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Bird Cup Software Design Competition awards mobile phone results

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Awards Results:

First prize:

VRMM Team - M3D three-dimensional graphics library

M3D for OpenGL ® ES1.0 pure software implementation, the version specifically for the development of waveguide E868 mobile phone platform. OpenGL ® ES 1.0 is a three-dimensional graphics to promote universal groups in the United States Kronous Group announced in July 2003, and for mobile terminals and other embedded in three-dimensional graphics API. Its position is a three-dimensional computer graphics API OpenGL 1.3 subset.

Bird M3D version of the E868, including the application of occasions;

Ø as a waveguide and E868 series of mobile phones an integral part of the operating system to support in line with the pure software implementation of the OpenGL ES standard three-dimensional interactive graphics applications.

Ø E868 as a waveguide and an integral part of series of mobile phone SDK.

Ø as a whole or in part with the future in line with the standard OpenGL ES 3D graphics acceleration hardware component of the mobile phone operating system, applications and hardware to act as driver of the call inter-layer or hardware does not support the completion of the properties.

Ø as a three-dimensional graphics embedded terminal platform algorithm.

Second prize:

Pheonix Team - numbered musical notation editor

With the continuous advancement of technology, I believe that future mobile phones will be the function of a variety of electronic products collection, is a mobile office, mobile entertainment, portable electronic products. Therefore, for different needs of people living and working, cell phones should have the corresponding software. With a cell phone can download the different needs of users of different software. Numbered musical notation editor will be the origins of the idea.

PI team - BirdEyes

With the social and economic development, the popularity of high-speed transport, as well as the modern way of life, making people's lives rapid expansion of space, since the traffic information is getting higher and higher, an increasing need to quickly anytime, anywhere access to relevant traffic information, At present, mobile phones as a platform of traffic information system there are very few in the market similar products. Phone as a platform to query the traffic system has to carry convenient, timely information, query the characteristics of a variety of ways, so the value of a strong and broad market prospects.

True color Force - delicious small Box Election

Box Election delicious is a small family-type form of RPG games, the game features include: cover all the Chinese cuisine specialty gourmet food recipes, high-degree of freedom model of the game, the outcome of a variety of games, a large number of branch of the task and the hidden props and unique collection of cards and so on. The use of the original game story; the outcome of the game modes and develop arrangements with reference to the famous game, "Princess Maker"; roles and props set the reference to a famous Japanese cartoon "the Chinese small-headed"; branch task models into a well-known European US-RPG game "Diablo"; At the same time, also joined the game a lot of original elements, such as cooking a very interesting process.

chArger Team - MagicPen

The software for MMS users, particularly the use of MMS camera phone users, to provide users with easy-to-use real-time image processing tools to take full advantage of camera phones + touch screen + stylus advantages, to meet user needs to improve the user experience for the largest manufacturers for market share. Innovative mode of operation, integer operations + partial image processing so that users can easily conduct real-time image processing, users can immediately adjust the photo shoot to increase the effectiveness of personalized and timely sent to friends and family or business partners , convenient and quick.

Third prize:

CFteam Team - CashFlow

"CashFlow personal cash flow management device" is specifically for fast-paced information society of the crowd by design, fully integrated personal cash flow management and Nanny of the functions of a portable phone, in the financial plan, financial accounting and financial statistics on the basis of the basic functions, such as , especially the use of a portable phone function, stressed the importance of simple and comprehensible input, financial information at a glance, and the timely and effective financial advise. "CashFlow Manager Personal cash flow" will help modern people, especially the young family to establish the concept of personal financial management, increase their sense of self-management to improve society in the modern competition.

Seamless dew Team - Agni Kennedy

This is a puzzle-type games, players have to play as a firefighter to rescue trapped in fire and animals above people. Because different people and different animals have the ability to escape (in a certain height can escape), so players use a variety of ways to reduce the height of their location. Is more popular from the current mobile gaming often "get rid of bricks," adapted from the.

Paladin Team - Photo_Applet

Photo Applet is a mobile phone platform based on image processing software, its main function is in the phone shows the effect of improved picture and provide some picture special effects processing, to meet the needs of MMS mobile phone users. At present, with new mobile phone camera and MMS picture although certain processing functions, but often relatively weak processing power, and not in dealing with the special effects for pictures on the improved features. The main target groups of software for MMS users, especially users of camera functions.

Team of Venus - Venus

Of the game trying to Venus in astronomical phenomena demonstrated by the way the game to the gamers so that gamers can actually involved in the process of Venus and in accordance with the performance of players to determine whether the phenomenon of Venus occurred. The course of the entire game so that players and in-depth understanding of Venus this astronomical phenomena, to entertainment and access to knowledge of the purpose of the combination.

Memorial Award:

BirdMan team - fantastic cross-country

Seamless dew Team - beautiful brick

Hornets team - fun quiz

Nanjing University GalaxyUnion Team - Mummy

Fighter force in the mobile phone - cell phone to find the optimal function

Khanazir Team - Stock Analysis System

Team's head - PetMaker

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