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PowerBuilder 9.0 Sneak Peek

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PowerBuilder 9.0 Sneak Peek


As a systems development using PowerBuilder has 5-year-old user, I used PowerBuilder5.0, PowerBuilder6.0, PowerBuilder6.5, PowerBuilder7.0, PowerBuilder8.0, each version has not a small improvement, but PowerBuilder9. 0 is the revolutionary advances, it has brought me is the shocking surprise. It brings a lot of the latest companies to develop the necessary functions of epoch-making significance. PowerBuilder9.0 official in China in the issue, I will PowerBuilder9.0 and one of the latest developments in the technology to make a brief introduction, I hope also to the majority of the PB to domestic fans a pleasant surprise.

1, the latest developments

1.1 Powerbuilder 9 show the United States

March 24, 2003, in the thick of fighting the war in Iraq, in the Academy Awards in the dazzling, Sybase's PowerBuilder 9.0 development tools, the new generation did not favorably. GARTNER exhibition in San Diego, California / ITxpo 2003 on, sybase company to display a revolutionary development tool - PowerBuilder 9.0, also announced that by the end of March issue of PowerBuilder ® 9.0. Sybase is arrogant in making the company, even with the war andOscar! In all fairness, however, Sybase company does have such power. In fact, shortly after the start of the Iraq war, the U.S. government announced, Microsoft and Sybase, Inc. is focused on the protection of enterprises. To know that the U.S. Department of Defense's network system, on the use of the Sybase Enterprise Portal 5.0, this is a network security solutions. This shows that the U.S. information systems is how to rely on Sybase.

Sybase in March 23 to March 27 in San Diego in California GARTNER exhibition / ITxpo 2003 on PowerBuilder9.0 show how to use a rapid development and deployment of jsp Web applications through Microsoft. NET and other frameworks to build Web services, how to access run on third-party servers such as BEA's WebLogic ® on EJBs, the window through the data export and import xml data. Sybase ® PowerBuilder 9.0 enables developers to the development of fat client applications to meet the increasingly complex business needs, and its support for j2ee ™ and Microsoft ®. NET environment. It also laid a "fourth-generation +" (4GLplus) the basis of a programming language, which through the design, modeling, development, configuration and management of the tight integration greatly enhanced the productivity of developers.

1.2 Powerbuilder 9 European Roadshow

Sybase Inc., as sales in Europe the first choice of the first Powerbuilder 9, it all over the road in Europe as follows:

April 9 -4 11 Scandinavia (Nordic)

Apr 29 -4 30 United Kingdom

May 12 -5 15 Germany and Switzerland

France, June 3

Netherlands, June 4

Belgium, June 5

1.3 Powerbuilder 9 when released in China

Sybase China has not given a clear PowerBuilder 9.0 release in time, but that will be released this year. PowerBuilder 9.0 has been achieved on the XML, JSP,. NET and Web Services support, not only to meet the needs of enterprise-class applications, and can be achieved on the handheld device application development. PowerBuilder9.0 will display the age-old product of a new vitality to become a new generation of highly integrated development platform. There is about to release the product application design modeling tool PowerDesigner 9.5 version. PowerBuilder in China as a result of a wide range of applications, therefore, the release of PowerBuilder 9.0 will be to the vast number of the database application using PowerBuilder Developer's a great surprise.

2 Highlights

2.1 New Technology

(1) RAD JavaServer Page (JSP)

Through guides and other RAD tools for the development and deployment of JSP Web applications.

(2) Web Services

Do not need too much knowledge of SOAP and WSDL will be for Microsoft. NET and other frameworks to establish, publish Web Services.

(3) xml data window

Directly from the xml document to import data from data sources of data retrieval for XML documents, or as the use of XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) or PDF document or string

(4) PowerBuilder native interface

A c + + type of packaging for the PowerBuilder extension of it in the application of the method call. Through the java Native Interface (JNI: java Native Interface), Java applications can also be with the PB Virtual Machine (PBVM: PowerBuilder Virtual Machine) communication.

(5) third-party application servers

In addition to supporting Sybase EAServer, PowerBuilder also supports the BEA WebLogic ServerTM, IBM WebSphere ® and other J2EE application server - the adoption of enterprise-class wizard generated Java beans EJBs acting as an agent through a proxy in PowerBuilder to call the J2EE server EJBs.

(6) PowerBuilder Document Object Model

PowerBuilder Document Object Model (PBDOM) defines how to access and manipulate XML documents

(7) PDF document generation

Provided the data window object saved as a PDF document directly the two methods

(8) the improvement of source code control

Help developers to more effectively manage large PowerBuilder projects, with the Rational ® ClearCase ® and Merant PVCS integration closer relations.

(9) OrcaScript tools

New source code control integration allows PowerBuilder source code control directly from the application of reconstruction

(10) PowerDesigner / PowerBuilder Integration

Quickly produce a visual representation of all the code. Components through drag-and-drop programming algorithm n layer architecture, these components in the PB IDE integrated development environment.

2.2 advantages

(1) integration and openness

• Web Services provided with the J2EE ™ and. NET. ™ integration

• PowerBuilder native interface extends the PB on the C++ + + applications to support the

• EJB client to a J2EE-compatible server PowerBuilder applications to expand the scope of application of

(2) timeliness of

• RAD fourth-generation language for client / server, Web and development of N layer system provide the greatest productivity

(3) Web and the development of N-storey system

• XML data window with the other applications better communication

• RAD JavaServer Page Web applications to enable the establishment of more fast

• PowerBuilder Document Object Model XML documents allow for the operation of

• compatible with the J2EE application server support

(4) life-cycle management

• strict version control so that the project more manageable

• Sybase PowerDesigner integrated with the entire development process to improve

3 an overview of new technologies

(1) open the fourth-generation rapid application development languages

Based on the original fourth-generation language rapid application development capabilities, PowerBuilder 9.0 to build a new foundation, to create client / server, Web and application n tier architecture. PowerBuilder 9.0 to make this process easier, faster and more efficient, costs more affordable. PowerBuilder 9.0, as a leader in the development of fourth-generation language, from the powerful PowerBuilder for the XML Document Object Model to a third party application server integration, to provide a first-class developer of the programming environment.

(2) XML data window

PowerBuilder's patented technology - the convergence of technology Datawindow XML technologies, such data window can be visualized on the drawing board to create XML template. These templates allow the data to XML format for import and export data, the logical structure of data - that is, how the rows of data within XML documents can also be the definition of evolution.

Figure 1 XML data window

(3) PowerBuilder Document Object Model (PBDOM)

PowerBuilder Document Object Model (PBDOM) is a complete Application Programming Interface (API), it is used to create, read and write XML documents and operate. PowerBuilder Document Object Model (PBDOM) also made statements through a standard PowerScript can easily access and manipulate XML documents. PBDOM is based on a series of non-collection of visual category, use the PowerBuilder native interface technology (PBNI: PowerBuilder Native Interface) to create.

(4) RAD JavaServer Page

PowerBuilder 9.0 development environment provides an easy-to-use development environment to create a JSP Web application. It can automatically complete a number of development tasks, to allow configuration and JSP 1.2-compliant Web application server. JSP Web Object Wizard to automatically create a JSP object - J2EE Web applications, and even there also includes the configuration parameters. JSP Web objects can be configured directly from the PowerBuilder to EAServer or Tomcat, one of the command-line options can be configured to also to other popular JSP container.

Figure 2 Create JSP Web Object

(5) high-speed open-end integrated development environment

PowerBuilder 9.0 rapid application development (RAD) has made tremendous breakthroughs. Fourth-generation integrated development environment provides a mechanism for the establishment of different applications to configure different architecture, such as Microsoft ®. NET framework and J2EE. PowerBuilder 9.0 can develop first-class client / server applications, can also be the development of Web Services, RAD JavaServer Pages ™, at the same time to provide support for third-party application servers, so that the original application so that a smooth migration to the development of distributed applications and Web applications.

(6) Web Services

PowerBuilder as a client in the Intranet or Internet to provide Web services. Through the use of SOAP and WSDL, PowerBuilder can function as an entity in a series of remote release, and become part of PowerBuilder applications. EAServer through the use of the toolbox, PowerBuilder custom user object type can be easily configured for Web Services. PowerBuilder Integrated Development Environment of the Web Services wizard to create a proxy object or custom tag library, which contains the necessary information to the application from PowerBuilder or JSP page called Web Services.

Figure 3 using the wizard to create Web Services Agent

(7) Microsoft. NET ™ support

PowerBuilder 9.0 to start. NET framework support, Web Services, through measures such a priority. NET integration with PowerBuilder.

(8) servers support the EJB client

PowerBuilder can use to access server-side Java business logic. This owes much to the use of Java does not need to create applications, PowerBuilder will be able to quickly set up an appropriate application to access and run on J2EE-compliant application server on the EJB, such as Sybase EAServer, IBM WebSphere ™ Application Server, BEA WebLogic ™ Server and other application servers.

(9) PowerBuilder native interface

PowerBuilder Native Interface (PBNI) is a powerful PowerBuilder allows developers to add their own functions in the PowerBuilder. This is an API, in two ways to make contact with the outside world PowerBuilder.

The first approach, you can create DLLs in PowerBuilder as a type of local custom user object to provide one or more categories. This allows developers to write the expansion of the library, and then visit other as PowerBuilder in the PowerBuilder IDE in the visualization created and non-visual user object as access them. The second approach, PowerBuilder virtual machine (PBVM: PowerBuilder Virtual Machine) can be embedded in C + + or Java applications, or other be able to call C + +, can be used to call business logic written PowerScript applications.

(10) source code control

In order to source code control (SCC: Source Code Control) interface significantly increased, PowerBuilder 9 the introduction of the working space to initialize the implementation of threads, so that a large-scale application of the elimination of start-up delay. At the same time, the introduction of several amendments to a huge improvement - may decide to synchronize the state to support the expansion of the new integration. In addition, OrcaScript function can be used to create directly from the application of SCC warehouse PBL.

(11) OrcaScript

OrcaScript statement to allow the preparation of a batch in the PowerBuilder development environment outside the PowerBuilder application and document processing. OrcaScript able to control the source code to obtain the latest PowerScript object, object creation PBL to configure EAServer components, compile PowerBuilder executable file - all of which do not require the operator to interfere.

(12) PDF support

PowerBuilder provides two methods of data window will be saved as a PDF format of the object of statements. The default is the extraction method, which can store data of all types of window objects. At the same time, the window of data and that data can be saved as a document or string using XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) or PDF format.

4 installation requirements

Minimum system requirements

• 400 MHz or above Pentium-compatible CPU with

• CD ROM drive

• Color Display

• 64MB RAM (recommended 128MB)

• 210MB hard disk space *

• Microsoft ® Windows NT ® SP6a, Windows ® 2000 SP2, Windows XP.

* 210MB hard disk space is the only installation of PowerBuilder 9.0, and is a typical hard disk space required for installation. In fact the hard disk space required is based on the number of installed products. Also, at the same time also need to install some temporary storage space to unpack the installation files.

Comparing version 5

(1) PowerBuilder Enterprise

Available to developers a complete development environment to the development and deployment of distributed applications, Web applications and client / server applications. Applications can be developed under a number of staff and the needs of multi-user environment upgrading.

(2) PowerBuilder Professional

Developed to provide a small development environment, can develop ODBC-based database applications.

(3) PowerBuilder Desktop Edition

For the development of personal development tools, can be developed based on the desktop database applications.

Table 1 PowerBuilder compare different versions

6 Sybase Open Company to expand the efforts of PowerBuilder

As early as 2002, Sybase Inc. announced that PowerBuilder and Microsoft NET framework for interoperability of the initial strategy.

Sybase Inc. has adopted a four-phase program to achieve PowerBuilder components and applications and those applications in the Microsoft.NET framework of interoperability.

PowerBuilder.NET the first phase of the strategy will be used to support the form of Web services, including the PowerBuilder 9.0 enhanced XML operations.

The second phase will include DataWindow.NET and DataStore.NET characteristics. The use of PowerBuilder in data access, DataWindow.NET and exclusive areas such as DataStore.NET to support patent applications from non-PowerBuilder access, and can be any. NET language used. Experienced PowerBuilder developer if you are using. NET, without having to learn new lengthy and complex ways to achieve integration DataWindow and DataStore.

In the third stage, the packaging business logic is not visual objects (NVO) will be moved to. NET architecture, PowerBuilder developers to make reasonable use of the current code, and moved to. NET environment. Similar development in PowerBuilder Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can still obtain a high productivity. They also can continue to create applications in PowerBuilder, the development of components, and be able to deploy these applications and components of the platform and the enterprise environment.

PowerBuilder's. NET support, including the final stage will be. NET framework into the components in the PowerBuilder IDE. This stage will change the appearance of PowerBuilder itself in order to make it look like in the. NET to create the same user interface. It also enables developers to call. NET components of the system, so that they can create in PowerBuilder-based. NET's object.

With PowerBuilder, application developers can choose their development platform required and the environment, including Windows DNA,. NET framework, Web and J2EE platform. It continues to simplify the structure of software development, the complexity of protocols and standards, enabling developers to focus on the preparation of software applications to solve complex business needs. Standards for emerging trends and development, PowerBuilder developers can choose the direction of the company to respond immediately, in order to add value to existing products.

Sybase Expands PowerBuilder effort to open them PowerBuilder9.0 performance has been perfect.

7 Concluding Remarks

Sybase launched the company in order to PowerBuilder9.0, has done a very meticulous preparations. I now use is a PowerBuilder9.0 beta4 version. To the introduction of a product, even released a beta version of the four, so that the work detailed in Sybase's history, is unprecedented, which can also be seen in the company's carefully Sybase. In the use of four versions of the process of beta, I found that each version has greatly improved, whether the introduction of new technologies, or rule out the possibility of error. It can be anticipated, PowerBuilder9.0 will not ensure that the majority of developers pb disappointing.

PowerBuilder9.0 in the process of learning to use new technology is easier to grasp the concept, but remember not to hurry, too much the overall situation, as it has each of the technologies needed for a long time to master; and only skilled mastered in order to develop a practical procedure. Otherwise, the door will always be around.

Look forward to PowerBuider9.0 issued as soon as possible!

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