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Windows XP SP2 notebook Wireless LAN setting

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The use of laptops in the day-to-day, when many of us also did not take full advantage of the functions of the notebook up. Take the highest rates of the two-machine network for example, notebooks are now mostly built-in wireless LAN, and some friends also use cable to connect, the trouble is not that the wireless card is also idle, following on thein the absence of AP circumstances to set up a wireless LAN.


Applied to several built-in wireless LAN of computers could also be desktop, make sure the wireless LAN switch at the open.

Set Method:

1. First of all, respectively, in each machine set up a fixed IP address. (Such as and machines need two different IP addresses can not be set to repeat)

2. Open the Wireless Network Properties page (right-click My Network Places. Select Properties. In the right-click pop-up page to choose a wireless network can attribute)

3. Open the wireless network configuration.

4. Click Advanced, select the computer to the computer only.

5. More than two machines installed in all needs to be done.

6. Select a machine as a signal transmitter. In the wireless network configuration page click Add.

7. To the security of local area network, in the pop-up page will be "automatically provide the key for me," remove the check mark before. And then set its SSID and network key (a period of 16 hexadecimal characters, character must be a 0 -- 9 or af. of this section will need to 10 characters. For example, I set the key is 1213141611)

8. Click OK to end the set after the signals have been completed.

9. In a separate machine several wireless signal search, double-click your search to the signal, in the pop-up page, enter the key you set to complete the connection later.

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