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Eclipse In Action1.3

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Eclipse has been used most commonly is used to create the user interface GUI builder, it seems not, as some of the features of the evaluation of the same very high, (for example, in the j2ee and some data modeling) and is a very a formal part of the Eclipse organization, but to balance the needs of commercial and open source community.

For the following reasons: economic benefits, such as IBM's Websphere, is based on Eclipse, free or minimal fee you can get the plug-in, for example, Lomboz and Tomcat, and some open source projects.

Eclipse of the next version coming soon, here are some ideas. (Has been launched, Ningning Note)

■ the Eclipse as a common application framework, and now from the usage has been achieved, but doing it will take some time, because it is designed for the preparation of IDE.

■ to increase support java related languages, such as JSP, and provide a better statement of documents and J2EE descriptors.

■ Support J2SE1.5

■ support the logic of java objects displayed, say, a way to key on the display Hahmap.

Eclipse's official website is to obtain the best Eclipse-related information channel, if you are interested in new features, or would like to know more features that already exist, you can kind of try to look at how to join the team, to the Alliance home page to find the latest The plug-in, through the bug page, you can report bug, or write their own needs new features.

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