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Shaders and effects - (1) Overview

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Shader and effects

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Chapters list

Chapter I: Introduction High Level Shader Language

Chapter II: The vertex shader

Chapter III: The pixel shader

Chapter IV: the effect of the framework


Until now, we have modified from the configuration of equipment (such as: matrix transformations, lighting, texture, and rendering state) by the desired effect. Although the support of a variety of configurations available to us some flexibility, but we are still subject to these pre-defined fixed-operation (and therefore known as "fixed-function pipeline").

The theme of this part of the vertex shader and pixel shader, which we achieved with a custom fixed-function pipeline process of replacement parts, this custom program called "shaders" (shader). Is fully programmable shaders, and allow us to achieve the fixed-function pipeline does not define the skill (technique). Such an outcome is that we are able to dominate their own techniques greatly increase the number. Programmable rendering pipeline components is often referred to as "programmable pipeline" (programmable pipeline). A summary description of the various chapters are as follows:

Chapter I: Introduction High shading language - in this chapter, we will explore the high-level shading language (High-Level Shading Language), it is that we use in the vertex and pixel shader program language.

Chapter II: The vertex shaders - This chapter will explain what is the vertex shader, and how to create the Direct3D and use them. This chapter will be explained through a cartoon-style rendering techniques to show the realization of vertex shaders.

Chapter III: The pixel shaders - This chapter will explain what is the pixel shader, and how to create the Direct3D and use them. This chapter will show how to use pixel shaders to achieve multi-texture (multitexturing) as the end.

Chapter IV: the effect of the framework - in this chapter, we will discuss the effectiveness of the framework of Direct3D. This chapter will describe the effect of the use of the framework, the effect of the document structure and syntax, as well as how to create the effect of documents and how to use Direct3D applications the effect of a document.

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