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XP folder when Enhances Xpress-on color

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All the way from Windows95 to WindowsXP quest came embracing friends, you find the Windows system folder icons changed colors so many years are yellow, cough! Microsoft do not know "would have" or do not pay attention to the details. If you feel that folder so a bit over the years have been shabby, then it's color, New Look for it! First you do not suffer the poor do not have, as long as iColorfolder this free software installed on it. iColorfolder is a folder icon to change the color of a small software, it has seven kinds of colors available, the folder can be changed to become colorful.

1, the software installed, a file in any folder, click the right mouse button, you will find more than a "stain folder" option, and then China and Italy in which the color of choice on it. (Figure 1)

2, if the color, the color that is not too appropriate, you can right-click the folder, left-click "folder staining" → restore folder again to wear plain old back to the original installed.

3, if there are many folders at the same time need to become the same color, you can select them at the same time, and then the mouse indicator to the arbitrary point to a folder, right-click, left-click "folder staining" on the choice of color it. (Figure 2)

4, if the documents that were not enough beautiful stained, you can then download and install the page DownloadAdditionalSkinPackv1.2.1 (6.9Mo), and then right-click the folder, left-click "folder staining" → Custom (such as Figure 3)

Point the "Browse" button, in the c disk iColorFolder under ProgramFiles folder under the skins folder, select a style file, such as the final choice of vista style, then the folder on the Vista open file iColorFolder.dll. How kind! This time, the new "clothes" is not a lot, no way, this first point of the costly costly points on it! (Figure 4)

With this software, the next you can store the same folder as the same color, or use of such re-search on much more convenient.

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