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Procedures to allow VFP to run in a browser

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Under normal circumstances, the use of vfp application system development, as long as, after compiling, publishing and the installation process can be run from the VFP environment to run the operating system directly. In fact, this is just a running application system, we can make use of active documents (Active Documents) the functions of the operating system to achieve a simple manner to the application of the customer interface, HTML-based application changes. Through the activities of the document can be successfully prepared by the application before transplantation to the Web page, and will be passed to the function of VFP browser. Personnel following the application of a program running in the browser as an example, the realization of the specific process:

1. Create a new project named as new, and in the project file manager BD1 add a form to the project, set the properties of the form are as follows:

TitleBar = 0 & & & & Close the form of the title bar

WindowState = 2 & & & & settings to maximize run-time form approach

ScollBar = 3 & & & & set when the form is non-full-screen display, you can use the vertical and horizontal scroll bar

Object in the form of Destory Events event procedure to add the following code:

clear Events & & & & to ensure that when the form is turned off, users can run applications from the

2. In the form to add data environment and the control object.

The data environment in the form to add a data table as a form of data source, where the increase in our staff is a table.

Environment using the mouse drag the corresponding data field options added to the form, as the editor of the form object, and add a data record for the operation of the class object, the form is set up in Figure 1.

Figure 1

3. Add activities to the project document type, in the establishment of a good user interface applications, you can add activities to the project document, whose steps are as follows:

Manager of the project and select "category" page, click "New" button and activities to create a document type, set the base class for the activities of documentation, will be stored in a custom class library file.

After setting the new double-click the object type, object type to open a new code window for the new type of object set Destory Events event code is as follows:



Set up a new category of object attributes:

ContainerReleaseType = 1

& & & & The user to leave the activity document, VFP will automatically exit

4. Set to generate a new type of paper-based, VFP6 activities compiled application files with other applications the same as ordinary VFP. Documentation of activities connected to the application form, the compiler will generate a new.app application, the application environment in VFP or run in a browser.

In order to run in a browser documentation activities, we must in the system menu "Tools" select "Run Active Document", in the file name edit box to run the activities of file name of the document new.app, click the "Run" button , you will be prompted to run you want to choose the document processing, here we have to select "the current location in the document to open" option in the browser will be able to run the activities of documentation, the results in Figure

Through the above steps, we can easily achieve the preparation of the use of VFP application system transplanted into a browser to run.

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