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Selection of ERP "decorated sedan chair on the right to marry right Boy"

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ERP (enterprise resource planning) is a major shift in the concept of modern management, all the information management model of the most important and most complicated part. It will all resources within the Enterprise integrate procurement, production, inventory, distribution, transportation, finance, human resources, scientific planning, to achieve the optimal mix of resources, to achieve the best efficiency.

The implementation of ERP is the information management of China's enterprises to improve their core competitiveness of the main tool is China's only way for enterprises to participate in international competition. Construction businesses in the information on how to choose the right ERP software to help businesses take off? How to "marry a decorated sedan chair on the right Boy"?

What chaos Lion brand you choose ERP

Prior to the purchase of ERP products, we must first grasp the full understanding of the overall situation in the domestic ERP market, each brand's market share, which according to their own narrow range of options needs to achieve "precision shopping." China's huge market potential is attracting a growing number of domestic and international ERP market, ERP vendors compete and share the feast. According to statistics, China's ERP products and services can provide a company nearly a thousand, but the survival of the fittest Ebb Tide, present, China's ERP market, further strengthening the brand concentration, in fact, real strength and the size of domestic and foreign ERP vendors are not on the 80.

Domestic ERP market in general can be divided into high-end market and low-end markets, namely the large-scale ERP market with small and medium ERP market. The high-end market fundamentals have been some of the world-class software occupied the low-end markets are showing the domestic software and foreign software parity situation.

Domestic ERP vendor to UF U8, gold plate and the wave-pass soft-K3 as represented by all starts financial management, are developed in the 90's enterprises, which focus on financial software functions, with emphasis on Accounting Treatment and to expand to the financial analysis capabilities, emphasizing Jin, marketing, deposit functions, software features are many and wide, and gradually evolved into a mainstream ERP vendors; digital China has always dominated the hardware business in recent years launched a sudden a sense of ERP software, turned out to feeling powerful, details of the deal have put in place, a lot of national users; and good CERP in the domestic ERP industry, more pragmatic, the product is more suitable for manufacturing enterprises, involving sales, production, purchasing, inventory, cost management, finance, quality management and operational decision-making more than 30 subsystems; speed up even more eyes down, has been positioned in a small business, its products plus a simple Invoicing finance, price advantages are clear; Shun, and up in the warehouse management, supply chain management and so on prominent is the relatively small warehouse management, strict corporate better choice.

In the foreign brand, SAP's software advantage is supply chain management and financial management, enterprise e-commerce and ERP combined well, it is learned, the world's top 500 in more than 80% have adopted SAP software systems, including Haier in China, including large-scale businesses are its customers; oracle a monopoly in the domestic large-scale enterprises such as General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, China Telecom has a large advantage.

Be held in Shanghai in 2006, Analysys International, "2006 China's first Supply Chain Management development Forum," on the Analysys International's market share by product, technology, function, operation and other aspects of the Chinese ERP market, a comprehensive evaluation of the major vendors ranking, with 24.3% share of UF occupy first place, SAP China to 15.4% in second place with 14.9% Kingdee International occupy third place, while Oracle only 4.1% ranked fourth.

SAP, Oracle and other foreign brands are basically monopolized the domestic large-scale high-end enterprise applications, ERP software, factory-made in the mid-and micro-end application market is achieved very good performance. But high-end market due to the gradual saturation, as well as China's special market structure, foreign firms have to start aside your traditional moves, adding to the small and medium sized application market, so that small and medium ERP market competition more intense.

"Squandering gradually want to enchanting, Bocaizhongchang time to act." Enterprise ERP market from the chaotic Amoy out gold, from the line with corporate practice, there is a certain scale, well-known in the industry, reputation, market share, higher ERP brands in the careful selection, ERP "the election of the Boy", the project the building of the success rate can be greatly enhanced.

Featured ERP technology as the key link

Quality is the product of this technology is the product of the fundamental. Reliable quality, leading technology decisions leading products, leading the market. So, good technology is the key link of the ERP purchase. Gangjumuzhang, enterprise ERP construction must always focus on the technology, the "key link" to purchase investments.

With the continuous expansion of the contents of ERP applications, ERP is also growing, at present ERP basically a modern management thinking for the soul of a mature mainstream technology system, which combines the application of the c / S or B / S system, relational database structure, object-oriented technology, graphical user interface, fourth-generation language (4GL), network communications and other information and technological achievements. The perfect combination of technology and applications is a mature ERP excellent performance, an excellent ERP should have the following three main properties:

① platform and the maturity of the underlying technology: the platform of choice is not a key factor in ERP maturity, but any good platform for ERP products should be able to support mainstream technology, to provide full multi-platform support for enterprises in the future upgrade of IT systems to meet the technical mature, market share, there are prospects for the development of the characteristics;

② technology scalable maturity: ERP A notable feature is the system integration, system integration, as well as seamless connection between the level of the module should be used as a standard ERP maturity or otherwise. ERP as an enterprise information system's nerve center, it is necessary from the OA, CRM, HR, CAD, CAPP and other systems to obtain data to achieve the seamless data transmission;

③ Technical maintainability maturity: mature ERP in order to really succeed in the enterprise operation, it must eventually get rid of the impact of software vendor must be a stable ERP software that allows companies to maintain complete independence / expansion. Therefore, the technical aspects of ERP is to support the requirements of the background compilation, set aside the interface with other systems, using standard technology.

Foreign ERP modular design is rather concise, practical and is based on solving major problems and then consider other auxiliary modules, the main push in order to achieve MRPII modules, or for the purpose of domestic ERP is "big and complete" flashy design patterns, MRPII covered outside of personnel, salaries, etc., and some interludes of OA software design, the module is more than a few on foreign software. Foreign ERP functionality of a high level of integration, covering all aspects of business needs, in every form or MENU to provide adequate options and configuration functions, the implementation of the road are mostly from the material as a starting point to achieve the production planning and cost control as core objective, while the domestic software implementation of the road are often from the financial start, with emphasis on Accounting Treatment and extended to the financial analysis capabilities, emphasizing Jin, sale, deposit functions, in production can be part of the master production schedule to achieve precise control of the cost of weak more.

Domestic ERP software, the platform supports most major technology platforms, that is, SQL, SERVER, SYBASE, ORACLE. Currently NT / Unix + SQL, SERVER / ORACLE + PC platforms + C++ / S structure is the main ERP program, the future direction of development is NT + SQL SERVER / LINIX + B / S structure. This is the future, companies buy ERP need to be carefully taken into account.

For still in its infancy, or hope that through ERP and improving corporate governance of domestic enterprises, if the business focus in the production, plans, foreign small and medium enterprises face of ERP software is relatively mature, and most of them also provide secondary development platform and the kinds of interfaces for expansion needs, such as SAP, QAD, Movex will bring out its considerable strength; if the business focuses on import and sale, deposit and financial ledger is concerned, the domestic software has been capable, and have a domestic software localization and easy to maintain, and service advantages, such as UFIDA, Kingdee, and the good, Heavenly Sword and other brands after all, a better choice. To speed up the typical vendors, it is worth attention for SMEs.

Call of Duty still not cost-effective ERP

ERP purchase price is a critical factor. A few years ago a large-scale ERP construction projects in the hundreds of thousands of millions of Shenzhe million, construction period varies from a year or so, as many as 3,4 years, which is the most confusing user units: bought, and fear of the implementation cycle is too long, seriously affect normal business operations; do not buy it, afraid to lose a business opportunity to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, so high prices have been a major constraining factor in mass adoption of ERP.

In recent years, as domestic ERP market suddenly situation sudden change, one after another price war intensified, ERP rapid price diving, or even playing "free" banner, the ERP on the pull down from the high altar, thus giving rise to a field ERP software, the popularization of the national crisis, so that a large number of ERP into the national enterprise, small and medium enterprises, benefiting end.

Digital China announced that it will reach 10 million or less ERP, Kingdee release of small business management software - KIS, stressed the importance of small business market, UF will be the lowest of a low-end ERP products dropped by 2 million, has been high above, plate away from the high-end ERP market, SAP is also blow to low-cost brand, burst through the channels, low-cost 68,000 yuan. Speed up to 5000 Series enterprise-class products QUICK-ERP The emergence of the low-end ERP is the price pulled up to the bottom, and can be handled by China Merchants Bank mortgage consumer, it is "staggering." Shun and Da Si no less, chess Gaoyi Chou, creating a precedent for ERP product trials - with a free download a trial basis, access to ERP essence ... ...

However, in the face sell "cabbage" price of ERP, many users can not help but confusing, is bowed under the attractive low price, or continue to pursue high-quality "poor quality"? We need to ERP product price formation analysis.

ERP standard products are divided into high-end ERP software, ERP software, mid-, low-end ERP software, ERP software, and quasi-three series. Experts said that small and micro-enterprise applications for the ERP, a reasonable target price should not be less than 5 million, for the mid-SME ERP, a set of products in general should be less than 500,000 yuan; while for the medium and large enterprise ERP product in the 80-100 million a year. In the production process and product structure, a relatively simple industry, the general ERP will be relatively cheaper.

SAP and Oracle as the two foreign products, they are powerful, difficult to implement, a long cycle. A successful implementation of this ERP software, prices are generally located in four to five million yuan, which is not surprising. This system is suitable for large enterprise groups, business needs complicated, and have an adequate budget.

The reason why a prospective ERP software, called them "quasi-ERP", because they are away from the real ERP software, there is still a gap, although the developers have spared no effort to claim to be "ERP software for small and medium enterprises," but such ERP software, Most come from the financial software and Invoicing software transformation, a relatively simple, it sold 2,3 million ultra-low cost is not surprising that, generally only suitable for small-scale business simple circulation, services, pharmaceutical industry, etc. enterprise to distinguish between the treat.

"One price of a sub-sub-product." Excessive pursuit of low prices might be to the loss of technical standards, service quality, and even the cost of failure. Because a lot of hidden costs of ERP implementation you can not see: for example, software vendors, R & D investment, in order to ensure the sustainable operation of the service inputs, product immaturity lead to too much secondary development, implementation cycle lengthened to the enterprise zone to the burden and the risk of failure, suppliers, lack of experience led to the introduction of not thorough enough, the weak intensity of project control and so on.

In short, the face of the whole situation of the ERP, whether small and large businesses should be "not accepting the highest bid and sad not to low price and happy" to deal with the cost of purchasing ERP strictly controlled scientific assessments on the ERP investment to be very cautious, emphasis should focus on return on investment, product profitability, while those cheap, cost-effective output reach for the stars ERP products should always be the first choice for enterprises, especially SMEs products.

Service quality is the touchstone of ERP purchase

Software as a Service, service-oriented project direction. Today, a medium to large construction projects frequently ERP dozens, hundreds of million yuan, construction period varies from a year or so, as many as 3,4 years, which is the largest user units confusion, fear of the implementation period is too long, seriously affect the normal of the operations.

ERP vendors, therefore the quality of service, capacity, etc. related to the future success of the project could advance long-term operation, and even determine success or failure. According to statistics, ERP or business management software purchasing an important consideration, in sequence: 1, products; 2, price; 3 services; 4, the company. The importance of services is evident. SMEs, due to its own IT technical strength is weak, the software implementation and technical support services are particularly concerned about.

Service is in fact throughout the ERP product ideas, product design, research and development, sales, maintenance, upgrades and so the whole process, there is no perfection of service, there is no high-quality products. To be clear that the ERP product development capability and establish a mechanism to improve the ability of after-sales service team is different, a good operating performance, experienced ERP provider, and only has a good after-sales service system in order to provide to meet a variety and around the demand for services.

Therefore, the user must be whether the ERP supplier has a good after-sales service mechanism, the possibility of providing to meet the needs of a variety of services and other places with the "election company", "than the product", as as an important assessment projects. Complex ERP implementation process is very difficult, if the choice of ERP supplier has a vast satisfied customer base, a large number of customer success stories, and this is for their products and services are widely accepted symbols, so that the user of this ERP provider of choice will be are fully protected.

But now almost every ERP vendors have a set of standards known as the full implementation of the service process, but these processes can be based on the accumulation of the number of success stories, of how their science? It is the strict implementation of a project carried out in each and every one of consultants, what would he go to support? Implementation of the process with other relevant service measures would constitute a unified system of organic and how to optimize? And so on, which requires the user enterprises to strict control, mainly from the training, team building, implementation guidance, network support services, project management, secondary development, leasing, business systems support services, resources outsourcing services and so on comprehensive evaluation, assessment , and chose to take.

Most of the foreign companies to establish a tight ERP integrated service system, from pre-sales to the service education, software implementation and customization, secondary development of the staff have the appropriate support and coordinate with each other. Staff are generally experienced senior consultant and engineer. In addition to the church in the service enterprises to use the software, it also provide an additional part of the consulting services, to explore more rational management model. In contrast, the domestic ERP system, the service provider more than the foreign brands relatively weak, but because of domestic software companies rooted in the "localization" is often service concept, the content more relevant domestic enterprises.

Therefore, before the formal selection, each enterprise should have its own demands a full understanding, that is, assess the implementation of its foundation, and then identified the direction of choice is the large system or a small system? Is the foreign products and domestic products, which services more counterparts, appropriate? And so on, only for "disorder" under the "medicine" achieve our goals.

The correct selection is half the battle

"Marry a decorated sedan chair on the right Boy", an enterprise ERP selection is also a milestone in the development of enterprises of the same event, corporate ERP implementation status of the basic subject to selection, selection is like strategy, implementation is the tactics, the wrong strategy Under the guidance of even the best tactics to achieve its objectives can not, so ERP selection, the whole project half way to success is to choose the most important ERP, related to the success of enterprise projects, do not be taken lightly.

In fact, the above products, technology, price and service are the four points should also be regarded as being in the ERP selection, will not repeat them here, only a brief summary, repeat, in order to satisfy the small and medium enterprises.

ERP Product Selection inspected in the following four areas:

The first is brand, brand name recognition and reputation to a certain extent reflects the history of ERP providers, funding, size, team and the level of credibility;

Followed by the product technology force, which is the enterprise software selection of the second step, examining the degree of content, including the level of the software industry, the product technology, advanced, functional requirements could be met, whether the system is stable and whether the sound implementation and service system, etc.;

Third, the software vendor to verify the success of cases;

Fourth, is the price negotiations.

"Squandering gradually want to charming eyes, Bocaizhongchang time to act." Hope that the broad ERP enterprises in the complicated purchase process, to exclude interference, adopt many long, tailored to find fit fit, and business mastery, promoting enterprise development and growth of the ERP software.

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