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Windows XP SP2 to resolve network problems caused by

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Reflect many of my friends recently, after installing SP2, some have normal Web applications have appeared strange question. Why is it, sp2 is not really as we imagine it as a BUG? We propose the following for a number of applications after SP2 problems one by one to answer the cause and solution, we hope to be able to use the process of SP2 some help.

Windows XP SP2 as a result of the safety design of the "starting point" is too high, resulting in the system by default to open a lot of security services, many users can not adapt quickly to SP2, which has led to frequent a number of applications. To solve these problems and also need some skills.

OE can not display picture

Some friends use Outlook Express to reflect, through OE to receive e-mail messages can not be displayed in the picture, and use the same e-mail Foxmail receiving this problem does not exist.

The starting point is that this issue is devoted to the development of SP2 for OE's Attachment Manager security policy caused.

As we know, can not reply to spam, because spam with no purpose, the sender does not know whether the real and effective e-mail address, if the recipient replied to spam, then tell the sender the same as in the mail is an effective .

But I will not reply to junk e-mail seems to be the point of death, because the sender will directly save the images on the server as an email attachment issued in the normal use of the OE to receive mail from the web server will automatically download the pictures, as a result of downloading server process will be recorded, so the sender can easily know which mailbox is being used in. In SP2, in order to guard against the trick, it will be displayed when OE to receive mail picture attachments by default, banned, that is, OE can not show the reasons for e-mail pictures.

Solution: receiving a message, click the e-mail message window in the middle of the "Click here to download pictures," words can be. Picture for all the messages displayed is: OE in order click on "Tools → Options", the abolition of "security" tab to "prevent the HTML e-mail images and other external content" option of choice to .

Failure to share

A number of local area network users have installed SP2, the original can be normal search and the shared printers to print, but still can not be found in the My Network Places.

This is because Windows XP after the SP2 installed, Windows Firewall in default is fully operational, which means that running Windows XP SP2 to all computer network connection, including wired LAN and wireless LAN, dial-up and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connect the Windows Firewall enabled. At the same time, the default state of Windows Firewall is prohibited under the "File and Printer Sharing", so this issue will appear.

Solution: enter the LAN connection is responsible for the "Local Area Connection" Properties window, click the "Advanced" settings tab "Settings" button in the pop-up "Windows Firewall" interface, check the "exceptional" set tab interface "procedures and services" in the list of "File and Printer Sharing" option.

Alarm occurs when access to the network

Some have just installed SP2 for the user asked why FTP, QQ chat, QQ games, MSN Messenger will pop up when you log "Windows Security Alert" box prompts them? Are these procedures are also potential safety problems with what?

In fact, this is SP2 the Windows firewall feature to increase the problem of lead. Its use is similar to the famous "firewall Skynet", we must manually set the network access application status. When Windows Firewall is "On (recommended) No abnormal" state, all packets will be intercepted, this feature can be used to solve the network attacks and malicious programs brought about by the trouble.

Solution: in the use of application, in the pop-up "Windows Security Alert" dialog box, click "Unblock" button.

Part of the picture in the HTML document can not be displayed

Some users are reflected in the installation of SP2, open IE and sometimes in the HTML file, there will be an ActiveX error message, and picture not be displayed properly.

This problem may be caused by SP2 in the cause of enhanced security features, and in default, SP2 is enabled to help prevent malicious attacks on a user's computer security policy.

Solution: Open the Registry Editor, enter "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicro

softInternet ExplorerMainFeatureControlFEATURE_LOCALMACHINE_LOCKDOWN "branch of the right side of the window of" iexplore.exe "and" explorer.exe "the value of the two keys to" 0 "after you restart Windows.

Tip: FEATURE_LOCALMACHINE_LOCKDOWN subkey value is set to 1, Windows XP SP2 will also be on the Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer to implement "disable ActiveX", "Disable Java", "prompt to run script in the" restricted.

Remote Desktop sharing failure

Reflected in many of my friends after the installation of SP2, open the Windows NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing feature, in the past, the function of normal operation can not operate successfully.

In the SP2 environment, Windows firewall by default is already opened it. Therefore, in the use of NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing feature, you must in the Windows Firewall "exceptions" tab of the "procedures and services" list, respectively, NetMeeting and mnmsrvc.exe documents do add a firewall rule, or running applications will appear the phenomenon of failure.

Solution: In the "Run" input column "Firewall.cpL" command to open "Windows Firewall" settings interface, in the "exceptions" tab, click the "Add Program", then click the "Browse" in the "Browse" dialog box , locate the "X: Program FilesNetMeeting" directory, select "conf.exe" program click the "Open" and to identify. Then again click on the "exceptions" tab of "Add Program" button in the "Browse" dialog box, locate the "X: WindowsSystem32" directory, select "mnmsrvc.exe" process and click "Open" button and to determine that can be.

Web site can not display the pop-up notice

Reflect a lot of people that visit a number of government web sites, you can notice, through pop-up window to find out some information, after the installation of SP2, the Bulletin no longer see the window.

In fact, this is SP2 in IE's "block pop-up" function result.

Solution: If you want to turn off pop-up blocker, as long as the properties into the IE window, the removal of the "Privacy" tab interface in the "Block pop-ups," the choice of options can be. However, after this set, there will be a number of unwanted pop-up window is displayed, so e Dr. suggest that you click on the "Settings" button in the dialog box that pops up to allow pop-up window to add the site to appear.

Modify the default IE security level is invalid

Some people say that after the installation of SP2, when the need to reduce the security level of IE when the (default), and found to modify the operation is invalid. When re-entering the settings interface, it was found that the security level is still "in", which can not access some Web sites.

This issue is because of some violation of SP2 will be set up automatically the user caused by the restrictions.

Solution: Open the Registry Editor, locate the "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicros

oftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings ones3 "branch of the right window" MinLevel "changed to" 10000 "(hexadecimal) after attribute in IE to set a lower security level.

Cookie can not be set

Some of my friends to install SP2 and found the visit before the Prohibition of the Use of the Forum Cookie can not as before, by double-clicking the lower right side of IE window Cookie settings management features in order to login. Now visit the forum, IE can display the title name of the forum, but not the content page is displayed.

The problem is that after installing SP2, the previous set was collected Cookie Privacy IE operations manager, because the settings here take precedence over other parts of the Cookie settings, therefore, has been set to prohibit the use of the Forum Cookie If you want to set up allow to accept Cookie, then it must operate in the IE Privacy Manager to manage the.

Solution: If you want to manually adjust the part of the Forum Cookie use, you must enter the IE Properties window, in the "privacy" tab set the interface click on the "Sites" button, and then in the pop-up "operation of each site's privacy" interface will be "Management's Web site" list has been set to reject the use of the site Cookie to delete, and then in the "Address of web site" field enter the URL of the website and click on the right side of the "Allow" button.

Plug-in problem

After the installation of SP2 and found that the use of IE can not open a number of previously visited Web site can link to normal.

This problem may be due to more users to install the IE plug-ins caused by, because most of these plug-ins may be related to SP2 a "shield" feature in conflict.

Solution: It is recommended that you install SP2 before delete Google plug-in (already verified, no conflict) than all the plug-in, followed by the installation of SP2 can.

If after installation of SP2 run a plug-in will lead to an accident shut down IE, please uninstall the plug-ins. This is because these plug-ins for earlier versions of IE designed, in our installation of SP2 for Windows XP after the fact, also IE synchronization IE SP2 upgrade (that is, Windows XP SP2 contains IE SP2), this when some of the issues are not compatible.

If you install SP2, run IE, prompted some plug-ins can not be installed without a signature, the solution is to enter the IE Properties window in the "Advanced" tab, check "security" part of the "allowed to run or install software, even if the signature is invalid "option.

The failure of peer-to-peer services

Some friends in the installation of SP2, the same as before in the point-to-point service, it was found unsuccessful.

SP2 is the problem in Windows Firewall result of security policy.

Solution: run the "Add / Remove Programs" in the pop-up window click on the "Add / Remove Windows Components" in the pop-up components list, select the installation of "network services" under the "peer-to-peer" components can be. This Windows firewall can be configured to allow peer-to-peer network connectivity of the way (Figure 4).

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