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Windows XP SP2 in the realization of two terminal landing

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"SP2 is installed, you will be able to the XP system as a server operating system, like those for people log on at different locations at the same time, though this is only equivalent to more than 2 people." These are the 2055 version of sp2 is still in the Beta when the test was open a new properties (Related reports: SP2 installed it? XP system logged more than at the same time). However, in 2005, after the beta version and Microsoft released the final version of SP2, this identity disappear from the Chamber. What is the reason for Microsoft to allow self-we can not pursue the matter, but a great many new features we can not give up. We take a look at how this was to abandon the new features of Microsoft to look back.

Is simple to find, if you find the 2055 version of which used to manage remote access service (Terminal Service) system files (Click here to download the relevant documents: termsrv2005.rar), obtained after extracting the dll file to replace the uxtheme. dll file to replace the method of, you can enjoy this new feature. Below are the specific steps.

The first step: to determine the machine was shut down Terminal Service service. Through the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Services and Applications view.

The second step: backup termsrv.dll under system32dllcache

The third step: Delete the system32, system32dllcache under termsrv.dll

The third step: the 2055 copy of termsrv.dll to system32dllcache

Step four: the 2055's to the system32 copy termsrv.dll

Fifth step: Import the following registry key:

Sixth step: start the Terminal Services service

Editor Note: Due to 2055 once the test products are Microsoft removed from the beta version of which is likely to be the characteristics of immature technology. So this article only for the dissemination of information, does not recommend using this technique. Individuals need to use this technique, please do a good backup, and therefore the consequences of operating losses, the site does not have any responsibility.

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