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Upgrade a must-see: Win XP SP2 installation manual settings utility

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Recently, on Windows XP SP2, better consultation, as a result of sp2 on the system to improve the function of larger, especially in Windows XP's enhanced security efforts under a great deal, almost equivalent to a brand new version of Windows XP, This also caused our difficulty at the time of installation to configure much larger than the SP1, the installation process you will use some unexpected problems. In view of this, we organized the installation of the SP2 configuration troubleshooting skills, as well as topics you would like to use the Windows XP upgrade to install readers in regard to the use of SP2 help.

Pre-installation: SP2 road, you ready?

First, to test whether your Windows XP install SP2

SP2 is added as a result of the activation of new technology, if you burn the use of legitimate disk to install Windows XP, then that may occur when the installation of SP2 can not be installed or installation problem can not be activated. How to predict in advance whether their systems to install SP2 so smoothly?

Method one: Open Explorer, run the "Help → The Windows legal?" Menu, or direct access to http://www.microsoft.com/resources/howtotell/ww/windows/default.mspx, in the open page click "Validate Now", wait a moment after the page will ask you to install a "ProductIDGatherer" the ActiveX plug-in, click "Yes" to install it and you will see after the test result. If your system can be upgraded SP2, then the result is "Congratulations ... ...", if not the results "It appears that your Windows product key is not valid (Windows key is invalid)" (Figure 1).

NOTE: For Windows XP SP1/Server 2003 system can also be the method to verify the legitimacy of the registration serial number.

Method Two: call Microsoft's toll-free number in China (number is: 8008301832), a direct connection to tell Miss your Windows XP key, the other will tell you the legality of the Key.

Second, for the installation of SP2 free hard disk space

Network installation of SP2 into the installation and download to your hard disk to install the two, the need for software installation, your hard disk space is best not to less than 1.6GB, if it is tight space requirements, it is recommended that you run "sfc / purgecache" ; to uninstall SP1; the installation process in order to perform the installation with "-n" parameter, so that Windows XP SP2 installation does not uninstall the backup folder is not created, such as ways to reduce the occupancy of space on your hard drive. On to Windows XP there are many weight loss techniques, we will not go into details here, and we can refer to previous articles.

Third, the preparatory work prior to installation

1. As a result of the installation of SP2 may have a lot of unexpected problems, so be sure to backup before the installation of important information (including personal documents, photographs, and other data, Favorites, Cookies, registry, etc.), use about a disk scan chkdsk.exe command, use the dfrg.msc command to open "Disk Defragmenter" finishing what disk fragmentation, detection system poisoning, check whether the system contains a Trojan horse, "parasites" software to check the time settings are correct, whether installed before installing Windows Update released all the patches.

2. If you open the "Fast User Switching" mode, you will write-off of other users, and use the administrator user login; the installation process, please close all running programs (especially firewall and antivirus software); to insurance purposes, the proposed you open Windows XP's System Restore feature.

Figure 1 page tips

Installation: a number of issues that need to be addressed

First, the four ways to install SP2

For Chinese Windows XP users, we can service through the Windows Automatic Updates, Windows Update, download the SP2 network installation package, through the SP2 install CD to update the four ways to install SP2. It should be noted that, in which the use of Windows Automatic Updates service we need to open the Windows XP automatic updates, SP2 Chinese version of the network installation package to download Address: http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/6/4/f648c363- 6975-470c-8202-ac5aea706109/Windows XP-KB835935-SP2-CHS.exe (285MB), SP2 network installation package to download the English version Address: http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/6/5/165b076b -aaa9-443d -84f0-73cf11fdcdf8/WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe (266MB). SP2 installation CD needs to obtain your free book, reference Address: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/ downloads/updates/sp2/cdorder/en_us/default.mspx.

Tip: If you installed version 2135,2149 before the SP2 version, you can directly upgrade from the basis of the installation, but prior to run "Regedit" command to open the registry, navigate to " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion  ", under its CSDVersion, CurrentBuildNumber delete the two keys. In addition, SP2 installation does not need to install SP1, directly from Windows XP Pro / Home to upgrade the original installation.

Second, the installation process to resolve the atapi. sys problem

If you installed the virtual drive software such as daemontools, SP2 upgrade may be prompted encountered an error "ERROR: atapi.sys is open or in use by another application", we can uninstall the software and then install SP2, can also C: WINDOWSsystem32drivers delete atapi.sys directory after the installation of SP2, the system will be re-installed the file. If the installation process error, then we should all be installed from the Windows XP CD-ROM copies of relevant documents.

Third, if the installation failed

SP2 problems still exist, if you install SP2, the installation of the failure of the suspension would like to install, these steps a little more trouble.

1. If you open the System Restore feature

Restart the computer, if they can enter the system, the system will be restored to the state before the installation of SP2, if not then try to boot into safe mode by F8 to resume operation. If unable to enter safe mode, then after the power-on self test, press F8 key, and then in the menu, select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" item and then use the logged on as an administrator in the command line prompt type " % systemroot% system32estorestrui.exe "command prompt return to the system after the System Restore operation.

2. If you do not open the System Restore feature

Windows XP CD-ROM the first to use your computer when installing the welcome screen press R to enter Recovery Console (Recovery Console), Follow the prompts to enter the administrator user name and password into the command prompt console interface, perform the following command:

cd $ NtServicePackUninstall $ Spuninst

batch spuninst.txt


Re-start the computer from the hard drive into the XP, run "CMD" command to open the command prompt window, perform the following command:

cd% Windir% $ NtServicePackUninstall $ Spuninst


The implementation of the next prompt to uninstall SP2 in accordance with the operation.

After installation: configuration and troubleshooting

A, SP2 little pass set up skills

1. IE recover lost image verification code

After SP2 installation, most users found the visit are required to complete the verification code in some places, they can not show the picture verification code (shown as a red cross), which is a very serious Bug. Solution: Run "Regedit" command to open Registry Editor, then navigate to "[HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet Explorer Security]", create a new right in the window called "BlockXBM" The REG_ DWORD value, its value is set to "0" (hexadecimal value).

2. BT to resolve the problem of slow download speeds

Many of my friends found in the installation of SP2: If the downloaded file to open BT or BT significantly slower, or re-open the page when the slow rate of abnormal, or even a "Can not open page" issues. This is because SP2 will be the default setting of TCP connection requests at the same time limit on the number of days in the 10 months caused, we can use two methods to solve the problem.

Method one: Turn off the antivirus software. Anti-virus software can shut down a certain extent, alleviate this problem, but for the sake of system security, I do not recommend this approach.

Method 2: Modify file tcpip.sys. We use to complete the revision of Winhex, specific methods are as follows: First of all, will be C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERS directory copy the tcpip.sys file to other directory, open the backup Winhex this document, respectively, in the offset column position to the "00000130" and "4F322" line, the value of its original "6E 12 06 00", "0A 00 00 00" were amended to "62 13 06 00", "FE FF FF 00". Preserved in a safe mode, respectively, copies of the documents covered by C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERS, C: WINDOWSSERVICEPACKFILESI386, C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32 DLLCACHE folder files under the same name can be. It is worth noting that described above is a modified version of SP2 2180 data, for other versions of modified data values are different, we can refer to in http://www.lvllord.de/4226fix/4226fix- en-manual.htm The data provided in the form.

Tip: you can also direct the use of foreign experts produced a patch (for the majority of the current version of the popular SP2), first tcpip. sys files are copied to a directory, download a patch (download address is: http  / / www.lvllord.de/4226fix/EvID4226Patch20c.exe) after on tcpip. After the operation the host sys directory, restart your computer after the final will be the same tcpip. sys files to cover the three-copy folder.

3. Style XP back to life so that

Many of my friends are using Style XP to beautify the system, but after SP2 installed Style XP can not be used. There are two solutions, we can download the latest version of Style XP, download address: http://www.tgtsoft.com/download.php, can also be used to amend the uxtheme.dll Methods: under the% systemroot% system32 uxtheme.dll copy of a copy, use UltraEdit to open the copy of the Offset column "0001BB8C" line from the value "81 EC 88 00 00 00 A1 18" was revised to "33 F6 8B C6 C9 C2 08 00" that is, can be.

4. Modify the default IE security level

Many of my friends found that after installing SP2, we modify the security settings in IE is lower than its default settings, the system will prompt "can not be modified ... ..." error, which is set up as a result of SP2 for users with lower security level are restricted. But it might let us in when visiting certain sites fail, we can use the following method to change its default security level: Run "Regedit" command to open Registry Editor, then navigate to "[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows

CurrentVersionInternet Settings ones3] ", would be in the right window" MinLevel "changed to" 10000 "(hexadecimal), so we can set a lower security level.

5. Maxthon use SP2 to allow the pop-up window control

After SP2 upgrade, IE pop-up blocker increased functionality, which allows us to easily block most pop-up ads, which feature strong Maxthon Some can not even filter out of the window can be shielded. However, this feature can only achieve in IE, if you would like Maxthon, GreenBrower and other multi-core IE browser page to call this function, then simply Maxthon installation directory under the file name changed to Maxthon.exe iexplore.exe can. It should be noted that, in the name we need to set Maxthon as default browser.

6. Let the system tray do not show "Windows Security Alert"

Windows Security Alert will you turn off the default Windows firewall, the firewall software is not installed, is not enabled automatic updates pop-up prompts such as air bubbles under the window, we can open the Control Panel Security Center components, the right window click the "Change ' Security Center 'alerts me ", uncheck the" firewall "," Automatic Updates "," virus protection "can be (Figure 2).

Figure 2 alarm settings

7. Two ways to uninstall SP2

There are two ways to uninstall SP2: 1. In the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs to uninstall components inside; 2. Run "CMD" command into the command prompt window, enter the following command:

cd% Windir% $ NtServicePackUninstall $ Spuninst


According to the prompts.

Second, SP2 typical fault-wide solution

After installation, restart your computer into the system in the former Department of scroll bar you will find, in the past, are familiar with the "Professional" has no words, Windows XP to install SP2 on all versions of Unity named after "Microsoft Windows XP", enter the After XP you will be prompted to configure the Windows firewall. I give you below some use SP2 encountered in the more common failures and their solutions.

Fault 1: After SP2 install, Windows Update is still the version of V4, I manually updated to use the V5, but found that some updates can not be scanned or can not be used, I want to go back to V4, then how?

Solution: Run "Services.msc" command to open the service settings window, respectively, enable the "Automatic Update Service (Automatic Updates)" and "back-office functions transfer service (Background Intelligent Transfer Service).

If you want to uninstall it and re-use of V4, you can use the following method: Delete the c: program fileswindows update the V5 folder,% systemroot/system32 will wuweb.dll directory to delete or modify other wuweb.dll.bak file name suffix.

Fault 2: after upgrade SP2 can not open certain web page chat rooms (such as Netease chat rooms), and when visiting certain sites page loading incomplete.

Solution: After installation of SP2 also need to install java Virtual Machine support for software companies recommend the use of SUN's java software, download address: http://www.java.com/zh/download/windows_automatic.jsp

Fault 3: After SP2 installation, when using the net command or other means to operate in other remote computer, error message will appear similar to: "System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found.", "Unable to access the computer A. The error was  Access is denied. "and so on.

Solution: These faults generally appear in the MMC console you through the Computer Management (Computer Management), Disk Management (Disk Management) components, such as remote management of LAN and other computer. SP2 will be a previous version of the ICF (Internet Conncetion Firewall) to upgrade the firewall has become a WF (Windows Firewall) firewalls and improve its default level of security. When we have installed the remote operation and the SP2 firewall to open the computer, the computer must do open port TCP 445. Thus, the following three solutions:

Method One: Click "Start → Settings → Control Panel → Windows Firewall" firewall settings to open the window, switch to the "exceptions" tab, check "File and Printer Sharing", click "Edit" button in the Open "Edit Services" window, select "TCP 445", click Change scope, check the "My network" or check the "custom list" and enter the computer to control the IP address (Figure 3).

Figure 3 firewall settings

Method 2: Run "CMD" command to open the command prompt window, enter the following command:

netsh firewall set portopening TCP 445 TCP445 ENABLE

Method three: Run "gpedit.msc" command to open the Group Policy Editor, expand "Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → Network Connections → Windows Firewall → domain preparation tool" in the right window, double-click the "Allow remote administration exception" to its set to "Enabled" option.

Fault 4: After installation of SP2, the Local Area Connection network connection shows limited or no connectivity, Network Places not to visit, but we have all the normal Internet 

Solution: Local Area Connection to open the "Properties" window, in the "General tab" under the "TCP / IP" properties for a specified network adapter IP address.

Fault 5: After installation of SP2, use the Remote Assistance feature, encountered "The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable" error message.

Solution: First of all, choose "Start → Settings → Control Panel → Windows Firewall", switch to the "exceptions" tab, ensure that check the "File and Printer Sharing" and "Remote Assistance" two, then run "gpedit . msc "to open Group Policy Management window, expand" Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → System → Remote Assistance "and activate" Enable Remote Assistance "and" remote assistance "the two (Figure 4).

Figure 4 to start Remote Assistance

If the fault still exists, then switch to the Windows Firewall "exceptions" tab, respectively, through the "Add Program" and "Add Port" button to add "% systemroot% system32sessmgr.exe" and "% systemroot% PCHEALTHHELPCTRBinarieshelpsvc.exe" procedures and the port TCP 135.

Fault 6: After SP2 installation, when using Device Manager to manage Bluetooth devices, the system prompt "Device not found.", Some Bluetooth devices (such as certain models of NOKIA mobile phones) can not be installed correctly.

Solution: The fault is generally due to the Bluetooth device driver not installed correctly, or the Bluetooth device's VID (Vendor ID, sales ID) or PID (Product ID) with your Windows XP SP2 and the products are in line with third-party drivers , due to Windows XP SP2 will bring their own preferred system of the drive, there may be conflicts. Solution is very simple: open the directory% windir% inf, bth.inf documents will be renamed to bth.bak can, if the fault still exists, then please re-install the Bluetooth device to upgrade the driver.

After the words: If you do not want to install SP2?

Due to various reasons, if you temporarily do not want to install SP2, but each time Windows Update and Automatic Updates system will prompt to install SP2, how to shield these tips so frequent?

Method one: Run "Regedit" command to open Registry Editor, then navigate to "[HKLMSoftwarePoli -

ciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdate] "a branch of the right in a new window called" DoNotAllowXPSP2 "the REG_DWORD value, its value will be changed to" 1 ", so either automatically update or Windows Update are no longer prompted to install SP2.

Method 2: In fact, Microsoft has released for us to specifically XP SP2 BlockerTools a small program, starting with http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/4/a/04a04811-5d18-4b34-b57c-f118b044bdf8 / XPSP2BlockerTools.EXE download the program, unzip to a directory, run "CMD" command to open the command prompt window, enter the directory, run "XPSP2Blocker / U" command can be, when you want to undo this operation , just type "XPSP2Blocker / B" command.

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