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A php with XML, XSLT, Mysql combination of the use of the installation of articles

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Author: xiaocon
E-mail: xiaocon@21cn.com
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A php with XML, XSLT, mysql combination of the use of the installation of Part
Users often ask to see a number of php and XML, a combination of database postings often to see some beginners
The php code mixed with HTML code written with the wrong time and then can not find the error, anxious round, I will give the following major
Home to talk about how to use xml technology to process HTML code and PHP separation, of course, a good separation of a wide range of technology, such as in the PEAR
The IT template.
In general, individuals that the use of xml technology is the most convenient, not more than nonsense that we get on
To talk about the installation in Win2000

Using php in xml and xslt to use some dll library
extension = php_domxml.dll / / the operation of the XML library
extension = php_iconv.dll / / transcoding used, for example, will be the GB2312 to UTF-8 into the
extension = php_xslt.dll / / XSLT library

The use of the three libraries above, you have to install the php directory into the dlls directory path, or else they will not find
These class of

Courses in the following, we will use the PEAR library in php, the main use of the DB library, Sql2XML library, we can
pear.php.net download the latest version
Download End after the above two libraries, we had better be set in php.ini look
include_path = ".; d: \ php \ pear"

d: \ php \ pear is my pear installation path

After setting, restart you machine, or because can not find the path which led to the unusual start Apache, not normal use

At this point the use of PHP to XML and XSLT in the set is complete, is not very simple:)
Linux users can use to
http://www.gingerall.com/ download the source code on the XSLt
http://www.gnu.org/software/libiconv/ download the source code on Iconv

Second php with XML, XSLT, Mysql combination of the use of primary articles
I want to say the following is a simple extraction of data from the database to generate XML documents into HTML using XSLT process
The process to talk about the process of using this technology will not affect the paging and other technical

The example I use the following database tables and data
Table: The Enterprise user information table, its English name: yhxx
Table structure:
# Data structure `yhxx`

nsrnm varchar (15) NOT NULL default'',
qymc varchar (200) NOT NULL default'',
qydh varchar (50) NOT NULL default'',
) TYPE = MyISAM COMMENT = 'User Information List';

Data Sheet # `yhxx` content

INSERT INTO yhxx VALUES ('310109040111985 ',' Jia Food development Co., Ltd. ','8621-63346626');
INSERT INTO yhxx VALUES ('310104040221736 ',' Shanghai Jialing Trading Co., Ltd. ','74292546');
INSERT INTO yhxx VALUES ('310108040331576 ',' Jade Arts','54861465 ');

Next, I began to write the procedures for data extraction and display data page
In order to make everyone understand that I use the simplest way to write procedures

Program file name: browesData.php
Page file name: browesData.html
Procedures and the page file available for download, the program has win2000, mysql through test
Code, see next page

If you interested in this technology, I have to tell you about php and xml, xslt, databases, application of a step deeper

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