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Windows XP SP2 system troubleshooting Network Places

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1. To find the missing IE image verification code

After sp2 installation, most users found the visit are required to complete the verification code in some places, they can not show the picture verification code (shown as a red cross), which is a very serious BUG. Solution: Run "Regedit" command to open Registry Editor, then navigate to "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE software

MicrosoftInternet Explorer

Security] ", create a new right in the window called" BlockXBM "the REG_DWORD value, its value is set to" 0 "(hexadecimal value).

2. Solve the BT problem of slow download speeds

Many of my friends found in the installation of SP2: If the downloaded file to open BT or BT significantly slower, or re-open the page when the slow rate of abnormal, or even a "Can not open page" issues. This is because SP2 will be the default setting of TCP connection requests at the same time limit on the number of days in the 10 months caused, we can use two methods to solve this problem:

Method one: Turn off the antivirus software. Anti-virus software can shut down a certain extent, alleviate this problem, but for the sake of system security, I do not recommend this approach.

Method 2: Modify file tcpip.sys. We use to complete the revision of Winhex, specific methods are as follows: First of all, will be C: WINDOWSS YSTEM32DRIVERS directory copy the tcpip.sys file to other directory, open the backup Winhex this document, respectively, in the location field offs et the "00000130" and " 4F322 "line, the value of its original" 6E 12 06 00 "," 0A 00 00 00 "were amended to" 62 13 06 00 "," FE FF FF 00 ". Preserved in a safe mode, respectively, copies of the documents covered by C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERS, C: WINDOWS SERVICEPACKFILESI386, C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DLLCACHE folder files under the same name can be. It is worth noting that described above is a modified version of SP2 2180 data, for other versions of modified data values are different, we can refer to http://www.lvllord.de/4226 fix/4226fix-en-manual.htm provided in the form of data.

Tip: you can also direct the use of foreign experts produced a patch (for the majority of the current version of the popular SP2), first copy tcpip.sys file to a directory, download the patch (download address is: http://www.lvllord .de/4226fix/EvID4226Patch20 c.exe) after the directory is located on tcpip.sys after the operation, restart the computer after the final documents will also copy tcpip.sys coverage to the three folder.

3. So back to life style XP

Many of my friends are using to beautify style XP system, but style XP after SP2 install will not be able to use. There are two solutions, we can download the latest version of style XP, download address: http://www.tgtsoft.com/download.php, can also be used to amend the uxtheme.d ll Methods:% systemroot% system32 uxtheme.dll copy of a copy, use UltraEdit to open the copy of the Offset column "0001BB8C" line from the value "81 EC 88 00 00 00 A1 18" was revised to "33 F6 8B C6 C9 C2 08 00" can.

4. Modify the default IE security level

Many of my friends found that after installing SP2, we modify the security settings in IE is lower than its default settings, the system will prompt "can not be modified ... ..." error, which is due to SP 2 to the user set a lower limit of the security level . But it might let us in when visiting certain sites fail, we can use the following method to change its default security level: Run "Regedit" command to open Registry Editor, then navigate to "[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings ones]", in the window the right to "MinLevel" changed to "10000" (hexadecimal), so we can set a lower security level.

5. Maxthon use SP2 to allow the pop-up window control

After SP2 upgrade, IE pop-up blocker increased functionality, it can be very convenient for us to intercept the majority of pop-up ads, which feature strong Maxthon Some can not even filter out of the window can be shielded. However, this feature can only achieve in IE, if you would like Maxthon, GreenBrower and other multi-core IE browser page to call this function, then simply Maxthon installation directory under the file name changed to Maxthon.exe iexplore.exe can. It should be noted that, in the name we need to set Maxthon as default browser.

6. Let the system tray do not show "Windows Security Alert"

Windows Security Alert will you turn off the default Windows firewall, the firewall software is not installed, is not enabled automatic updates pop-up prompts such as air bubbles under the window, we can open the Control Panel Security Center components, the right window click the "Change ' Security Center 'alerts me ", uncheck the" firewall "," Automatic Updates "," Virus Protection "option.

7. Two ways to uninstall SP2

There are two ways to uninstall SP2: 1. In the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs to uninstall components inside; 2. Run "CMD" command into the command prompt window, enter the following command:

cd% Windir% $ NtServicePackUninstall $ Spuninstspuninst.exe according to the prompts.

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