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Win XP SP2 slow to open the page to inquire into the reasons for

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Upgrade to WindowsSP2 system, my computer is frequent use of these strange problems, the specific circumstances: when the Internet gateway to PING, with Bitcomet downloading files can also be normal, but the speed of opening pages abnormal slow, sometimes direct a "can not open page" page of the case, MSN dialogue and contacts, could not proceed. For reasons, I had an article analyzing the operating system WindowsSP2 of BT client the selection of a certain degree of stress. Now, after a period of trial WindowsSP2 systems and learning networks that give rise to such causes of non-normal flow has been further recognized. I like the following view.

First, some anti-virus software can cause the network system WindowsSP2 non-normal flow

According to conventional thinking, anti-virus software and network traffic there is no direct causal relationship. However, I tested a different anti-virus software on the network's impact on network traffic is not small. I tested, including anti-virus software Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal5.0.142, Ruixing 2004, KV2004, Jinshan drug tyrants Ⅴ, Norton AntiVirus 2003. WindowsSP2 test environment for the 2180RTM operating system, install the BT client Bitcomet. Rising of 2004 which will automatically restart after installation, and then could not enter the system, so no further testing. From a number of other anti-virus software, in the BT client does not hang, the variety of network functions to normal operation. Bitcomet in open procedures, however, show that in its flow with data files downloaded, open the web page will have a significant speed difference. Sina have to open the home page as an example, the speed of web pages to open slowly approaching from the order, followed by Kingsoft Ⅴ, KV2004, Norton AntiVirus 2003, Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal5.0.142. Which in the installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal5.0.142 anti-virus software tests, Bitcomet a run on many web pages simply can not be opened.

Second, sp2 operating system default settings result in abnormal network disconnection

In SP2 operating system, when the TCP / IP has reached the definition of its security restrictions since after the TCP at the same time will affect the number of connection requests. Resulting in abnormal network disconnection. Foreign experts to conduct specialized research on this. Can be set as a result did not find the registry key (in fact the spread of the Internet as early as the beginning of a new revised TcpNumConnections invalid), then made a patch for TCPIP.SYS modify documents, by less than 10 and a half the number of open connections increased to 50 to increase the number of connection requests.

Friends who are interested can download www.lvllord.de/4226fix/EvID4226Patch20b.exe. TCPIP.SYS document at C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERS, C: WINDOWSSERVICEPACKFILESI386 as well as the C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DLLCACHE (system hidden folder) of the three folders. Practical steps to upgrade patch: to C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSTCPIP.SYS copied to a new folder, such as c: fix, to patch it into the folder, run the patch, he will automatically find the patch TCPIP.SYS, if you have played , it will ask you if you are to restore (you can restore the wrong, so sorry you have to eat medicine). Not played on the press Enter. After the implementation of system patches automatically restart, and then press F8 into safe mode, the Copy TCPIP.SYS to C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERS, C: WINDOWSSERVICEPACKFILESI386, C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DLLCACHE this folder to replace the three original documents can then restart. Need to remind everyone is this: After I tested the patch and see no tangible results. In addition, the patch is not the authentic system Microsoft produced a patch, please try with caution.

It can be seen in the SP2 network operating system in some cases non-normal flow, both the operating system itself, some of the reasons, there are application software with the operating system process in the running of the factors. I believe that after a period of running-in stage, after both the operating system and application software developers to work together to stop such a network of non-normal situation will certainly be solved.

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