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Why Shanghai grand success? (5)

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5. Marketing changes

China's online game operators, the majority of the marketing choice of three channels: the traditional software distribution channels, network marketing and direct sales Internet Card. A result of online games is only developed in recent years, the operators in the construction of channels, can be said to be poor and white, with the other vendors did not have any agreement with, but why in such a short period of grand rapid accumulation of a large number of users it? What a grand and high-use tricks to attract a large number of gamers?

Like a long time before the grand tradition of the software distributors "Ubisoft software", but a grand soon found that in 2002 nearly 70% of the players in the Internet access to the Internet so bold in direct sales in the Internet Game Card . This sale is to a certain Internet cafe operators rebate, sell more to earn more respect. The results in this way, immediately gave a grand brought a large number of users, because each Internet cafe operators as sales personnel, and facilitate the sale and purchase. Big breakthrough in the southwestern region of the Tianfu Hotline, through which the sale of so grand a legend in 2002 revenue increased more than twice the Internet can be seen in online games market and the industrial chain in the base plays a very important position. Internet cafes will be the online game to attack, who has been cyber cafe, and who have the world! However, with ADSL access to an increasingly wide range of family, perhaps sales will become the other way. Also made a grand work in this area, it chose Star interconnection with China Telecom to carry out direct telecom charges, as the family of online games, with the cooperation of telecommunications is the best option, just like mobile text messaging charges. But it is now heard with a grand "Telecommunications parted", I wonder if it is true? We can wait and see.

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