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On Windows XP SP2 in the LAN connection is limited

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"Even without connecting to accept restrictions or" tips are Windows XP sp2 new features. If your computer is in a local area network, the connection tray icon appears yellow! No. (see Figure 1), generally consider the card of the correct URL.

Figure 1

We can view the card's current address, often with a 169.254 at the beginning of Microsoft to retain the address, rather than the correct LAN IP address (see Figure 2), give rise to "limited connectivity."

Figure 2

In the local area network address is not correct, why not? We need to look in your local area network is a static or DHCP address allocation dynamically allocated address.

First, the distribution of local area network using a static address ways

Distribution network addresses the use of static methods, then each computer will need to specify a fixed IP address. Local Area Network without DHCP server, if you have winxp sp2 is also used to obtain the address automatically, then the way, of course, unable to obtain the correct IP address, the "limited connectivity" phenomenon.

Second, dynamic allocation of network address mode

You can use ipconfig / release to release the address, and then ipconfig / renew to try to re-access to the new address. Normal access to the address, then very rapidly, if the tray icon to connect in a long time to obtain the address state (see Figure 3), and finally also shows "limited connectivity", then. Please consider two issues.

Figure 3

1, network fault, such as switch interfaces, cable and so on. Because the DHCP server dynamically allocated to the client IP address, must be a DHCP client and the network is open.

2, consider the problem of DHCP server. If the LAN address is not well-off will more often than not set in the DHCP server address lease, so do not release the IP address, client IP address is made with the lease term (see Figure 4). Client IP address to the deadline to apply for the extension of the lease term if there is no, then the DHCP server will recover its IP address may be assigned to other client has. When the client re-apply for IP network address, if DHCP server does not address at this time can be allocated, there will be no access to address the other extreme is the DHCP server drive down the accident.

Figure 4

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