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ERP to see how to make raw materials "perpetrating a fraud"

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Alternative materials are not shoddy, but with the efficiency and quality equivalent to or even better materials to replace the temporary shortage of materials. This is not unusual, in the past such a situation common in the manufacturing enterprises, but now launched the ERP, the how to do? Today Vacsi's implementation of consultant A Feng Ding Bian Xiang raised such questions.

Raw materials "perpetrating a fraud" for different reasons

Vacsi Company Ding: Vacsi company has a material classified according to quality and grade of excellent (A grade), good (B grade), qualified (C grade), according to the quality of good or bad respectively three suppliers, the general If the customer does not specifically requested, so long as a qualified C-level materials can be used. Because of cost considerations, Vacsi the company's priority use of C-class materials, but sometimes because of delivery and other reasons, in the C-class when there are insufficient stocks of materials but also use B-class materials, and even A-level material. How ERP automatically set the B-and A-material for C-material alternative materials?

Sounds easy, but it is not easy to implement, Efeng first alternative materials according to different needs, to distinguish between categories.

First of all, to varying degrees according to materials substitution can be divided into a comprehensive alternative to, simultaneous substitution and a temporary replacement.

Refers to B instead of a full replacement for A, A material extinction, B material in the company to fully replace A. This is often because A material do not meet current standards and other factors are eliminated, while the materials used in B to replace A.

Synchronous alternative is less than B in the case of material A instead of A, A material in a stock case, are still available, B a partial substitute materials.

B refers to the temporary replacement of a temporary replacement of A, A material at any time, "Return of the King." If in the production process, I found there is some A deficiencies to be identified because, without being able to use B instead of A, when A material defect causes identified and resolved, are still using their A material.

Secondly, based on processes to achieve different, synchronization can also be divided into a smooth alternative to alternative and non-smooth alternative.

Smooth replacement of materials that for a, b 2 are basically the same material, can mix, do not be judged by man-made, can be replaced by the system automatically calculated.

Non-smooth substitution refers to the materials a, b there are some differences, such as quality grade, color and other important parameters of existence of differences, in seeking customer consent or seek the consent of the competent officer may be replaced, but the system can not automatically decide whether to replace but only to the out an alternative proposal, the final Friends of the operator make a decision. Non-continuous alternatives can not be achieved only through the system, because it often requires manual in alternative pre-judgment, is the system is unable to do so, the need for the user to make judgments and trade-offs.

ERP material "perpetrating a fraud" indispensable

Despite the variety of alternative materials, alternative processes complex, but the alternative materials in manufacturing enterprises in the actual production is commonplace, so an alternative material ERP functionality essential.

First of all, alternative materials, the replacement of bulk material can be achieved.

Some countries have just come out as they are now a number of environmental requirements, our products exported to their countries go through their environmental certification. Not meet environmental protection requirements of the material can not be used in export products. If there is no alternative material functions, one by one to to modify the BOM, the workload can be imagined. With the substitution of materials and features, with a comprehensive alternative, you can put a one-time changes over substandard materials. Significantly reduce the maintenance workload.

Secondly, alternative materials can be solved a number of differences in seasonal production problems.

If Vacsi's a class of products that require packaging in a few months there are water-proof box, because that customer's sales market is just a few months is the rainy season; while the rest of the year can be as long as the ordinary box. At this time, I only need to set up the system, which a few months with the ordinary box, but a special month, with water-resistant packaging alternatives, and this can not go wrong.

Third, when a material is insufficient, ERP systems can automatically replaced by other materials.

① When the A material is insufficient, all the B-material substitution. This may be because the A and B there is the difference between appearance, if in the same batch of products, mix A, B material, the customer can not be accepted; customers only recognizes all A or all B material products.

② When the A material is insufficient, A and B can be mixed. Example Vacsi company's stainless steel handle, which there are two types, there is no essential difference, but the color point of view a little bit different, but the outside is wrapped with PVC, do not see the inside of the stainless steel, and customers of these two types of stainless steel handles are recognized. At this point, we can set up an alternative mixed.

③ irreplaceable. Sometimes, customers are very picky, he should specify what materials What materials, other materials can not be replaced. At this time, for these customized products may not be able to use an alternative material has.

Implementation of the ERP replacement materials, processes should pay attention to five issues

"Alternative materials processes" relating to the ERP system, multiple levels, so the implementation of alternative materials processes, we must fully consider the ERP system, other modules. With particular attention to the following areas:

① the implementation of this process before the inventory quantities that must be accurate. Because alternative materials are due to the insufficient number of stocks trigger. If the system account on the shortage of materials, but the actual logistics are adequate to stimulate would be wrong to 'alternative material process'; the other hand, would make the stock less than the number of cases, did not trigger the 'alternative material process'. Therefore, the generally recommended alternative to the timing of the implementation of material flow is the perfect follow-up phase of ERP.

② If taken to 'choice among alternative rules' for a choice, we must establish in the corresponding manual process, to define who has the authority to rule on the alternative choices.

③ according to a single production or custom products, the best alternative to manually select the rules. Because of custom products, often the quality of raw materials, environmental protection rating, etc. There are strict requirements, will not let you be replaced. At this point, if there was an alternative, planners need to confirm whether the customer accepted an alternative material.

④ the price difference between the alternative materials will lead to cost differences. The standard cost system BOM calculated in accordance with the standard does not consider alternative materials; while the actual cost is requisitioned in accordance with the actual material determined. If the price differential between the two materials are relatively large or relatively large number of the plan, then the real cost and the error between the standard cost will be enormous. To do the analysis, if it found a gap between the two, to consider whether caused by the material due to substitution.

⑤ in the formal implementation of the alternative material flow, you need to simulate at least one month before. To the greatest extent a reflection of reality, a formal application in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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