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Delphi2005 the use of experience

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December 6, 2004 received a trial version of Borland sent the next day on the machine installed in the laboratory. Installation process is relatively smooth, because I originally installed the machine. Net framework, only the xml of a patch installed, the installation time and Delphi7 about 2005 (my machine is p4 2.0,512 M),
Launched a long absence, the long-Delphi 2005, and Delphi 8 interface is almost, anyway some imitation Microsoft suspicion
Read the menu, c #, Delphi for. NET, Delphi for Win32 are full, and really takes all, and excited ah, the original win32 program can still Delphi 2005 to compile, the speed seems more than Delphi 7 fast a lot of ah, control plus of Crystal Reports, indy to 10 version, and feeling intraweb series of controls to further enhance, it seems borland want to b / s there are some breakthroughs, and develop b / s part of the more than Delphi 7's much better, yes Yes. Emissions control has been improved, the overall impression can be, at least for the control than the previous one should be easy to find, 2005, also joined the unit testing, developers of quality in software development can be further guaranteed, the use of unit testing Dunit, must have previous delphi software unit testing in buddies only to the previous measured about how trouble, now cool, and a few steps can handle, much less write the code, but it seems to do the original test engineers now have to make who have done a software code .
Coding of the reconstruction function is very necessary, and for the introduction of a prototype developed by the benefits of many comrades, which is also reflected in the development process in the reconstruction of the great benefits too.
Have said so many good things, of course, there are many deficiencies in 2005, less than right there are many aspects of online, I also say no more, there is a strange place, and now the 2005 code was prompt String Now it seems people can also be written as & string, is not like a pointer, ha ha, we should look at, and right, and want to clarify is the version I received, or 30-day trial version, but have a lot of cattle were cracked, and available online a lot. Welcome to the world of 2005, or a good yo!

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