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Eclipse In Action1.4

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1.4 Summary

If you need a good free JavaIDE, then Eclipse could not be better, you can download an Eclipse of the SDK, which includes a JavaIDE, and the JDT, the first part of this book chapter 2-7 describes the usage of Eclipse JDT .

Eclipse is not just a java IDE, in fact, not so much, but from another angle, you can also consider it more than that much. Eclipse is an extensible, open-source platform. For example, IDE could support other things like C, c + +, Cobol and other languages.

The most obvious features of Eclipse is a scalable, in fact, Eclipse is a plug-in framework can be added, in addition to the core real-time outside, Eclipse and other things that are plug-ins. Because Eclipse is designed for plug-ins, so between all of the plug-ins can be connected seamlessly.

In addition to JDT, Eclipse also includes a PDE, chapters 8-9 of this book will introduce PDE, and teach you how to write your own Eclipse plug-ins.

While the Eclipse is open source, but it is a software development company alliance management, and the alliance's purpose is to Eclipse software development as a shared platform, to reap economic benefits. Eclipse is licensed by the Common Public License, this license unlike other license, must be under the same license number before they can use Eclipse-based associations through the establishment, IBM and other companies hope that this will form a relationship, rather than competitive relationship, hoping to build a free Eclipse-based software and commercial software to new markets.

Whether you use Eclipse as a software development platform or tools, you will find, Eclipse has a lot of merit. In later chapters, you will find many of his new feature, we will lead you throughout the development process and efficient use of Eclipse. And in the process, as well as give you some tips to help you make better use of it for more efficient development.

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