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Game On (c) - the game's coat

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Game On (c)

- Game of the coat

As previously has said, only some of the rules of the game is virtual, there is no entity. Players to play games, there must be a feedback, it is a physical media folder in which to sensory feedback to the player by the distillation of sensory feedback to the spirit of feedback. Under normal circumstances, players will simply find the game boring, they will pay for the significance of the game (story), that is, the spirit of the so-called feedback. In fact, the above-mentioned coat is games, nothing to do with the game, but in order to attract players and then artificially added. But now most of their games are also classified as part of the electronic game now is not just rules, but also pictures, music, the difference between interfaces.

The realization of the game

Just some of the rules of the game is artificially set, they are virtual. Players to play games, they must be entities of the rules of the game, that is, the rules of the game to give effect, as if the law does not set out the purposes of or equal to no.
Under normal circumstances, the implementation of the rules of the game are the players themselves, relying on players from my own perseverance in the implementation of binding rules of the game. At this time, the realization of the rules of the game is the player's self-binding. The realization of the rules of the game can also be a force, such as the legal rules of the game is achieved by force of arms. And electronic games are using the computer program logic of the rules of the game.
On the front is not enough, because the player's self-binding force, a computer program, players will not have any sensory feedback. Therefore, we should also have a layer of physical media (physical media is the reason why is because most players in the objective physical world, if the electronic game characters to play games, it is logical layer media - from programmers to achieve the section of logic Procedure) caught in the rules of the game between the players to achieve and its record of all the elements of the game value. The realization of the rules of the game players and manages the interaction between physical media. Physical media players through the implementation of the command to change the value of games, physical media will rely on their senses to stimulate the player's game world will change back to the players. This is in fact the players playing the game.
Seen from the previous games in the process of players starting to play a role in law enforcement agencies to restrict the freedom of the players. Therefore, there is no need for the game players can also play, but the degree of play is fun, and game play make this process to join the fun degree of change, but can be increased, but also can reduce the degree of fun. So if that play is life, then the game is to make life not so boring thing.


Mentioned earlier, players play through the physical media to implement the order to change the value of games, and physical media players through the implementation of what the command is the operation of the game. So what is the requirement to operate to operate the rules of physical media. Attention to this rule is not part of the game, because it is operated with the additional rules of change (for electronic games can be considered a random type of operation vary, such as the PS2 game ported to PC). Operation and it has a physical medium, blind for the next game of the game, that physical media is a human brain.
Therefore, the operation is another section of the attached rules, the realization of the need for additional, and its aim is only to enable the implementation of physical media-player games through an order. Under normal circumstances, the design operation, the order in accordance with one-on-one game design, but also not so.
Operation is due to a number of rules, then also that it is a game, it will change the game play and fun degree. So the game designers can not ignore the design of the operation, otherwise, would greatly affect the player's mood. This regard, much less go on chess, but to move after the computer is not much difference between the.

Sensory stimulation

Feedback are the most fun to stimulate the senses, especially vision, hearing for the re-. And the spirit of feedback are through sublimation of sensory feedback, so feedback from the physical play are sensory stimulation (here considered the possibility of spiritual communication).
Therefore, sensory stimulation is the main game, and players also can be detected through sensory stimulation to the existence of the game. Game world is shown through the physical media, the players get through the sensory stimulation signal to the world that the game changed, so they realize that the game world is its role in the change took place, thus producing a sense of accomplishment. Sensory stimulation of the players and build a bridge between physical media, to achieve a play in this process.
Sensory stimulation can increase the game fun, the fun This is mainly because the degree is about the feeling, and sensory stimulation that is felt, it directly influences the degree of game fun.


People are to have to do anything of spiritual sustenance, which is known to be meaningful or purposeful. The significance here is slightly different from the usual. Generally refers to the usual meaning of the positive side, here is the people have done to give an explanation. If a person did something do not know why we need to do, he will not want to do this.
Through this, it can be seen that if we give the rules of the game Master of subjective ideas, such as: the type of a game type A can attack B, we described it as a hero can attack a monster, and that this rule was given on the significance. It should be noted that this sense is for people who are not are part of the game, with the players because it can vary, such as players in different countries.
Significance of giving the impression that they are not only very boring, people have the spirit of the feedback to meet the spiritual needs of people. With the development of the game, a game into the sense of being invented - role-playing game (RPG games). This game is one selling point is to make the players have their own section of the game is the creation of the protagonist's sense of history, that is, they are playing a leading role in the game. This can produce a very strong spirit of feedback, so that gamers get a great spiritual needs. In order to bring the game with a sense of the circumstances of the use of game designers. This is not the meaning I said before, but to give meaning to the game's premise, allowing players to create history (only the protagonist of the history of the game). Unfortunately, force is due to technical constraints, the final was not to allow players to create history, but the player has been written in advance of history. For the character and the protagonist of the game is similar to the character of the players, or can get into the good sense, but for those who do not match the player, it has greatly weakened the game into the flu.
This has been written in advance what we call the circumstances of history. For these reasons, not because the majority of players into the sense of reason to play this game, but to attract the plot, which with the approximation of the selling points of the novel. Although this still can be said to have brought a sense of the game, but the obvious. But this game is more than a selling point, as well as upgrading of equipment and so on, not out here.
Therefore, the circumstances may also increase the degree of fun games, but the increase is the same principle and novels, which have a serious drawbacks - can only play one game in the second degree when the fun will sharply. It should be noted, as set out in this section is aimed at people in terms of this player, as to whether it also applies to other organisms, I retain the right to speak.

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