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Good books: Accelerated C + +

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Accelerated c + +

English homepage: http://www.acceleratedcpp.com
Can get involved in the book's source code, especially for the nuances of different environments, providing a different version of the download, using Visual C++ + + 6.0, when compiled, it is recommended to read Known problems in using the Microsoft Visual C++ + + compiler, version 6.0 in order to avoid unwanted difficulties.

Accelerated C + + Chinese <BR> I read the Chinese version, as the china-pub on the Book Review (http://www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp?id=16097) referred to in translated a lot of proofreading errors, publishers have the responsibility; but the luster of the original book, or did not cover.

The target audience of this book for C + +, beginners, especially for someone like me right voluminous C + + Programming Language and C + + Primer somewhat fear people. Chinese version of 340, now I see 100 while reading while Shangjishijian, intends to see Chapter VII, when re-review chapters 1-7. In the review, I will summarize some of their original notes do not understand the knowledge to do the same time, take a look at two voluminous relevant content, and gradually digest voluminous. Order of the "C + + Meditations" has also been mailed, but also works by the same author, is said to translate the still very original taste.

Just as a lot of people recommend this book as a beginners textbook reason, it detached from the general C + +, the teaching process, from the very beginning you can operate in contact with a program, which somewhat in line with the thinking of agile software development - time to have an run the program:) Just follow the steps in the book to go, basically can not go wrong, even if the difficulties encountered, take the source code for a comparison, the error also very clear of.

Welcome also to read it to learn with friends and I, if there is a problem, come up to us to explore together.
Recommended about 2 C / C + + forum, as long as you move off their brains and put forth some substantive issues, where people will be very enthusiastic to help you.
allaboutprogram Forum: http://bbs.allaboutprogram.com
loveunix Technical Forum Programming Forum: http://www.loveunix.net/bbs/index.php?showforum=9

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