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Win XP SP2 application skills

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Some of my friends have installed Windows SP2, it was found that online image not display the page, the site can not see the code, BT software, download speeds slowed down, real-time communication software, such as access to a variety of failures exposed one after another. On the one hand, the reason for this problem is due to too high a starting point SP2, the changes to the system caused by too much; on the other hand, because not all of us are familiar with this new thing SP2. Let us now once again approached the SP2, will focus on analyzing the number of sp2 easily lead to a common system failure, the right remedy, not SP2 become a stumbling block for our system.

This phenomenon of failure after SP2 installed, McAfee VirusScan can not be upgraded online.

Analysis of the reasons for this failure should be able to tell, from the point of view of system security, SP2 on various components of the management is very strict, low permission settings, McAfee VirusScan is one. Because of their lack of competence, it will cause the upgrade failure can not be online.

For this "stumbling block" strategy to deal with, then click "Start" "Settings" "Control Panel" "Administrative Tools" "Component Services" option, open the "Component Services" window. A "root console" "Component Services" "Computer" "My Computer" "DOCM configuration" "FrameworkService" option, in its on right-click, Properties window out. Click the "Security" tab, in the "start with the activation permissions" section click the "Custom" radio button. Then click the "Edit" button in the pop-up "to start permissions" dialog box, click the "Add" button to log in to your account and "System" account added, and "allow" it has "Local Start," " local activation "permissions, as shown in Figure 1, point" OK "button.

This is the phenomenon of fault, in the IE browser with the process of the page, when opened contains a picture of some of the HTML page, an error message pop-up ActiveX, pictures may not be displayed.

The reason for this is to prevent malicious attacks by computer, by default, SP2 disable ActiveX, java and other controls, so that created a contained ActiveX, java and other controls can not browse web pages, pictures may not be displayed. Of such problems, can be used the following methods:

Open the Notepad program, input the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 (blank line here)

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ software \ Microsoft \ InternetExplorer \ Main \ Feature-Control \ FEATURE_LOCALMACHINE_LOCKDOWN]

@ = ""

"iexplore.exe" = dword: 00000000

"explorer.exe" = dword: 00000000

Note that the two keys to "1" for the disabled, "0" for the lifting of the ban ActiveX, java and other controls. Entry completed, Save As "ShowPicture.reg", check any file name, extension must be REG, double-click to import into your registry.

After you install SP2, we can adjust the security level of Internet domain, but after the installation of SP2, you will find that Internet security is locked to the intermediate level, when we tried to adjust, it will pop up a "error" warning box , as shown in Figure 2, we can not then they need to adjust the actual level of security.

This problem is mainly because of SP2 for security considerations, the lock of the safety level of the Internet, by default does not allow users to adjust.

To address this problem, methods that can be taken as: Click the "Start" "Run" in Run dialog box that pops up, type "REGEDIT", after the return to open Registry Editor. Expand the following branches:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \

InternetSettings \ Zones \ 3], in the right side of the window to find, called "MinLevel" the Dword value and double-click it in the pop-up dialog box to edit its value data will be set to "10000" (hexadecimal) After the point of "OK" button and close the Registry Editor. Press F5 to refresh this, try again, look at the security level is adjusted freely.

This fault usually pass after the installation of SP2, often with the Office XP, such as universal software compatibility problems, the program inexplicably wrong.

The main culprit causing the problem is mainly technical DEP Data Execution Prevention, DEP (Date Execution Prevention) technology is mainly to avoid buffer overflow for the effective design problems, which can effectively prevent viruses or malicious programs on your computer protected storage to run the memory locations harmful code, DEP will be some common memory locations marked as "unenforceable", so that a virus or malicious code-free survival, but it also led to a number of procedures can not be normal operation.

We can be manually configured, so that a testing program from DEP, DEP can be generated to avoid compatibility problems. As follows:

Right-click on the desktop "My Computer", right in the pop-up menu, select "Properties." In the pop-up "System Properties" window, click on the "Advanced" tab, then click on the "Performance" section of "Settings" button. In the pop-up "Performance Options" dialog box, click on the "Data Execution Protection" tab, click the "selected for the following procedures in addition to all of the programs and services to the implementation of DEP", as shown in Figure 3, and then through the "Add" button, you need to be added to the program.

Have compatibility issues with SP2 there are many of the procedures, confined space, the author is not listed here, and friends who are interested can refer to the "Http: / / support.microsoft.com /? Id = 884130" on the technical document.

Now, use the network, I am afraid very few people who do not use BT to download software, BT software gives us the download dripping earned experience and an alternative method of resource sharing. However, after installation of SP2, the original download speed of a swift pace to slow down suddenly, and will be re-uninstall the BT software can not solve the problem.

Caused by this issue because, in order to effectively prevent the shock wave, like the Sasser worm attacks on multi-threaded, SP2 built OOB Messages a dynamic link library, the dynamic link library will be a process for each real-time monitoring of concurrent threads a few, as long as it exceeds the number of threads that security (10), the masked part of the beginning of threads, so as to reduce the number of threads.

To resolve this problem, must be changed is located in "E: \ WINDOWS \ ServicePackFiles \ i386" directory "TCPIP.sys", but the manual is too much trouble to modify, there are experts made a patch for us, you only need to download and install you (can go to "PC" web site to download the Channel http://www.pcpro.com.cn/club/download/index.php download and install). Download is complete, the command line run the program, when asked to answer "Y", and then withdraw from the command line, restart the computer.

This fault occurs, is often manifested in IE downloaded to the local paper that are normally contain flash animation shows the IE document, after the installation of SP2, but can not display a FLASH Animation.

This is because, SP2 default security settings to prevent users in the local paper to open some FLASH process, informed, was hidden in the FLASH of malicious code into a number of malicious Web sites, computer attack, which banned users local (hard disk and CD-ROM) contains FLASH open documents and so on.

To resolve this problem, you can start the IE browser menu bar click "Tools" "Internet Options" command, out of "Internet Options" window. Click the "Advanced" tab in "Settings" drop-down list box to "Allow active content on my computer to run the file" and "Allow active content from CD on my computer to run" election items marked with check mark, as shown in Figure 4, point "OK" button.

In the local area network, which are often neighbors, through the Internet to share files and printers. However, after installation of SP2, the Internet can be a normal neighbor in the original visit was to share the printer disappeared.

As we all know, in SP2, the addition of a Windows firewall. Is the firewall in the security considerations, the prohibition of the "File and Printer Sharing" feature, so LAN users are often unable to share resources there will be failures.

Strategy to deal with this issue as follows: in order to start "Start" "Settings" "Control Panel" "Security Center" "Windows Firewall" option, open the Windows Firewall window, click on the "exceptions" tab, in the "procedures and services" list box, the "File and Printer Sharing" option marked with check mark, as shown in Figure 5, at the "OK" button, and restart the computer.

After the installation of SP2, and many of the network communication software, such as QQ, MSN, Windows Messenger, Windows Netmeeting and so are not used. QQ, MSN, Windows Messenger pop-up security alert always, Windows Netmeeting Remote Desktop can not be shared.

This is because the SP2 firewall by default, will be limited without permission from the network or Internet connection to the station, so it will cause a lot of network communication software not work correctly.

For QQ, MSN and other communication software can be, we only need the Windows Security Alert pop-up dialog box click on the "Unblock" button, as shown in Figure 6. For Windows Messenger, Windows Netmeeting, we not only need to click on the "Unblock" button, but its main program to add to the "exceptional" in to. Click the "Start" "Settings" "Control Panel" in the pop-up window of Control Panel double-click "security center" option, pop-up "Windows Security Center" window, double-click the "Windows Firewall" option . In the pop-up "Windows Firewall" window, click on the "exceptions" tab, then click the "Add Program" button in the pop-up "Add Program" dialog box select "Windows Messenger", shown in figure 7, point of the "OK" button, then the normal Windows Messenger can work. Then, click the "Browse" button to find at "X: \ Program Files \ NetMeeting" folder "Conf.exe", click the "Open" button to add it to the "exceptional" in to. Similarly, will be located in "X: \ widows \ System32" directory "mnmsr vc. Exe" is also added to the "exceptional" and to point the "OK" button, Windows Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing on the normal.

Emergence of this problem, use OUTLOOK EXPRESS (OE) email client to receive mail, the e-mail which contains the picture may not be displayed every time the need for pop-up message, click "Click here to download images" to normal display.

This is because SP2 to prevent others from vicious to collect user information or the use of mail message attachments to malicious attacks, by default, banned the process of OE to receive e-mail picture attachments show the reason. Method can be used to solve this problem are as follows:

Start OE, in the main interface, click on "Tools" "Options" command, the options in the pop-up window, click the "Security" tab, in the "Download Image" column to "prevent the HTML e-mail The images and other external content "remove the check mark in front of it, shown in Figure 8.

During his visit to some sites that require authentication code, the verification code displayed picture can not be normal, as shown in Figure 9. This will not work correctly because the verification code, enter the Web site can not log caused.

This failure stems from default, SP2 does not support the "*. xbm" format picture, and the site almost all of the code image "*. xbm" format, which is incompatible, so the code can not show picture the.

Know the reasons, we simply open the SP2 on the "*. xbm" picture format can support. Click the "Start" "Run" in Run dialog box that pops up, type "REGEDIT", after the return to open Registry Editor. Expand the following branch: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Security], in the right side of the window to find, called "BlockXBM" the Dword value (there is no new requests) and double-click in the pop-up dialog box editor Set its value data to "0", the point of "OK" button and close the Registry Editor. Press F5 to refresh you, and now need to re-open a website to enter a verification code to try to show will be normal.

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