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In Chinese and English to achieve VFP5.0 automatically switch

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VFP5.0 with the development and application of systems, combined with data processing, the most widely used is the text box object, in particular, is in both English and Chinese input, the switch back and forth very cumbersome, so we can make use of custom sub-class, to achieve in both English and Chinese Automatic input switching. The steps are as follows:
Through the system menu bar "File / New / Class ..." to start the "new category" dialog box, enter the class name: gsTextBox, and set the parent class: TextBox. Click "OK" button to enter the Class Designer screen. Add a property, whether as a Chinese character input method to start the control code.
Through the system menu bar "-type / new property ..." start "New Properties" dialog box, set the property in accordance with the above table, in which visibility is set to: Public. GotFocus final set LostFocus events and processes:
Gotfocus Event event procedure:
If this  whether the Chinese
= imestatus (1)
= imestatus (0)
Lostfocus Event event procedure:
= imestatus (0)
This, the definition of categories has been completed, as long as in the design of the future form, through form controls "toolbar / view category / Add ..." to a custom category to join, and set the "Is it the Chinese" attributes can be realized in both Chinese and English entered automatic switching.

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