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Delphi2005 (DiamondBack) experience

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1. When will the lack of installed files, tried two versions, there is a good point, but still lack Indy10 help file, but it does not matter, right Delphi2005 do not have much impact;
2. Will run very slowly, in the Celeron 1.7G, 512M memory on the machine should be about 30 seconds
3. Occasionally I will die to live, especially to open relatively large projects (in Delphi7 to complete), a successful Upgrade, but sometimes during the editing process will die to live
4. Installed under the control Delphi7 too much trouble can be successfully installed RaizeComponents, but the need to create a package, compile generated bpl file, and then add the bpl; feel not Delphi6, 7 so convenient; In addition, if not in the preparation of a Package in the Component, then the Call ToolsApi things need to be careful, tried to call DisignerEditor.pas other units to be wrong, can not find the file;

5. The positive side, support for reconstruction, finishing the code is very convenient;
6. Support VersionControl, can integrate VSS
7. Can be modified before the document is automatically saved as a version, placed in the current directory _history subdirectory, after not afraid of a mistake, delete the wrong thing in

Overall feeling: still can not quite stable, but it was worth the use of

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