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Network Robot (3 )---- robot game development tools and development steps

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As a result of the project at hand is to start a network, so that with the previous article between the article for a very long time, special apology to readers, so that everyone waiting.

This series of articles, there is no pre-prepare a draft, and are purely hand-written letter, so, in which the article may not be a good reason, I will organize in the future will be good and then finishing the manuscript. The last time we went on the content, talk about the game development tools, robots and development steps.

Robot games, including two important aspects of development, they are: decrypted packet analysis and processing. Of course, this is a rather broad view, very closely. Specifically, the packet analysis, and include: the establishment of packet structure, the contents of the decrypted data packet, the packet checksum of the generated code, packet sequence number generation. The encryption and decryption process in addition to the main game is the implementation of the shell program file itself, but also include the use of static analysis and dynamic tracking of two ways to solve the following main issues: the user name and password decryption, packet generation, such as check codes . Network available in the market now appears in the packet contents have been encrypted a few do not, of course, different encryption programs, some of the game all the packet content is encrypted, while others only in the sensitive encrypted packet content, such as the login packet, packet-combatants, such as packet and mobile.

Therefore, the game development tools, robots, in addition to programming language tools, but also should have a packet analysis, encryption / decryption, conversion value, and assorted tools. Overall, the game development tools, robots include:

1. At least one programming language tools, network programming socket can support, such as: VC, VB, DEPHI and so on. Play now emerging robot market, but also make more use of these three languages as the main development tools (PEiD software program used to help see what the compiler development tools, and added the program to identify the shell, download address : http://www.pediy.com/tools/unpack/File% 20analysers/peid/PEiD.zip (see the snow from the download site address)). I used the Delphi7.0, one of Indy components or TClientSocket control group TIdTCPClient robot can be used for game development, which TClientSocket in the Delphi7.0 is not installed by default and must be manually installed, the installation method is: Component -> Install Packages -> Add -> ... \ Program Files \ Borland \ Delphi7 \ Bin \ dclsockets70.bpl.

2. At least one package for the cut-off tools. Cut-off tool package is divided into two categories, one is the intercepted data packets through the network card, an application is intercepted the package specified.

Two cut-off package tools do not work the same principle, which is the bottom, through the network card driver layer to obtain all the data flowing through the network card, while the latter is the way to replace SOCK function before the application was a shift to network packets to deal with their own. For the former, the representation of the tool: sniffer pro, commview, etc.; and for the latter, the representation of the tool: wpe, etc.. The latest version of these types of tools can be easily found from google.com. In the use of the author, it is with the use of two, but the main thing is to use commview. In the use of commview, I use sniffer pro, but after the discovery of commview, completely abandoned the sniffer pro, can only be described as a: commview great. Commiew use on the specific methods and techniques, I will in the next section of the packet analysis of a text in detail.

3. Disassemble and debug tools. Many people are aware, the non-encrypted network has been delivered to the game times, and now if there is an online game which is not encrypted, then in a very short period of time, the game will be flying the plug.

Online Game of encryption can be many different levels, there is network packet-level encryption, the client game data file encryption (such as paper goods) and the client program on the implementation of encryption and so on, where the various, and so on, decryption methods are becoming increasingly complex. From the overall strategy, the decryption method has two main categories: static analysis and dynamic testing. Static analysis refers to the use of specific software to play the main program executable compilation of anti-compiled code, assembly code for static analysis and comparison. Dynamic testing refers to a specific software executable on the game main program for dynamic debugging tracking, tracking data changes in the laws and procedures for the implementation process. Static analysis of commonly used software such as major IDA pro, and dynamic debugging of the software used mainly in such softice and ollydbg. It should be noted that during the decryption, the static analysis and dynamic cross-debugging method is the use of the two is complementary. Both the specific use of software, I will follow-up to be introduced in the chapter.

4. Other investigations in the program / shell, packet analysis and data in such areas as common tools. These tools include: search / shell tools, m2m XOR calculation tools, ascii code conversion tool, windows built-in calculator (a scientific-based approach mainly used in hexadecimal conversion).

In http://www.pediy.com/tools/unpacker.htm there are a number of search / shell tools, shell tools but here is mainly directed againstused in a procedural wayrather than manuallymanner, in view of the situation in the manual must be usedmanual way shell. In the "encryption" of the books in this area, I recommend watching the snow to the Forum's "encryption and decryption (2nd edition)", which can enable the compilation of knowledge of the game for beginners robot core depth in a relatively short time .

Today's online games, due to the frequency of data exchange and flow is very large, so, out of a sense of efficiency and smooth game considerations, is not likely to adopt very complex packet encryption algorithm, many cases, using a different packet or encryption, that is: Let the original data packet with a value for XOR encryption of the data generated, as regards its participation in the numerical differences or how much concrete to be based on the experience of the analysis and reasoning. But readers need not worry as packet analysis of the most important thing is to stand Shen gas, patience, and careful consideration, analysis of more than a few attempts, we explore the next section will give a detailed analysis of several packet strategy.

ASCII code conversion tool is an indispensable tool for packet analysis, which, we can be found in both Chinese and English words corresponding to their ascii code ascii code can also be found in accordance with their corresponding words in both English and Chinese. However, ASCII code conversion, in commview is already integrated in commview display the contents of network packets, it will display the corresponding ascii code, but because of its layout, which shows that certain words may be garbled Therefore, a separate conversion tool is necessary.

Network data was intercepted in time, using hexadecimal notation, and our usual mode of thinking is built on the basis of the decimal in the calculation of values such as life, power values of these data, we often need in the metric system and 16 hexadecimal notation, as well as other conversion between. Use windows built-in calculator, set science-based, you can easily convert between hexadecimal achieve.

These are the games we have robots necessary tools to develop software, of course, only know the name of the software is useless, and the key is to learn how to skillfully use the software to practice for the development of our services. To all of these tools, we give the game to tell you the general steps to develop the robot:

1. On the main game client to check the implementation of procedures for operation of the shell and the shell so that it can be compiled into a normal anti-compiled code.

2. On the game packet preliminary analysis, the overall structure of the packet, and to observe whether or not encrypted.

3. To shell the main game after the implementation of procedures for disassembly and analysis of static and dynamic testing, to find out the encryption algorithm is important. For example: user name and password encryption, network packet encryption, network packets in the parity-check codes (some games or some non-parity-check codes do not check the packet code) generation algorithm.

4. To conduct an in-depth game analysis of the packet to identify an important type (walk, talk, team, attack, etc.) the structure of network packets, and the location of the specific meaning and the generation method.

5. The use of modeling tools for the design of robot games. (Optional)

6. To be walking, talking, team, analysis of attacks after the important packet, then the code can be achieved initially. In the realization of the process, and then analyzed according to the new packet to further improve the function of the robot.

Next time, we are talking about packet analysis and packet analysis software, the use of cut-off package. Thank you for your support.

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