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CIO leaving a firm confidence in the coach, never as a victim

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When the ERP selection is even worse two months before the final finalized, the CIO choose to leave dejected. "Zhu is the football coach the most studious one. This Kunitari Asian Cup loss, a person really is his fault?" The preferences of football CIO said to me.

The CIO will be their status and Zhu made an analogy. "What formation to play, select what kind of player, what kind of tactics, in the Kunitari inside the coach does not really have so much power." In his heart were most appreciative of Bora Milutinovic, who was not brought that Milutinovic What an advanced soccer thinking, but his appearance to those from the power of the parties to the "harmony" of the.

It is Zhu's end to see only give the CIO more determined to leave their own determination. He knew he did not like the ability to Milutinovic. The face of the billion-scale ERP projects, the company has given the parties competing forces of the CIO realized that a "bloody" is coming. "If companies top leaders do not settle these things in advance, the final project a great possibility of failure of implementation, but I would like to become a victim, like Zhu."

In the three hundred million yuan turnover of enterprises engaged in information technology, he does not want fame I own this item being destroyed. What's more, the CIO had already foreseen the possibility of the great ERP project ran aground. Fortunately, the project selection has not been finalized, chose this opportunity to leave the impact of the project is not too much.

Separation of the CIO itself is the best choice, but his departure is not a fundamental solution to this Enterprise in the management of medical conditions. For professional ethics, he does not will be those from the overall resistance of executives reporting to the CEO. "Number-one project" this idea has long been proposed, but the vast majority of companies only stay in one form. For example, in the project are to promote the meeting, CEO table position; while the project specific work carried out by concentrating on specific tasks still have to fall into the Deputy Director, or CIO.

"Humbly accept, and resolutely not from the" style of management applications in large-scale implementation of the process not uncommon. Any of a million yuan as the unit of the IT projects, CIO are at the cusp. "It's like Kunitari coach, he can not dominate all of the players won, especially those big players." The CIO is not aware of his power to mobilize all the enterprise's resources, and the absence of such power on the ERP to be launched This project is fatal.

Each time occupational adjustment, for migrant workers is more or less a learning and growth process. This time the CIO's departure, though his power within the enterprise understand the unity and the importance of integration, but he is hard to find an effective workaround. Even if an enterprise has the right to speak of the most CEO finalized things, it will also hidden by all the resistance.

For the CIO, the choice of leaving self-protection mode can only be a last resort but to do the things that he is not a long-term solution. How to get rid of this confusion, I am the CIO friend said with a smile: "Actually, coach Kunitari such confusion, and perhaps out of Asia, such as Kunitari real time, I will find a real solution."

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