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USB port anomaly and C + + & Java

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My friend's machine's USB port there is a strange question: If you plug in USB peripheral boot, the boot after the USB port will not have any response, for example, flying an USB keyboard boot, the boot after the keyboard simply can not be used.
And my machine, there was a similar, more interesting phenomenon: the chips in USB peripherals to boot machine with this on they can not! Or start the process of plug USB peripherals, then the machine stopped immediately, just press the Pause the same key!

And the cause of the problem no matter what, it reminds me of c + + and Java, Baocuo principles.
C++ + + with the wrong tendency to stifle in the cradle, try to compile a view to error out, allowing them slipped into the java run-time is "Exception Crazy", and if there are errors, the most likely outcome is that run-time to give you a bunch of exceptions, you will slowly go and look! finished had to re-compile, restart the program, while the java program to start eating buns and butter, like an old woman, a heartbreaking slow :-(

My machine is like C + +, like, USB port on peripheral (error) will simply not let you boot.
The friend's machine is silent so that machine continues to run until the time to use USB peripherals will find - an exception! - God, but also to restart!

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