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Windows XP Virus Protection feature is enabled the system problem

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Q: My computer installed Windows XP, and recently installed the sp2 patch, can be found at boot time in the task bar always shows a red shield icon with the mouse to click into the post-prompt "virus protection is not enabled", but I has been installed "Norton Internet Security 2004," ah, but that two days have mysteriously disappeared. Later on, I think the Norton firewall that comes with a little better, on the options for where the Windows built-in firewall turned off, but appeared in the taskbar a red shield. Then how does this do?

A: In SP2, Microsoft added a "security center" console, it is primarily detection system virus protection, firewall, automatic updates of the state, and if detected it will automatically pop up at boot time to show a red shield warning . But in fact Windows SP2 is not an accurate way to detect most of the anti-virus software, resulting in these issues. You can enter the "Start → Control Panel", click the "virus protection" under the "suggestions", check "I have already installed anti-virus program and to monitor their own state"; also available from "Start → Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services "window, find the Security Center service" Security Center ", to disable it. So the next boot will not appear reminder. In addition, because the major antivirus software vendors have improved compatibility for SP2, it will be upgraded to the latest version of antivirus software can solve the problem.

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