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Teach you make your own CD-ROM Windows XP SP2 CD

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In this article you will learn how to build your original Windows XP CD into the latest version of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).

What are the benefits of doing so?

When you reinstall the machine when your Windows XP system that is contracted to automatically upgrade to Service Pack 2 (SP2), omit the "Windows Update" and re-installation of Service Pack 2 trouble.

You can also put some of your own things such as the Microsoft Powertoys for Windows XP in to add this CD. I believe that you are installing a new Windows will be installed after a lot of their own tools. Now you can put them all into this CD.

Preparation of this CD

Before we begin you need to prepare for the following things:

You use language versions of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

Windows XP startup file (for writing the Boot CD-ROM)

In this guide I used the latest version of Nero Burning Rom

At least 1.5GB of hard disk space (for XP and the CD of the document reserved for SP2)

Let's get started

Go (with the Windows XP) CD-ROM drive, and then copy all the files to your hard drive in a folder. It's easy. (Shown below) I used F: CD.

Go to the root directory and then to determine the file WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe there (example), and then type the following command:

F: WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe-s: F: CD

Make sure the correct drive letter, depending on your own where the document on.

In this example I have Windows XP CD to copy the entire contents of the F: CD, Windows XP Service Pack 2 on the file F: drive. In order to ensure accuracy, please check the file again.

Click OK and you will see the documents after being integrated, as shown under the map, like:

Later you will see the following prompt: the integration process has ended.

Service Pack 2 now has the document in your folder on the CD.

You may notice that this folder is not the original CD, as has been because the root directory has joined the service pack files. You may want to join a number of additional documents, and I is the Norton Anti-virus 2003 and Windows XP Powertoys all add to the "SUPPORT" folder. You can be attached to every time you have to install Windows after the installation of small-scale, critical software, please note that these additional file size too big so that it can not exceed the size of a CD-ROM (should be maintained at 650/700mb, depending on the choose the type of CD-ROM). Check the size of this folder is the first right-click the CD folder in the pop-up menu and then select Properties, you can see the size of the folder. If you file more than 650mb or 700mb, Nero will warn you file size too large. Preparations for the final document is WPA.DBL add to your CD. WPA.DBL your computer hardware or the activation file. This document to your machine is unique, so you need not worry about it were stolen or lost to other places, and of course it has been activated only in Windows XP appear in the computer.

This paper the benefits of backup to CD is that you can contact via Web or phone activated under Microsoft Windows. This means that you can re-install the system to automatically activate Windows XP without having to worry about calling a time limit on behalf of Microsoft.

Just like the picture shown above, open the "Search Windows XP" then select "All files and folders" -> "search here" -> "C:" (or Windows XP installed on the drive). Click "More Advanced Options", make sure that the first three options are selected ( "Search system folders", "Search hidden files and folders", "Search Subfolders").

Once you have found the documents, while it is copied to the CD folder anywhere you like in order to complete after the production of CD you can find it. CD in my directory, I put it on the "SUPPORT" folder.

Note: In the new system installed wpa.dbl documents used in the correct way is: Windows XP sp2 installed after the restart to safe mode, wpa.dbl to copy files to system32 folder (in this case is C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32) Finally, restart your computer (to normal mode). You will be prompted to activate Windows XP, click the confirmation and you will find, if the document is still current, then the computer matches the Windows XP can be activated. (This activation is not affected by Microsoft's support, if it fails you must use the Windows XP activation of the conventional method).

Burn the files to CD in

Open Nero Burning Rom and select CD-ROM (boot) the same as the following picture. Dialog box to confirm the contents of their own and the picture looks like. xpboot.bin files can be placed on your computer in other places, use your computer to replace here the path F:.

Then, so that tab (ISO) and the line under the map:

This option card (label) of the content you can choose. I chose WXPSP2_EN as a label, but you can replace the EN language of your region. You can also name WXPSP2. There are also examples such as WXPVOL_EN (volume) WXPOEM_EN (OEM version) WXPRET_EN (retail version) and so on.

Then click on the "new" button, you can use Nero's file browser to add files to a CD-ROM. First of all, you are ready to locate a good Windows XP SP2 CD-ROM folder, then drag these files into. Nero CD-ROM will automatically calculate the size of the file and are ready to burn the work.

All completed, click the "Burn" button, you will see the "Burn" dialog box. Make sure that "the end of CD" It's a been selected, and finally click "burn."

If all goes well, you will see:

You confirm the correctness of this CD, you may want to try to see if your computer can use it. You do not have to verify that all steps need to ensure that only you can use this CD to your computer. If this is the case, you will be able to use Windows XP Service Pack 2 integrated CD-ROM to replace the original CD-ROM to install the system.

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