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(Legend) Legend of the Ancient Chronicle articles
(Note: This article has been used for a magazine, is strictly prohibited copying reprint)
Author: Game article network - Oda Lutheran

Era 125,000 years ago: Marfa completed the mainland by land of the gods, the emergence of life forms, human beings began his fan.
Era 70,000 years ago: Gods of the construction of the altar of God, of all races to participate in the mainland MAFAC sacred construction.
Era 65,000 years ago: to complete the construction of the altar of God, gods and the legislature about a variety of ethnic, religious gods have.
Era 42,000 years ago: In the silence of God with the help of the national human form, the beginning of the aggression of other races, the resulting differences gods, Marfa split into the era of the mainland. Orc clan and tribal alliances Neil Neil Marfa expeditionary force into the mainland. Draw borders with the Kingdom of live human small-scale border fighting has taken place.
Era 40,000 years ago: the god of chaos Zuma and human destruction of the gods of the contract, the beginning of the war gods to humanity to be a protector of the god of silence Maru with Orc Zuma to be a protector of the black-lun Mori decisive, Maru application will be successfulpetrochemical Zuma and seal in the ground, lost the protection of God's Orc tribe massacred almost to be done by humans in the only remaining tribe Neil Island Inhambane and fangchinoline With Orc Valley Peru Zuma powerful escape Ward.
38000 years BC: Marfa gods to stay away from the mainland, will be full of energy before leaving the magic ball cerro commissioned to look after human beings. Serushago was placed in the altar of God.
Era 25,000 years ago: Human Kingdom reached its peak, the human race all over the footprints of almost the entire Marfa. Western China to energy cerro powerful offensive weapons have also been developed into a piece of forest and rain forest deforestation by humans, the underground mining of the mineral was constantly empty, Marfa destruction of the mainland facing the crisis of other races.
Era 20,000 years ago: the ancient race from the military to the United Kingdom declared war on mankind, the history of the mainland known as the Marfathe final battle of the war began, in a decisive battle, the Legion to overcome the human, the ancient race was forced to give up the western mainland to the relocation of the eastern part of barren land, but due to excessive use of magic weapons, magic ball overwhelmed cerro, events have taken place in the Big Bang, a radius of tens of millions of square kilometers of the human kingdom was destroyed in an instant, the end of the era legend, the beginning of the dark ages.
Era 14,300 years ago: After several thousand years of human survivors of the struggle, in the Kingdom of ancient human remains to establish a new civilization. However, the major technology and knowledge have been lost, the human race and the survivors were forced to Orc ethnic cooperation, the result of marriage is the new Orc race suffrage, and soon strong, humans and orcs were forced to become slaves, Orc clan became the rulers of the western continent. However, resistance here also appear in the country.
Era 13,500 years ago: the last Orc King Leather Quinney.Mexico, human large-scale uprising there, facing the collapse of the rule of Orc by the prime minister leather Quinney. Chieti you, dug up the ancient buried Zuma stone gods, the god of Chaos to use force to suppress the uprising, but as a result of improper use, but the Orc elite corps will also work together with the elimination of the military uprising out, shortly before the uprising in the new, they may not be Orc not to flee by the strength of stone, Orc into the secret fangchinoline Valley, Valley and kill all the orcs, with the power of Ward and human isolation.
Era 13,050 years ago: the rule of human re-west, in order to avoid the recurrence of such incidents Orc, the Orc and human slaves with the Orcs for the mass execution, Marfa, one of the mainland Orc ancient ethnic group now all extinct.
Era 11,000 years ago: re-emerging human civilization development of the Kingdom, a combination of Orc, as well as the civilization of ancient surviving culture, science and technology and magic into force, the second golden age of the individual categories emerged, including the powerful magic weapons at this time were a large number of manufacturing, human Kingdom of territorial expansion and, ultimately, into the ancient era to move to the East from the ancient race of the territory, since time immemorial in Marfa on the survival of the ancient continent of Ethnic Groups and the new beginning of the war of mankind.
Era before 8000: Zuma forces of the beginning of the prevalence of religious worship, a large number of the Zuma sects, and ancient gods have been handed down on sectarian confrontation, human factors in the formation of internal unrest. At the same time very powerful in the human military forces raids from the eastern part of the ancient race was defeated, the survivors fled into the mainland around Marfa, the formation of the human kingdom of continuous and serious threatened.
Pre-6500 era: one led by the god of godsback to the mainland, but due to unexplained loss of a large portion of his power, no longer on the human kingdom and the impact of other races, more thanancient human's contract Educationfounded on the grounds, trying to teach the public to find the ancient remnants of the Big Bang during the site of the altar of God in order to regain the right to rule the mainland. He built a great miracle of the temple and lived there.
Era before 4500: Zuma sects and to the reunification of the mainland to form the third largest religious forces, claimed that he had only the power of Zuma Marfa is the real ruler of the mainland. And began the construction of Zuma temple. With religious and ancient polytheismwas one-third of the world situation.
Era before 3000: Differentiation of human power for hundreds of years began to intensify the conflict, the Kingdom of the internal split into numerous small nations civil war, civil war in the history of Marfa history of the mainland began.
2800 BC: In order to find cerro, Magic School was to destroy the power of God, powerful magic weapons which lost manufacturing technology, humanteach turn hostile.
Era before 2500: from a small country in eastern China into the Kingdom of Hagen satisfied the military, war-torn western region is still ongoing.
Pre-2200 era: the legendary Nepalese Army expedition to the re-emergence of ears, and occupied the western prairie region, the establishment of the Neil empire, but the impact is limited to grassland areas, the establishment of the Imperial hierarchy.
Pre-2150 era: the western two large human kingdom and San dano war into an agreement to stop the western disturbances.
2030 BC: The Elder God Shrine Church Zuma followers were burning, the ancient God of the decline and fall of Cong.
BC 2000: Kingdom of the three human-Jun beach plains battle to compete for the gold region is rich in resources for the purpose of large-scale conflict broke out. Magician and killed tens of thousands of soldiers. Known as the Battle of beach.
1800 BC: The Ward long dust-laden Orc tribe was the power of human beings affected by war, magic, disappear Ward, Orc tribe to reproduce in the mainland, however, the western region near the Kingdom of the coalition forces were defeated, tens of thousands of semi - Orc flows east, in the success of Hagen satisfied out of the military operations, the one not yet been developed into the eastern forest region. But Zuma on behalf of the chaos stone missing.
Pre-1450 era: the Kingdom of mankind three began the second civil war, with the exception of the original magic and soldiers outside the two branches of the armed forces, able to tame the power of ancient magic race - Hagen and animal services for their own New original magic arms legendary Taoist priest training college to join the war, more brutal war in the war, the western kingdomKing.killed, resulting in the coalition lost the western region. Re-rich areas fall into the hands of UNITA Hagen sodium Kingdom of the hands of the East. Staff have the ruling of King Hal Hagen satisfied.become heroes Wang.
Pre-1300 era: the Kingdom of the western human beinghundreds of thousands of Empire Neil military invasion, not to defeat the draftKing Wen cloth. Fossett self-immolation in the royal palace in the western region critical.
Pre-1250 era: the ranks of the western face Neil Austrian joint of the Kingdom of San Hagen satisfied in the eastern part of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of the many originalregion and the Niger army fighting ears, as human beings have been gifted magician Huck ancient magic weapons bone Yu-right battle, which determines the outcome of the war, the Kingdom Neil about 10 million people killed, 50,000 were captured, from the inability to conduct large-orbit mode expedition. the Kingdom of the recovery, also has ancient sword weapons Road Dragonicas great military exploits, was elected King.
Pre-1247 era: the eastern part of the Kingdom of Hagen satisfied coup, the new king is a genius magician Huck.
1240 BC: King St. Austrian Nadi in ancient ruins found in the Kingdom of the Dragon Sword to become the most powerful fighter at that time.
Pre-1235 era: the formation of the three separation of the situation, at the same time from a Zuma Zuma followers received the news of stone.
Pre-1200 era:to find the altar of God into the Western Empire Neil, and Neil who had to shake the continent of war, under thebelievers in the power of divine power and singular form only known around the world.
Pre-1180 era: the demise of the Neilthe Kingdom of God, at the same time by a huge blow, unable to leave the temple since then half a step, then he can only manipulate his followers to find the altar.
Pre-1000 era: the fate of the human kingdom key moment, fled to the east of the Orc west, the Kingdom of Hagen satisfied Haq died in a hundred years after the loss of a legend amongweapons baton, so great of the animal people before the army could do nothing about it, a large number of elite soldiers who died in the front line. Only a small number of high-level wizard with ancient magic ice roar defeat hard to support. Austria and the Kingdom of Sanstarting Expeditionary Force.
Era 800 years ago: Zuma God placed a huge stone statue of the Temple of Zuma, although he was unable to unlock the seal Maru, but hegreat find of this has been hidden deep in the mountains of ancient power of a great improvement to the various ethnic , towns and villages were destroyed ancient race repeatedly heard the news.
Era 750 years ago: Hagen satisfied with the Orc in the decisive battle of the human Kingdom of the three leaders of the coalition forces in Austria ---- King St.war. Kate,King Road, Hagen satisfied Sorcerer King Harman's leadership to defeat the Orc invasion, the end of centuries of war, Orc were off to more remote areas, all of the Kingdom of Orc mark of civilization has been wiped out, Since then, the animal organizations who can no longer be a powerful kingdom.
Era 643 years ago: Human Kingdom of the coalition forces and followers of the ancient Zuma hunting race began, in the East after a successful battle, Marfa mainland Zuma in God and Godpowerful long-term effects of the mutation occurred culmination of the eastern region a strong earthquake took place millions of people dead and nearly 10 million kilometers of a towering mountain range of the formation of the Kingdom of the coalition forces of humanity and the Western countries and human Hagen completely satisfied Kingdom lost the western region Contact. Old Kingdom era.
Era 612 years ago: from the gold mine and other people who fled back to report that the work in the mines absenteeism by more than 40 million from an unknown source gas into a zombie, unable to rescue the survivors of their human era 542 years ago: the rest Hagen satisfied in the eastern part of mankind began to build a new city, at the same time in the eastern part of Hagen satisfied, trying to find more powerful weapons to create powerful test began.
Era 473 years ago: The new city was completed entirely by the more than three times the Kingdom of the ancient Battle of the name of the ancient battlefield beach named after the New Kingdom era of mankind.
Era 338 years ago: the long-abandoned temple andZuma to return to the activities of the Temple to the track, the ancient continent MAFAC Orc race and once again the strength of stronger and stronger.
Era 220 years ago: A tribal Orc beach attack in about 10,000 people dead, the human victims of the Kingdom of escape.
Era 180 years ago: Legend of the fate of the weapons of the edge of the test began, in the success of a few to create a blade of fate, the magic tower built CALCINED explosion killed all craftsman, inventor of weapons unaccounted for.
Era 126 years ago: the western countries have lost the power of human technology to survive the challenges facing the Kingdom, the great and powerful of the ancient Orc invasion increasing number of race.
Era 97 years ago: Looking for return movement began, tens of thousands of troops to carry out exploration in the mountains to find the road leading to the West.
Era 60 years ago: underground passage was discovered by the 10 soldiers and five Taoist magician and composed of five messenger was sent to the West.
Era 59 years ago: the number of survivors who returned reported to Zuma at the end of the passages are Catholics, Hindus and the ancient raceguard, messenger teamIn addition to a small number of people, the army anti-deposited.
Era 40 years ago: the power to strengthen installation completed, can greatly increase the combat effectiveness of the designated number of people.
Era 30 years ago: Orc invasion again, killing more than 6,000 people were repulsed.
Era 12 years ago: a fine selection of six messenger was sent to reinforce the power devices.
Era 8 years ago: beach bloody battle human variability in the Kingdom of the ancient race, 4,000 people died.
The first year of a new era: the power to strengthen completed Messenger from six to the West, the end of ancient history, modern history of the period to enter the mainland Marfa.

(Department of the History of Marfa poor continent Lutheran historian archaeological excavations in the power of life and for nausea)

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