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Windows XP SP2 installed on the three essentials and the Eight Points for Attention

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The importance of the operating system do not have to say, in the face of every major upgrade, there will always be some users worried that if there would be no "happen" is not fun. winxp sp2 (hereinafter referred to as SP2) Microsoft has spared no effort to promote the upgrade process, the importance of the introduction has been seen, however, a major upgrade of all systems with the same, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, or there are some places where we should pay attention.

Three essentials

Key one: the correct number of operating system

Serial number of all users who use Windows, familiar, and its importance in our lives as the ID card using a serial number of the correct order to ensure the successful installation of SP2. In addition, the version number is the system we all know, if you want directly from the Win98 upgrade to SP2 is not possible, because SP2 is here that WinXP's SP2. It should be said that this time, Microsoft has not done a thing must, for the serial number of the inspection is relatively relaxed. However, some piracy in order to avoid the activation module, modify a large number of system files, making the installation of SP2 did not recognize this procedure is the WinXP operating system, and of course, can not successfully install the (may be wrong, such as language error). If you use WinXP on their own whether or not the serial number for Microsoft recognized a little bit worried about, try the official Microsoft site about online testing. Open the page, click on "1.Run the Windows Validation Assistant" under the "Start: Validate Now", then will be asked to install an ActiveX plug-in, agreed to after the installation of waiting to be scanned, the results will be soon. If the result is "Congratulations, it appears that your Windows product key is valid." Serial number on that there is no problem, if it is "It appears that your Windows product key is not valid." Said the serial number not be confirmed, such escalation SP2 should be more careful when (some of the same success can be upgraded).

Figure 1: check the product number to upgrade

Essentials II: shut down all non-critical process

Figure 2: the end of all non-essential process

SP2 installed, they should shut down all non-essential process. Standard practice is: first of all, close all applications, then use "Ctrl + Alt + Del" out of Task Manager, go to "process" tab, followed by a process selected, click "End Process" button to stop all non-essential process (not necessary to put an end to the process and will give tips).

CleanBoot is not recommended or in safe mode to install SP2, because SP2 installation process itself requires a lot of support services, which support the security mode CleanBoot or may not exist. However, in normal startup mode, SP2 will need to ensure that all necessary resources to have full access, including write permission. If this time the process of other open resources may result in write lock, the consequences of the collapse is not an application to suspend the installation process, it should shut down all non-essential process.

Three essentials: disconnect network connection

If we say that the issues highlighted by discipline is mainly directed against those who have not had the MS04-011 patch users, to enable them to install SP2 in the long process will not be the sudden appearance of the shock wave made the countdown dialog box to cry out loud, Well, those who have already played this patch the user may ignore the existence of this discipline. But I do want to say, this discipline should be regarded as a basic criteria.

SP2 will install a new WinXP Network firewall, the installation process, the original first disable Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), and then install the new services. In this process, bound to the safety of blind spot for some time (Security-free Period), the tragedy here often. Therefore, it is recommended to install SP2, the cable pulled out, and the whole process again after the end of plug, it is not difficult to do.

This discipline also implied that the installation of SP2, the recommended first downloaded to the local, and then upgrade.

Eight Points for Attention

Note 1: System parameters may change

As a result of the process of installation of SP2 on the registry for a lot of changes, so user-defined system parameters may be replaced by the default parameters. Be affected by the application also includes the system already exists in the firewall application, the registration process for background services, or other common applications (such as MS Office). May also be in SP2 after installation is complete the procedure to change the parameters set by the case of accidents, so there can not be normal Outlook to send and receive E-Mail, such as an error. Therefore, after installing SP2 should check the parameters of the process.

If you want a new computer to install WinXP, then it should be installed WinXP, then install SP2, then install all the applications in order to avoid changes to the parameters set by the situation.

Note II: the need to update driver

SP2 changed the WinXP hardware abstraction layer in a number of characteristics, although most of the interface can still be seamlessly connected, but for some settings, such as CD-ROM driver is not so simple. I have received after SP2 installation, PCI device conflict makes the work of all boards frequently abnormal automatically restart the system, which are driver-related issues after the update there will be no problem. Therefore, we should, after installing SP2, go to the driver did not see the official site for the SP2 patch, and if so, they should be marked immediately.

Note III: The default port is no longer open

SP2 installed in WinXP, would close all unused ports. All need to use the UDP / TCP protocol applications, Windows Firewall will trigger a warning, and, therefore, may be shielded, and even lead to a number of procedures can not run. From the user's point of view, many of the original can rest assured that the implementation of the procedures (such as online games) has become very difficult, because the default port is prohibited, every time to install the SP2 to connect to the computer, it will trigger a warning, if the user approval time frame is not connected, the connection will fail, resulting in the suspension of the application of the accident. To resolve this problem, you can see the current "post-install SP2, the program can not run? "A text.

Attention to four: the change in behavior of some system components

Windows Messenger is a WinXP operating system components, if it did not have to own a display of Windows Messenger, then install SP2 to the user after the system requires a. At the same time, insecure file transfer will be prohibited. Microsoft is not that a contact list of contacts to send the list of unsafe file types is unsafe, will be prohibited. The unsafe file list in the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles can be found (in English).

Windows Media Player 6.4 is considered unsafe parts, it is no longer supported, Web page embedded the Windows Media Player 6.4 will be an ActiveX control called the "shim" the Windows Media Player 9 control alternative. At the same time, Windows Media Player no longer automatically WMA / WMV files in the script, but with the consent of users before the implementation of the agreement.

Note 5: the deployment of the engine has been fully updated

Figure 3: The online upgrade feature to upgrade

In SP2, the default Windows Update online update engine will be replaced by the latest Microsoft Windows Update v5. Of course, you can manually install the engine on its own. Open link directly v5.windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

While that of the local script engine from the deployment of Windows Installer 2.0 upgrade to the Windows Installer 3.0, it supports file-level technology, as well as patches, such as Delta compression techniques do not have the characteristics of the past, in the Windows Installer 3.0 SDK, the increase of 21 new functions. At the same time, Windows Installer no longer support the FTP and Gopher agreement WinHTTP to use the same agreement.

Therefore, the use of Windows Installer to install applications such as MS Office, etc., should be installed after the installation of SP2 in order to obtain the support of Windows Installer 3.0.

Windows Update v5 on a detailed description, please see our 2004 17 "upgrade, unlimited extension of the" one text.

Note 6: Web content more stringent checks

In the use of IE, most pop-up window will be shielded. So, if you are a Web designer, if possible, or do not have the use of pop-up window as a special effects, and to use hierarchical techniques. Do not trust the site, IE users will no longer be asked, but all direct shielding unsafe content, such as ActiveX controls. At the same time, IE give the user the contents of the prohibition of the whole domain of rights, the user can choose never to download the contents of a domain. In this way, such as 3721, such as using a script to force users to install up to disturb the user control of time, and then refused will be forever.

Outlook Express added some new features, such as allowing users to use plain text with hypertext open content e-mail, which cut off the display of objectionable materials and implementation of the possible. At the same time, the message will connect to the outside will be difficult to open the link, and the default setting is never open, unless special authorization.

Note 7: To optimize the installation of the contents of the order and installation

SP2 contains a large number of progressive WinXP patch, and the Hotfix. Therefore, it should be installed SP2, then use Windows Update to update other content online, such as such as driver updates. Although the SP2 update file versions will check and replace the need to update only the part, but the time to download SP2 but are all the same. To do so is a waste of time and space.

In addition to attention, SP2 includes only WinXP Home Edition, WinXP Professional Edition and Windows MediaCenter Edition part of the total does not include three versions of this unique part of the update. Therefore, after installing SP2, still need to check the other updates for their operating system to ensure that all updates are installed.

Note 8: SP2 uninstall

Very easy to uninstall SP2, but not recommended. A separate installation of SP2 for WinXP, SP2 can be uninstalled. Method is also very simple, that is, through the Control Panel's "Add / Remove Programs" entry will be deleted SP2, the system will roll back to SP2 is not installed prior to that point in time the state (provided that the installation of SP2 in the selection of the original reservation system state). Please note that if at this point in time you have to install other updates, then one of those updates and can not be revoked.

If you want to uninstall SP2, we must pay attention to two issues.

First: Unless absolutely necessary, such as after installing SP2, the system frequently crashes, or the performance of serious problems, not any uninstall SP2. Especially after installation of SP2 and other applications installed, uninstall SP2 should be more cautious. Errors are known, after the installation of SP2 to Windows Installer 3.0 installed applications such as MS Office will be in there after the uninstall SP2 installation package damage, at this time, only by using the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to uninstall the application re - installed in order to repair (from the official Microsoft download). SP2 fought for application of the patch, after being unloaded in SP2 can not function properly, and some can only reload. For the system, uninstall and reinstall, an increase equivalent to twice the cost of operation and increased the chances of system crashes and shorten the life of the system.

Second: Do not use the System Restore feature to "Uninstall" SP2, this will lead to a wide range of systems. If you really need to uninstall, then uninstall from the Control Panel, otherwise the registry will be left too many questions, which will cause the application of various strange phenomena occur, so that you pain.

SP2 for WinXP for the integration in terms of release, SP2 can not be unloaded. Of course, in this case, install the official update from Microsoft directly to become an integral part of the operating system, it will not bring any negative impact. This version has been produced in the pipeline, I believe that soon there will be a simplified Chinese version is available.

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