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Win XP can not access the LAN Settings and Solutions

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Many people believe that and I have the same experience, WIN XP from a network of all the settings and from the WIN 2000 poses exactly the same, but there simply can not visit, I think this is mainly due to XP's security settings and 2000 not the same as a result. I address this issue in a number of online information, and will provide a common range of web-based solution to the corresponding test done, and now introduced to us finishing the hope that it can encounter this problem has been to help users, and requests the master to continue pointing. Part of the contents from the network, if you will pardon the reference is not one by one.

First of all, do not consider the physical connectivity and other issues, and only a matter of strategy. In addition, the agreement to install and set up the correct IP address, while minimizing your computer's settings in a working group with the same network segment and the IP address.

Secondly, on-line description of the problem for more references here are no longer tired. When sharing and access problems, please consider the following steps:

1. To check whether the guest account open

By default XP does not open the guest account, so some other people in order to browse your computer, enable the guest account. At the same time, in order to set the security password for the guest or the appropriate permissions. Of course, for each machine to set up a user name and password to access the computer between.

2. Check to see if Guest user from the network refused to visit the local

When you open a guest account but still can not visit, please check the settings are for the guest to refuse access to the computer from the network because XP is not allowed by default guest login from the network, so even if the set can not access the same guest. Open system in the case of Guest user to lift the restrictions on the Guest account, click on "Start → Run" in "Run" dialog box, type "GPEDIT.MSC", open the Group Policy Editor, then select "Computer Configuration → Windows Settings → Security Settings → Local Policies → User Rights Assignment ", double-click" from the network to refuse access to this computer "strategy, which deleted the" GUEST "account. So that other users will be able to use Guest account network access through the Windows XP system using the computer.

3. To network access mode

XP default is to log on from the network to all users of accounts are handled by the guests, so even if the log from the network administrator only has the authority and gentlemen, when the situation can not access, try to change the network access mode. Open the Group Policy Editor, then select "Computer Configuration → Windows Settings → Security Settings → Local Policies → Security Options", double-click "Network access: local account sharing and security model" strategy, will be the default setting "Guest only -- local users authenticate as Guest "to" Classic: local users authenticate as themselves. "

So even if it does not open a guest, you can also enter the local account and password to log in to access your computer, local account and password for your computer to access the account has been and password. If the network access account and password is required, you can enter your computer to access accounts have login and password.

Not on the access pattern changes, you may not even enter your username and password can be done, / / computername / guest for the gray is not available. Even if the password is empty, do not open in the case of guest, you can not point to determine the registry. Into the classical model, can be achieved at least not like 2000 when open guest account, like, you can enter your username and password to log into your computer. Perhaps you will encounter an exceptional situation, see the next.

4. It is worth noting that the issue of a

We may encounter another problem, that is, when the user's password is empty, even if you do all of these changes still can not log in, access will be rejected. This is because the system "safe option" in the "account: the use of blank passwords to allow local accounts to console logon only" policy is enabled by default, according to security policy in Windows XP to refuse the principle of priority, the password is empty network access via a computer using Windows XP when it will be prohibited. As long as we can out of this strategy will solve the problem. In the security options to find "the use of blank passwords to allow local accounts to console logon only" items, you can disable, or even open a guest and can not be changed to the classic mode or the registry. After more than a basic change can be visited, you can try to choose a method suitable for you. Add the following points in the other may experience problems.

5. Neighbors can not see the computer network

May often fail to see the neighbors in the network to access your computer unless you know the name of the computer or IP address, or directly through the search / / computername or / / IP. Please click below to solve the operation: start "computer browser" service. "Computer Browser Service" in the maintenance of a computer network to update the list and this list is designated as available to the browser computer. If this service is stopped, then neither the maintenance of the list is not updated.

137/UDP--NetBIOS name server, network basic input / output system (NetBIOS) Name Server (NBNS) protocol is TCP / IP on a NetBIOS (NetBT) protocol suite as part of its name based on NetBIOS network to provide access to mainframe name and address mapping method.

138/UDP--NetBIOS Datagram, NetBIOS datagram is a TCP / IP on a NetBIOS (NetBT) family as part of the agreement, it used to log on and browse the network.

Conversation 139/TCP--NetBIOS service, NetBIOS session service TCP / IP on a NetBIOS (NetBT) family as part of the agreement, which for the Server Message Block (SMB), file sharing and printing. Please set up the appropriate firewall ports open. In general as long as the firewall to allow file sharing folders and printers on it.

6. With regard to shared mode

XP by default only on the share permissions to give the guests or allow users to change the "My Documents." Windows 2000 operating system users to set up a shared folder attributes are very simple to operate, just with the mouse right-click the folder and select Properties, you can see the sharing settings tab. The system settings in the Windows XP shared folders are more complex when users can not see through the above-mentioned operation sharing settings tab. Specific changes are as follows: Open "My Computer" in the "Tools", choose "Folder Properties" out "View" tab, in the "Advanced Settings" section scroll to the bottom of the "simple file sharing (Recommended ) "option in front of canceled options column if there are" Mickey Mouse "item of their choice will also be canceled. Such modifications as the user can use the same Windows 2000 folder attributes to facilitate changed.

7. With regard to network access does not respond to neighbors or the problem of slow response

winxp and Win2000 in My Network Places to browse the default when the system will delay 30 seconds, Windows will use this time to search the remote computer whether the plan specified task (or even the possibility that the Internet search). If the search does not respond when the network will be a restriction of waiting, then more than 10 minutes of delay is not surprising that even the error. The following is a specific solution.

A. plans to turn off the WinXP task (Task Scheduler)

Can go to "Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services" to open "Task Scheduler" the Properties dialog box, click "Stop" button to stop the service, and then set Startup type "manual", so that when the next time you start it does not automatically start the service.

B. To delete the registry keys of the individual sub -

To find the main Kin Registry:


Among them, the first-line neighborsdecision whether or not to search the printer online. The secondneeds to decide whether or not the plan to find designated task, which is very slow My Network Places the culprit, must be deleted.


Not be able to access mainly due to the default XP does not open the guest, and even opened the guest, XP by default is not to allow guest access to the computer from the network. It is worth noting that there is a problem. That some consider a safe place to do or give a computer company system password is empty, but this is not allowed to login. Tried the above methods as long as I believe that there will be no more problems.

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