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Win XP SP2 how to achieve multi-threaded access

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Played sp2 operating system of Windows XP users may find that does not mind access to the network, and opened in the background as long as the network access software, if open access to networks of other software or IE browser, or may not be able to open the connection speed slow. Especially when the user running FlashGet, BT or P2P networks, such as access to multi-threaded software, and then run any network access software have led to regular visits to see the network, just not the same as disconnected from the network, why is it so? In SP2, in order to prevent the Windows XP SP2 by the network, such as the spread of worms and attacks, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 to access the network connection to do the greatest security restrictions, which resulted in failure to download the software or download software to connect all occupied, and the user re - to use other software to the network but can not access the.

Although Microsoft Windows XP SP2 to limit the maximum safety limit of 10 threads to connect, where the majority of the BT network of enthusiasts and regular bubble network software to run more than friends, this is definitely not enough. I found a line can modify system files Windows XP SP2 connection limit Tcpip.sys biggest security software, you can download www.lvllord.de/?url=downloads&lang=en only 30KB. After downloading the file on the system directory, re-entering the Dos mode, run EvID4226Patch / l = $ n $ / w = C: WINDOWSsystem32drivers / l = tcpip.sys, of which $ n $ for the individual need to set up, if I need to be the most secure connection limit set to 50 threads, then enter the run EvID4226Patch / l = 50 / w = C: WINDOWSsystem32drivers / l = tcpip.sys can, I do not propose to change this value is too high, so the network security will be greatly reduced, and the author recommends that the average user is set to 10 ~ 30, BT fans set to 100 to 150, and install antivirus software and firewall, so that network security is guaranteed.

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