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61: Shanghai Copyright Bureau check computer "pre-installed pirated" behavior
The afternoon of August 27, the United States, Microsoft and the Shanghai Copyright Bureau jointly held a business forum, the two sides on issues of mutual interest to carry out in-depth discussions and exchange of law enforcement officials concerne...

62: Microsoft MS08-067 remote control vulnerability testing
Recently, Microsoft came out a safe level for the "serious" high-risk vulnerability - MS08-067. According to Microsoft's official interpretation of "This is the Windows operating system in the Server service RPC requests for the p...

63: Do not spend a penny to enjoy genuine Windows XP SP2
Before the start of this tutorial, we first answer a few questions: 1, Q: Windows Xp Professional Edition and Windows XP Home Edition What's the difference? A: Whether in the network functions (such as can be installed iis) or system stability...

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