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GAN Zuo-CIO need to do clever daughter of "open" seven things

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The cleverest housewife seven things: "much rice and firewood Youyanjiangcu tea." CIO in the enterprise, like the boss's "clever wife" the same "to spend the least money, to do most things," a tight budget, information technology budgets to make every effort to maintain an information technology project launched one by one. Therefore, CIO also needs and clever wife, must be "open" seven things.

Open the door first thing: Let the employee speak first,

Domestic enterprises have a habit of always meeting the leadership to speak first, and then the staff comments. One of the major disadvantages of doing so is directly blocked the employees the right to speak. In many cases, knowledge of those front-line staff is very knowledgeable, CIO as a corporate senior management, employees should be given the opportunity to fully express their own ideas, but their comments as little as possible while behind the scenes information on various aspects of an integrated post-decision-making.

Open second thing: to the boss required

How to get to the boss's support? In particular, have had bad experience in the case of trust in the boss fight? Only one answer: "to what he needs." Then the leaders are most concerned about? Profit! As a CIO can take advantage of this point in the project description or project plan will be the book focused Note: the expected costs, ROI (return on investment), IRR (internal rate of return) ... ... to use these figures to speak for the CIO certainly entail a very good results.

In addition, and non-information technology, professional leaders to talk about the effect of a project, we must pay attention so that they can understand the words, "make financial settlement efficiency 24%, so that the rate of qualified products up to 84%" and so accurate values and other information that they are willing to accept, and "high, very good" and other words that are often too subjective would be disgusted by the bosses.

Open the third thing: truly understand your "customers"

Today, many enterprises in the management of the introduction of the "internal market" mechanism "that each department independent accounting, the last process is the next process of the supplier, the next process is the process on the customers. From this perspective, the information sector "market" the greatest "," clients "up.

This is so because the information sector to serve the entire enterprise. Some people say that the work of CIO In addition to analyzing the demand, that is, demand analysis. So how effective understanding of "customer" mean? I often use a "substitution", Tried and tested. So that the information sector of people ran out and people will be inviting other departments, and even CIO himself to the front line "work", so to not only increase with the "clients" of mutual trust, but also to understand the real needs of customers.

Open the fourth thing: "a little" theory

Would like a little more and do a little more. This "little" theory suitable for any type of leadership. In marketing, there are two words: basically meet the needs and additional meeting (based on translation may be different). CIO-led information department to the Enterprise to provide technical support and service can only be said to be basically met, through the CIO "think a little more and do a bit more" before they can be an additional meeting. It is noteworthy that, CIO of this "little more than" theory is based on a real understanding of the customer based on those bells and whistles of the so-called "functional innovation", in addition to other trouble with no other effect.

Open fifth thing: coordination instead of "unprincipled"

CIO is a project manager, I believe that this sentence should cause a lot of people resonance. And a project manager of the most important ability is to coordinate, but here the co-ordination is never a "unprincipled compromise." Unfortunately, seems to have a lot of CIO have become accustomed to compromise, this "unprincipled compromise" can only give CIO into a quagmire.

CIO would also like to do a good job in-house training, "enterprise-wide information system is a common cause," all the time is not spread, but the world did not "common prosperity", and sometimes sacrificed for the interests of a small part of the greater interest is a last resort. I once met a business plan launched product quality inspection system, after the adoption of senior leadership, workshop, director of life and death refused, the reasons for that is afraid of nothing better to do after the system launched a result, the project had run aground. Can be seen that the coordination of blindly unprincipled and ultimately be counterproductive.

Open the door of the Sixth thing: to learn a wide expertise to do

I found that many articles made "CIO if a generalist" point of view. However, in my opinion, can only be a wishful thinking. As we have small propaganda "three good" student, but really "De Zhiti" all-round development of students have?

CIO is a business and technology of the "buffer", the business includes almost all business operations related to business. CIO should learn as much as possible knowledge, but you must also specifically for an industry. The author of a friend is an electronics factory chief information officer, after the successful implementation of ERP for the plant after an executive search firm to turn up a shoe factory, the results of the implementation of ERP for the shoe has failed miserably. With this friend later say, look at this matter be appropriate, but - "" so that he could have done more good information technology director was defeated Mai city.

Door seventh thing: the role of skills, though small is not small

Some small tips for the CIO who often work in practice, bring a lot of convenience. For example:

① the preparation of two "system specification." A to the "customers" look more professional to use fewer words, more drawing, preferably coupled with a system of analog interface. A copy to technical staff (software vendors) to see, what we usually see the instructions. But pay attention to the contents of the two specifications should be consistent.

② to the relevant leaders in the "needs statement" to sign it. The author is in the early projects was to eat with no signature losses. A direct result of confusion in change management projects fail.

③ protect your database. Practice has proved that, sometimes the programmer will be free to change your database structure, many CIO should have encountered before, this is a very serious matter.

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