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ShadowStar CodeFast 0.6 added the IDE menu

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+: Added the IDE menu, written in one breath did not expect such a multi-functional, some not remember himself, and add the menu, convenient operation, simple configuration can be.
+: Ctrl + - - Browse current document directory +: Ctrl + = - browse project directory +: Ctrl + \ - browse the output directory +: Auto-save all the files, if there is a new file pop-up dialog box requesting the user to save, then wait for user confirmation . The default is to preserve the first five minutes, you can change or disable the configuration.
*: Ctrl + Backspack - Delete Tab If the middle button will delete a few characters
*: Ctrl + c - copy of delphi 7 in the HTML format of the Chinese sometimes garbled *: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S - in Delphi 2005 under the Export HTML garbled when the Chinese have a *: Alt + F4 - Insert the current date time The original is Alt + F12 shortcut Delphi's *: Alt + Space - in Delhpi 7 under the code completion function call error: interface not supported. (thank agamem report)

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