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Error caused by SP2 firewall solution

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The installation of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), some applications may not be able to run the operating system update. This is because by default, Windows Firewall is enabled and the external shield is not authorized to connect. This article discusses how to create a firewall exception, the application by adding a list of exceptions to allow this process to continue running.

In order to improve Windows XP SP2-based computer security features, Windows Firewall is not recognized by shielding the external connection. But sometimes we need to create an exception rule to allow inbound connections. For example, in the following circumstances:

Networking through the Internet for more than games;

From the instant messaging software to receive documents;

Installed after Windows XP SP2, client applications may not be able to successfully receive data from the server, the following are some examples:

FTP client;

M streaming media player software;

E-mail client of new messages to remind;

Similarly, running on Windows XP sp2 on the server-side applications may not be successful in response to client requests, the following are some examples:

Web servers such as IIS;

Remote Desktop;

File sharing;

Windows XP SP2 by default, use the following interactive components to achieve this exception to the rule:

To remind the Windows Firewall security

Sometimes, a Windows Firewall applications in shielding of the run-time, a dialog box to remind the Windows Firewall security. This dialog box contains the following information:

... to help protect your computer, Windows Firewall has blocked this program from receiving unsolicited information from the Internet or a network

Such a reminder message the name of the program and procedures developers. This dialog box contains three options:

Unblock the program

Keep blocking this program

Keep blocking this program, but ask me again later

The following describes how to use this dialog box to allow this program to run.

Allowed to run

Some procedures in order to function properly, we must receive information from the network. This information into the station through the port into the computer. Windows Firewall to allow access to this information must be open on the computer the correct inbound port. To procedures and not before SP2 installed to communicate the same to allow normal operation of the procedure, you can use any one of the following methods:

Through the security to allow the program to remind

Reminded in the security dialog box, select Unblock this program.

Click OK.

Through the Windows Firewall settings to allow the program to run

If you are in the security dialog box to remind the have no choice Unblock the program, this procedure will be banned from running. You can configure Windows Firewall to achieve this goal the same:

Click Start, Run, enter in the Open box, type wscui.cpl, and then click OK

Click on Windows Firewall

In the Windows Firewall dialog box, select the Exceptions tab, and then select Add Program

Procedures in the add dialog box, select the list or by browsing the procedure to select a program

If you are not sure of the need to set the specific name of the procedure, see behind the above

Selection process, to determine

In the exception list, make sure you select the procedure of choice in front of the box for the selected state, determining

If you do not want to pay attention to the future of this procedure on an exceptional basis only need to clear the process of the selection box.

To add to the list of exceptions has the following advantages:

You do not need to know which procedures to use a specific port (compared with, when you want to open the port means to achieve their goals, you must know the procedures used by the port number, which will detail later)

Procedures for exceptions to the list of ports used to receive only waiting for a connection will be opened when

To identify and open port

If the program after adding to the list of exceptions to the normal operation or not, or is an exception in the selection process can not be determined when the program name, you can manually open the port. Open port in the manual, you must first determine which port to use. Determine the procedures for the use of ports of course, the reliable way to contact developers or vendors to obtain the necessary support information. However, in most cases this approach is not so convenient, and sometimes used in the procedure can not be provided a list of ports, you can use to identify these ports Netstat.exe.

Used to determine the port Netstat.exe

Netstate.exe to be used to determine the procedures used by the port, in accordance with the following steps:

The procedure to run this problem and tried to use its network features. Such as the media player to open an audio stream; for Web server, start the Web service;

Click Start, Run, type cmd, be confirmed;

Monitor port access list - At the command prompt, enter the following command line and enter:

netstat-ano> etstat.txt

Acquisition process to determine the identifier of the process is running - At the command prompt, enter the following command line and enter:

tasklist> tasklist.txt

Note If the problem program is running as a service, the need to enter an order by adding / s vc switch to get the process of loading each of the services:

tasklist / svc> tasklist.txt

Open Tasklist.txt, targeting the need for diagnostic procedures that question, write down the process of the process identifier;

Open Netstat.txt, note that the process identifier associated with all of the entrance, at the same time a note of the communication protocol used (TCP or UDP);

The process used by the port number will have an impact on how to solve this problem:

If the process of the use of more than 1024 ports, the port number may not be changed;

If the port number less than 1024, this procedure may be used as a port range. Therefore, the only port open to certain individual may not be able to solve this problem;

Open the Windows Firewall with manual port

To determine the exact port number can be linked to support developers or vendors to obtain the necessary information or view the user documentation. Determine the need to open ports after the port, according to the following steps:

Click Start, Run, type wscui.cpl, be confirmed;

Select Windows Firewall;

Select the exception tab, click Add Port;

In the Add Port dialog box, enter the port number in column need to open the port number, and select the type of TCP or UDP;

Enter the port name, and then determine, for example, enter GamePort;

To display or set the scope of the port exception, click to change the scope of, and then be confirmed;

Tab in the exception, noting that the new services have been listed, it is necessary to open the port, select the choice in front of the service box, and then determine.

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