs to go one by one try to do You select the priority.

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