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Team system need? Gang system also need?
Add a chat channel calledlist what team you save?

Take a look at the definition of team: a common, unified time and space, the goal.
No player will play do you think you are strange, I do my job with this team now meaningful.
Of course, when they just want to exchange the use of teams, then the account does not matter.
However, some players will often, as do not understand each other's wishes, rather than not and he knows the team.

How to improve the team system? Some online games have done better, is to provide a team to seek such an order when the order is issued, will show the scope of the level of team. Although the role of small, but at least to ensure that not too much difference in the level, the various players is basically in line with the wishes of such a request.

And then talk about time and space. In fact, to say nothing of the time speaking, is certainly unified, because the team of the act itself is timely initiated. Space, it is more difficult to ensure that, as a player's actions will always be in accordance with the wishes of their own. That is why his teammates call this magic set is actually a team for the emphasis on space and on the choice of a more helpless.

Well, to understand the factors above, and then take a look at how to set up the team.
First of all, you need to hope that the captain of his collection, and no team looking for team players to provide two ways.
So, how can it find a suitable mate? There are two ways, one is prepared in advance to provide some good teammates to seek the sentence for the player to choose, and then set up in the default environment, the default method of soliciting teammates.

In addition to the ranks of the structure, or location for the attention of the captain, it should be sufficient attention, or else in the team players at the same time, the structure may be due to the lack of core staff and a loose command, resulting in the establishment of the first team when the original can not be. For example, the captain should be able to use calls like his command to the formation of the unity of space, or channels in the team colors using different words to distinguish it from ordinary players.

Here to talk about gangs and the gang team is a bit different from time to time, this factor is not uniform inside, then the solution to this problem first and foremost task is to provide a different gang messages of their respective systems to minimize their time on the unity of the non - uncertainty.

Next on the gang were also some problems, this will be a disadvantage from the gang to discuss a solution. First take a look at on the structure of societies which have shortcomings:
1, the collective communication is one aspect of the time, that is, the time above mentioned problem of non-uniform.
2, the leader of a large extent, the problem will affect the efficiency of the whole gang.
3, the level of the mixed team will be affected to some extent, the play of other players.
4, different opinions will lead to the emergence of contradictions.
5, a secret society if the bond too tightly, will lead to a xenophobia.

Then come back to see how design can make up for the greatest degree of the above describes the risk on the gang problem.
Would like to put forward the concept of one of the most critical, is a secret society of Interchangeability (self-control) So how are we going to come from such a design to provide such power? The easiest way is to provide a vote / elect mechanism, meaning that the mechanism of voting and elections, can provide some internal to the gang's ability to self-regulation. As for voting, you can include the election of leaders, or in addition to play / add new members.

Above solution to resolve certain problems in the bottleneck as well as the expansion of the time of reunification. For example, a gang member is not on-line a long time, resulting in the decision-makingvote, how to solve? This fact involves a number of design details, for example, can set a time due to address such.

Another very important factor that is to help correct view of the contradiction. A correct view of the so-called, is to encourage players tocontradictions, rather than hidden in private, but more often than not, whether public or secret contradiction is the issue of just notoriety. Very often the conflict is within the game caused by uneven distribution of resources, conflicts have directly affected by the impact of public opinion, if we can promote the game in a public opinion on the conflicts can be reduced to some extent brought about by this phenomenon impact.

As for the practice, players will have to talk about it in the behavior of a secret society, there is a four-point theorem:
1, gang members are more enthusiastic to participate in activities to help
2, gang members would be more efforts are always committed to the development of a secret society
3, gang members are always very proud of themselves and the gang together
4, gang members tend to the goal of the secret society as its goal

When the behavior of gang members deviate from the above four points, we edge into his characters. Most likely to arise on the local and the gang are often enthusiastic about the edge of the contradiction between the liberal members. Understand this point, the
In fact, gang permission to use the system can better control the emergence of contradictions. For example, is divided into,, Vice,
Bangzhong senior general Bangzhong like, different levels of resources to the gang to different levels of access.

The last point is related to defects in the first secret society 5:00, xenophobia factors. In fact, on this point, all the current games have done a more perfect is to strengthen the interaction between societies, such as gang warfare is a very good interaction, but also to increase economic interaction or staff better the.

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